PS4 Demo to Appear on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon During The Wednesday, November 13th Episode

Just as he did back in June with games such as Knack and Watch Dogs, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon will once again play host to the PlayStation 4, just hours before the PS4 All Access event begins. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1711d ago

It's going to be an exciting week!

NegativeCreep4271711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

How exciting can it be? Jimmy Fallon is way behind on the times. If he was a real gamer he would be here on n4g and he would know that gaming is all about teh AAA third-party shooter timed exclusives and teh voice commands!...and teh em pee threes and teh see dees...

...*struggles to keep from laughing out loud*

pyramidshead1711d ago

Sony be on that marketing power train right now up until launch :D

Wedge191711d ago

Fallon has really been a proponent of bringing games to a more mainstream audience, I appreciate that he features them so much.

s8anicslayer1711d ago

Jimmy has already admitted to be an avid gamer, so it's only fitting that he features game related segments on his show.

Irishguy951711d ago

You got an Xbox one early?

Dark111711d ago

I think it will be inFAMOUS SS.

Riderz13371711d ago

Oh god that would be so good...

EBTpickle1711d ago

Should have gone with Conan. Have him do a "clueless gamer" session with it. Fallon has been equally persuasive with games coming to the forefront, though. Just do both Sony!

FullmetalRoyale1711d ago

Yeah I love me some Conan and Andy. The clueless gamer sketches are some of the better modern ones that they do imo. Anyone out there should consider watching the Clueless Gamer Tomb Raider review. I was laughing so hard at times I couldn't hear what they were saying.

Although I enjoy Conan's self-depreciating humor, there is something so endearing about Jimmy Fallon. I remember when I first started watching HIS Late Night I didn't really even find it funny. I just liked watching Jimmy Fallon. lol It's funny now that I'm typing it out.

I am definitely looking forward to more Clueless Gamer videos. I bet he'd do a hilarious one for Black Flag.

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