The Xbox One controller: A look at the new rumble, faster speed, smooth design, and everything else

GamesBeat: We wrap up our exclusive deep-dive look at Argos — Microsoft’s code name for the next-gen joypad — right in time for the system’s launch tomorrow. We examine the new haptics system, plus how the company optimized the design of the controller for comfort, functionality, and four-hour blocks of shooting things.

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Sadie21001581d ago

You know, I suspected that the wireless controllers aren't as fast as they could be. I noticed I'd play slightly better with wired controllers. I wonder if they're now as fast as wired, or if that's even possible?

come_bom1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Most wired products are better then their wireless counterparts... controllers, keyboards, mice, headphones, speakers, etc.

Wireless always have a higher lag then wired.

3-4-51581d ago

But when 95% of people in game are using wireless, there really is no advantage.

spacepope1581d ago

I'm definitely a skeptic when it comes to the idea of wireless ever being as lag free as a direct wired connection (even then, some inferior wired input devices lag).

I also think the non-hardcore consumers do notice input lag, but they miss diagnose the symptoms for something else. I believe a lot of people experience the lag and think that it is their fault. That they are just not activating their inputs quick enough. "I'm getting older and apparently my reactions aren't what they use to be." They may even think there is something wrong with the game itself and not the hardware.

"I mean, this is a state-of-the-art game console with space aged wireless technology, right? How could it possibly be worse at registering inputs than my wired NES controller from 1985?!?" -- Bewildered consumer that keeps shooting later than everyone else in Call of Duty

GentlemenRUs1581d ago

Nah, It will be way less packed then that :P

True_Samurai1581d ago

You're rite there will be more people returning their bricked ps4s

cesuf1581d ago

The wifi addition to the Xbox one controller is a pretty big deal as far as batt life and reducing lag.

But nothing compares to the battery life on the Wii Pro controller. So it doesn't rumble and may not be quit as refined or comfy as ms or sony controllers, but dang that sucker has an 80 hour battery life.

RiPPn1581d ago

I believe Larry Hryb has already shot the wifi in the controller rumor down. Battery life is nice though,

cesuf1581d ago

O your right on the wifi direct I wasn't up to date on that. Either way the proprietary wireless tech their using sounds like its a big improvement.

kewlkat0071581d ago

I heard the battery life in the controller is crazy..

Maxor1581d ago

Crazy as in good or bad? Because I'm looking to pick one up for my PC.

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The story is too old to be commented.