Microsoft To Send A Legal Document To Early Xbox One Receiver, Stating He Was Not At Fault

Moonlightswami is the lucky individual who became an internet sensation among the gamers on the internet when he received the Xbox One he pre-ordered from Target, early. This happened due to a mix up and the error on part of retailer. Moonlightswami, unable to contain his excitement posted his unboxing pictures and videos of his Xbox One while also showcasing many of the features of the UI.

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pheature1739d ago

well it is the least they can do. as personally i think it wasen't his fault.

meh atleast its not a permaban

Septic1739d ago

Yeah and to be honest, it was rectified very quickly.

Lucky sod got the X1 two weeks early, exclusive invite to the Xbox launch party, $100 gift card from Target and massess of followers and subscribers. All in all a great result for a a few hours worth of first world problems.

guitarded771739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Totally not his fault. While I won't say I hope for legal action on Moonlightswami's end, I hope that MS does well by him, and offers him something special (like an E3 trip or something) for having to go through questionable treatment as a customer. It was basically free press for MS, and they went to shut him down which turned into negative press.

A kid local to where I live got his early too, and my local news did an interview with him. He was excited, naturally, but can't fully use the system until launch.

EDIT: Just read about his compensation. That is good.

nukeitall1739d ago

talk about getting lucky, then more and more lucky!

Bastard! I'm jelly.

Pogmathoin1739d ago

Well, theres one happy ending for MS so far....

MightyNoX1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

It WAS not his fault, certainly not when you consider the concept of ownership. Still, this ought to ruffle a few feathers. I wanna see the faces of those who said it WAS his fault.

EDIT: Also, does this have anything to do with the rumors of pressing legal action?

Thepharaoh1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Not at all he was just another excited gamer.Glad he was cool about the situation and wasn't your typical, over exasperating MURIKA, asshole who gets butthurt over everything that goes wrong. Hopefully he has fun gaming what with all the free stuff Microsoft got him

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thekhurg1739d ago

Let me be the first to say...


SpiralTear1739d ago

Microsoft, you can sweep as much of this under the rug as you want, but in the end, we'll all eventually notice it.

Elit3Nick1739d ago

He's pretty much the MS conspiracy theorist of this site, ignore him

SpiralTear1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

I'm just saying that they came after this guy without any initial explanation (even though it wasn't the guy's fault for receiving it early) and now they're trying to make up for it. The point is they still banned him without notice.

A lot of people get products early; I've seen them, but these products are totally reputable. They're not pirated and they're not stolen. They're full retail items that are the same thing as what someone would receive a week later on launch day. The unnotified ban is the issue, and I think that's not something that should be forgotten even if Microsoft are trying to make up for it.

I honestly don't see how that makes me a "hater" or "MS conspiracy theorist." Quite frankly, I rarely talk about Microsoft at all, so the whole "conspiracy theorist" deal is hardly valid.

n4rc1739d ago

Just because he did nothing wrong doesn't mean squat..

It was an error, who is at fault is irrelevant... How upset are you going to get for being banned from something you shouldnt have to begin with?

He will get to play his x1 fully on release day... Which is the only thing he is entitled to.. But is getting a bunch of freebies and gets to play offline 2 weeks early.. so hes better off then the rest of us paying customers

Stop trying to act like Microsoft is screwing this guy over

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cp1230051739d ago

notice that the guy shouldn't have been an idiot and posting stuff all over the internet? I would have tried to sell it to someone around an ebgames (not ebay where I could get caught) or quickly download the patch and then disconnect from the internet and play games offline until the release date.

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