The Xbox One controller: What’s new with the buttons and triggers

GamesBeat: We gotta admit — if you were to ask us to figure out how to improve the Xbox 360 controller’s face and shoulder buttons, we’d have no clue. They all seem pretty good as-is. That’s why we’re not engineers and designers at Microsoft. Those folks actually did find a way to upgrade them for the Xbox One console that’s due out Friday.

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idontgetit1643d ago

The new letter-buttons make more sense -- and they float!

LouisGarcia1643d ago

Maybe it's because my brother is an engineer and builder of fancy things, but I love reading about controller design!

TRD4L1fe1643d ago

I cant wait to get my hands on this controller

XboxFun1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

What a sexy beast.

The d-pad was seriously the only thing that made the 360 controller bad. But now they seem to have taken care of that problem.

I'm glad they had the SF crowd in mind because I play fighting games with the controller.

fattyuk1643d ago

There's probably a pay wall somewhere in them triggers

Sadie21001643d ago

Yeah, it's the $500 price tag to buy the Xbox One. :)

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