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TheBrit1579d ago

How in the heck does fighter within cost more than Forza 5 ?!!!!!!

brich2331579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Because its a Kinect game.

brich2331579d ago

£44.99 is $72 US Dollar. But in US all new retail games sell £37.15 or 60$ Us Dollar. Digital games should not be sold at that price. It should at least be $10 us dollar cheaper.

GentlemenRUs1579d ago

Not only the most expensive console but it has the most expensive digital titles ever!

Man_Son1579d ago

PS4 prices are no different so what's your argument

SegaGamer1579d ago

Just another reason why Digital games only is not the future.

dodgeuk191579d ago

Price needs to come down, what costs have they got !! No packaging no manual NO DISC Surley it would make sense to make it cheaper

TheBrit1579d ago

how about a gigantic internet pipe to allow everyone to download the games instead of dragging their butts to the store to get them?

This internet connections going into their buildings / data centers are not cheap you know.

eddieistheillest1579d ago

Neither is our home internet that we pay for. Prices should be lower . Hopefully soon .