Xbox One User Does Emergency Offline Update as Instructed due to Freezing Screen, Gets Banned

Looks like the funny but not so funny blues of a new hardware launch are now moving to the Xbox One, and one of the first problems seem to come from the infamous console bans by Microsoft, that happened quite often on Xbox 360 as well, and not always rightfully.

Apparently the brand new console of YouTube user Nicholas Colzie kept freezing on loading screen, so he was instructed by a Microsoft rep to do the Emergency Offline Update via USB. The result? His console got remotely banned.


Added a second video that gives a better look on the problem.

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Eonjay1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

They should probably refrain from banning people. Is the banning handled by a person or an algorithm.

Edit: Oh wow... that sucks... he seems so calm though...

lastofgen1578d ago

probably an algorithm.
I doubt anyone in charge would ban someone for this. All they have to do is call xbox support and I'm sure they'll have them unbanned.

XB1_PS41578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

This still blows, I would be f****ng pissed. Bans shouldn't be handed out willy nilly. They should be WELL deserved, if you get one..

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ThanatosDMC1578d ago

That guy must be pissed. I hope he get it unbanned fast especially if he got it for the midnight release. I bet he even took the day off tomorrow.

NewMonday1578d ago

from many peoples experience it is easy to get your Xbox banned but almost impossible to get un-banned

the day1 buyers are the biggest fans, not exactly the best way to say"thanks for your support"

maddskull1577d ago

xbox contact support has always been bad since the 360 days

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Abriael1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

I bet it's automated. I once had my 360 banned in the middle of playing a game I was reviewing. It was quite a problem, because the "normal" support reps were refusing to even talk about it due to the policies, so I had to go straight to a PR contact about it in order to get it sorted.

I'm quite sure they'll sort this one as well as soon as the news reach the right people.

Eonjay1578d ago

Just to make sure I understand:

He got the console. As we know, it needs an immediate update. So, he updates his software, it started freezing so he installed offline via USB and got banned.

They had two different updates posted yesterday. Maybe he used the wrong one?

H0RSE1577d ago

It talks about an "emergence offline update." I'm under the impression that this update is separate from the Day one patch, and instead is reserved for well, emergencies, like errors or faults like this guy had.

Intentions1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

I think seeing as the update is basically required, and as a procedure they set it to automatically ban people before the release date of the console/update. Maybe that's the issue; seeing as the servers crash and stuff earlier today?

Also if he lives in the states or something where it isn't the official launch date of the console then that might be one of the issues too?

Edit: But yeah basic support can't really do anything, I don't think they even have the power to unban consoles/people. So yeah, it would be best to actually contact them through phone.

Eonjay1578d ago

Well, I guess they go live in about 2 and a half hours so hopefully he is bad up after midnight.

Anarki1578d ago

I would be going nuts if my console got banned hours before launch. Microsoft sucks for doing this, why should the customer pay the price for retailers messing up.

Soldierone1578d ago

It's SUPPOSED to be two tiers. What MS explained was that at first its an algorithm. If someone passes the test of that (faulty hardware, proper reports from other users, etc) then the actual team looks at it and makes a decision.

Also to unban someone, tech support basically needs to talk to level 2 right there. Normally they are a pain in the butt and don't like actually doing their jobs, so just keep pushing for a supervisor if they say no to unbanning you.

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H0RSE1577d ago

He's calm because shock is setting in...

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psDrake1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

Even if there is a 100 broken x-box one who cares ? There WILL BE defective consoles, you can't just expect a launch without issues. And don't make it a big issues like others did at ps4 launch. At the end of the day only 1% of the consoles were fucked out of more than a million at ps4 launch!!

SpiralTear1578d ago

That's only part of the issue brought up in this article...

Abriael1578d ago

The issue isn't broken consoles. It's Xbox Live's automated checks that as usual screw up. They did it with the 360 as well, even too much.

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ziggurcat1578d ago

oh dear... so now MS is banning people after they've provided the user with official update software?

Goku7811578d ago

What is really going on in Xbox One land? Couple more hours, they better fix it.

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