CVG: Bionic Commando: Rearmed - Interview: Nazis and the 18+ certificate

CVG writes: "You expect some games to get an 18 rating. Secretly, you might even want them to. But we expect the likes of Grand Theft Auto, Manhunt and Mortal Kombat to get a mature tag. But Bionic Commando: Rearmed? Eh?

Ever since we reported that the remake of the 8-bit classic had been slapped with an 18 certificate, we've been wondering whether an intern had been given too much power at the BBFC.

Fortunately, we were already speaking to GRIN creative director Simon Viklund about the game, so we asked him his thoughts on the certification, amongst other things..."

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ramonthom3879d ago

This game needs a lot of love from us gamers! The more exposure the better.

skynidas3879d ago

Yeah the game is looking really nice!

Jamegohanssj53879d ago

If I can't play as a Nazi, then I really don't care.

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