Killzone: Shadow Fall Review | Explosion

Josh Hinke from Explosion writes: "This has been a rough year for the traditional first-person shooter, while the market is flooded with mediocrity from the biggest franchises, this seemed like the perfect time for Killzone to establish itself as a legitimate alternative to fans looking for something different in the next-gen market. Unfortunately, Killzone lacks the necessary chops to warrant a coming-out party, instead it simply floats to the top by being functionally mediocre, hardly a ringing endorsement. The reality is that when you pick up your PlayStation 4 you might as well get something to play on it and if it has to be a shooter it might as well be Killzone. The game runs well, it demonstrates the how good the PlayStation 4 can look and is a fairly competent shooter. Killzone may not be a great game, but its not the worst of the PlayStation launch lineup either."

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