Dyad Free for PS Plus Members Starting Tomorrow

By Kristine Steimer: "Last year, Dyad hit the gaming scene and stunned critics with its colorful visual palette and psychedelic soundtrack. Seemingly simple to start, Dyad builds on core mechanics gradually, allowing you just enough time to get the hang of things before teaching you something new to master. Lest you think that completing Dyad’s 27 levels marks the end of this entrancing journey, know that there are different modes to unlock as you get better at the game, including Trophy mode and Sandbox mode."

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xHeavYx1799d ago

Limbo for $3.75 is a steal, my Vita is ready

SaffronCurse1799d ago

Now Limbo is actually worth getting. $15 was way too much to ask imo.

TheLastGuardian1798d ago

I was waiting on Limbo to come to the instant game collection, but this deal is good enough.

Snookies121799d ago

Wow that God of War Ascension sale is incredible... Might actually have to buy that now.

Ultr1799d ago

Wow what a steal! Go and get online when you have the time to, its a pure adrenalin rush!

mikeslemonade1799d ago

Possibly using my $10 credit from PS4 package to get that.

Yesterday I was downloading Ghost of Sparta. Just took forever to down download and then still took about another 15 minutes to install.

Ultr1798d ago

Ghost of Sparta is one hell of a game :D
I finished it 4 times, 2 times on psp and two times on the Ps3 :D

FunAndGun1799d ago

Dyad is a pretty cool game. definitely not for everyone, but I had fun with it. It can be quite challenging and it is nice how it introduces each gameplay mechanic. check it out!

GuruStarr781799d ago

Stilll waiting for olliolli..