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Submitted by Senyra 735d ago | opinion piece

Mass Effect 4: Will the Reapers Return?

Will the reapers return in Mass Effect 4? I would be more than glad to say no, they won’t come back, but unfortunately, there is a huge chance that these ancient aliens will be back regardless the timeline of the upcoming story. (Mass Effect 4, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

BattleAxe  +   735d ago
Maybe they will be commanded by Shepard.....
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Senyra  +   735d ago
BioWare said Shepard won't return so it's unlike that it will happen.
krazykombatant  +   735d ago
hard to think the decisions wont matter when you merge organics with synthetics....
Arturo84  +   735d ago
Yeah 100 percent human. Shepard might be gone but maybe. A reaper shepard or some other type of hybrid or maybe a virtual ai shepard might still exist in control atleast of a portion of that force probably with some bs about bringing the universe together or something weren't the relays destroyed maybe he sets them again withou a dark motive like the original reapers
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aLiEnViSiToR  +   735d ago
They said Shepard wont be main character but they never said Shepard wont be in the game at some time maybe as special mission or something...
brich233  +   735d ago
I wonder If Bioware will have 3 diffrent openings following Control, destruction, or Synthesis endings. Or maybe EA will help them further destroy the series by adding more multiplayer and forcing them to release an unfinished product that Freezes all the time.
Senyra  +   735d ago
They'll probably set it in a far future, so these decisions won't matter anymore.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   735d ago
I'm dying for another Mass Effect!
OrangePowerz  +   735d ago
They could set it in the past.
brich233  +   735d ago
Thier wouldnt be any point to set the story in the past after what happened at the end of Mass effect 3.
OrangePowerz  +   735d ago
Why? Could be set in a time when the reapers attacked.

We knew what happened in FF7 and Crisis Core was still an excellent game although we all knew how it will end.
Senyra  +   735d ago
Yes, no one knows if it will be a prequel or sequel so far :P I hope it's a sequel tho.
OrangePowerz  +   735d ago
It could be either. Mass Effect has a huge backstory that hasn`t been explored much like the war between the Humans and Turians at the first contact and so on or all the previous civilizations that got whipped out.

In prequels we do know how it ends, but I think they could still make a great prequel using the rich backstory they made for the universe. My favorite example is Crisis Core because that game pulled of a great prequel using all the rich backstory they only hinted at previously.

Of course it could go wrong as well because we have a rough undertsanting how it would end so it`s easy to make a "bad" prequel. On the other hand if it`s a sequel without Shepard it`s equally easy to make a "bad" sequel since everybody is very attached to the characters and a sequel without the iconic characters might work less good than a prequel without the iconic characters.

Either way I`m looking forward to a new Mass Effect and hopefully they go more back to RPG instead of moving further towards a shooter game.
xander70769  +   735d ago
I'm not even sure how they will pull off a sequel but good lord please don't be a prequel. Hopefully they just do some inevitable retcons and set the story after the trilogy.

Mass effect does have a pretty rich universe, but not enough to live up to the trilogy. The turian-human contact war would undoubtedly be lame, and I certainly don't want to play as some other race in some previous cycle. Even a parallel story taking place during the trilogy would probably not work well.

Mass effect is an amazing franchise and I love it but I really hope they keep going forward with the narrative and not backwards. I would much rather get retcons than a prequel, and just hope they don't write themselves into a corner again.
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listenkids  +   735d ago
They won't, 100%.
krazykombatant  +   735d ago
Casey Hudson is a shameless prick and BioWare back themselves into a corner with their shitty writing. Not gonna buy another piece of garbage game from them.

But thats just liko my opinion so take it as you will.
Tctczach  +   735d ago
I just want a whole new experience. Hopefully showing off more whatever the main city would be. Bring back the RPG elements of the first one.
P_Bomb  +   735d ago
[QUOTE]As the reaper Sovereign stated before, his race is eternal, it has no beginning or end; its own existence is a mystery. [/QUOTE]

Not so after the ME3 Leviathan DLC. It's all laid bare. They have a definite beginning.

If memory serves me, The Leviathan creatures, the apex of their time, created the Starchild program thingy to groundskeep the universe for them as they were aquatic and limited in their ability to space travel etc. Eventually it went Skynet, turning on its creators and modelling the classic Reaper look after its masters. Ran 'em into hiding and essentially re-wrote iits own program to the nonsensical "I kill you so you don't kill yourself" prime directive we all know and loathe.

Not sure if I want a prequel or sequel. The creepy green glow on everyone since the synthesis ending, the "best" ending, would need to go imo. Super cheesy when everyone has glowing zombie eyes and tron kibble
Persistantthug  +   735d ago
Mabey in the sequel, mabey it becomes a story of resisting that green hybrid junk, and trying to turn everyone back.

Just a thought.
timmyp53  +   735d ago
Leviathan DLC I actually really enjoyed. There are definitely things up in the air and places they could make an interesting story from. Hope it releases 2014-2015 spring at latest.
BlakHavoc  +   735d ago
I cannot wait for this game, and cannot fathom how amazing it would look. Bioware did an excellent job at making the worlds they created in this game beautiful and believable, on next gen hardware I think it'll be one hell of a visual treat. Hopefully no Shepard or Reapers though, I don't really want to relive too much of the first 3 ME's. Brand new protagonist, new characters, some new species, and a new story and enemy please. So much they can do with the ME universe.
pete007  +   734d ago
i believe the reapers´ reapers will come. the problem is that they are about 1000 times stronger than the original reapers. tuff to fight

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