Sony's "Top Secret R&D Lab" to Star on PS4 All Access Broadcast, Will be about the Future of PS4

PS4 All Access Host Geoff Keighley just teased something very interesting for the Broadcast on Spike TV scheduled for Thursday evening at 11 PM.

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Thevariance1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Sounds promising..

sigfredod1774d ago

and by tomorrow we will know all about the CPU on the PS4

abzdine1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

God of War would be a MASSIVE thing to show there!
I am more and more hyped for the PS4 launch event!

R&D? Maybe they will be revealing the virtual reality glasses??

christrules00411774d ago

It's 2 Jaguar(tablet) CPUs together and on the same dye as the GPU. The Jaguar CPU is good until about 2.0GHZ when it starts to fry itself. Rumors are the PS4 CPU runs at 1.6GHZ but maybe we will find out at this upcoming event.

Vojkan1774d ago

don't care much about Vr headset, but who knows maybe it's cool.

JoGam1774d ago

Having a dumb moment now.......what is R&D?

majiebeast1774d ago

R&D stands for Research and Development.

DeadManV1774d ago

You are not dumb, but Google is your friend.

JoGam1774d ago

@ DeadManV......Thought R&D was some special name Sony made.

Mikelarry1774d ago

I like geoff he is a cool fellow but he over hypes stuff too much, ill keep my hype level in check and wait for the stuff to be announced

Godhimself_In_3d1774d ago

yes he over sells everything lol. And if its not as big as he hypes it the world will blame Sony and not him smh.

Mikelarry1774d ago

"And if its not as big as he hypes it the world will blame Sony and not him smh"


Thehyph1774d ago

That broadcast is killing me. When it starts, the ps4 will be launched here.

11EST is 12:30AM Friday here.

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The story is too old to be commented.