Darkout Review | Geekenstein

"There are plenty of issues here, issues that you might even be used to considering the grand pile of Early Access titles that have invaded Steam in the past year or so. However, Darkout is being advertised as a finished product despite all of its flaws, even though its store page lists it as “Part 1″ of development. Significant features such as multiplayer, vehicles, and even the end of the story in the campaign are not in this initial release. Technically, the game is a mess. I’ve seen reports of crashes, and for me personally it never once quit out cleanly without forcing me to the task manager. If development does continue, there certainly is potential here for a fun Minecraft-like experience. As it stands now, the game’s lack of polish and lack of concern for the player’s time makes it hard to recommend." - Alex Santa Maria of Geekenstein

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