Video showing playstation 4 UI in action

Video showing the PlayStation 4 user interface

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JoGam1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Enjoy all who was whining to see it. Kinda fuzzy video.

Mikey322301743d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

For the lazy: Demonstration starts at 4:45

My observations:

1)Kinda slow when loading up select game info.

2)Live blue waveish background wallpaper

3)Web Browser doesnt seem the snappiest, but still much much better than vita/ps3 browsers

LOL_WUT1742d ago

Yea it loads up pretty slow hopefully Sony speeds things up come launch. Anyways so far from what I've seen of the PS4 I have to admit that the X1 has a much livelier UI. Just saying it how it is ;)

guitarded771742d ago

Thank's... I watched for 2 and a half minutes before bothering to see it anyone posted the start time.

christrules00411742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

? Opps. I thought I cancelled this comment. I guess not.

christrules00411742d ago

The thing is we at events they usually don't have good internet so that could be the slowest you'll ever see it. To prove it at one of the events this year a PS4 wasn't responding to a controller and someone asked Yoshida on twitter why it happened and he said there is lots of interference at events.

We won't know how good it'll run until we actually get one.

AgitatedOcelot1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

It looks to me like any slow points are internet related in that video.

The browser comes right up, but then it loads a bit bringing up the webpage. Likewise the Knack extended information screen could be bringing up web info about the game maybe?

Slowdowns at those points don't jive with other videos I've seen, such as the one with Shuhei Yoshida demoing the UI, or with the review those British gamers did where they basically gushed about how fast and fluid the UI was.

I want a UI to be as simple and no nonsense and light as possible, taking as little resources away from the games as possible, and it looks like that's what Sony plans to deliver.

1742d ago
Vojkan1742d ago

This is last gen compared to X1 UI. This comes from exclusive PS supporter. I will never buy MS console, but that UI vid (if legit) makes it look one generation ahead of this slow slugish mess.

Eonjay1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

System is very smooth. The UI looks network bandwidth bound at certain parts.

@6:05 you can see a prompt for voice input.

Notice whenever he selects a game it looks like its trying to connect to the network, then everything pops in smoothly. Switching from game to dashboard is stupid fast.

Its simple, its clean, it works.

I am not impressed with the speed of the game dashboards at this point.


After examining this:

it is clear to see that the it was the network connection causing the slowdowns. When you are online, the additional dashboard infomation is loaded from the network.

Okay thats good, but Sony better make sure its the personal connection, and not its network, that causes slowdowns.

Ju1742d ago

LOL. Whot? You guys are trying too hard, really. Of course this is network related, what else could cause a delay like this - look at what's popping in. Walking through games has no delay, same with bringing up the menu during game play.

In contrast from jumping from a game straight into browser and back to game is instantly, no lag what so ever. Same with pause/resume (~8:30)

Also, multiple log ins or user switching during a game (Playroom) 9:48.

Camera has improved a lot. Quite some Kinect like features how the minions interact with the players.

Yeah, Ok, it's no tiles (thank god!) but I can't really see what XO has what PS4 doesn't. How is this last gen?

johndoe112111742d ago


Why do you morons not realize that everyone can see your comment history?

TheDivine1742d ago

Wow that's slow. The 360 has a faster and sleeker dashboard by far. Hopefully the new features make up for it. I want instantaneous switching between apps, no loading menus, and multitasking where a game is running minimized and the web browser is open also or vice versa. Del looks better than the ps2/3 os though. You can tell Sony took major influence from Ms with the new OS and ps store which is good. I'm not sold on the camera just yet. I'm not expecting a xbone Kinect experience, il be happy with good voice commands, motion dash navigation, and auto facial recognition log ins. That would be dope. Either way il find out on the 15th.

ShinMaster1742d ago

The game info(Knack) only loaded up slowly during the system start up.
Playroom info loaded up much faster.

P0werVR1742d ago

Live has ALWAYS been the true success of the Xbox and once again Microsoft has enhanced it even further. No doubt at all Live UI and social media and general media features are far better thann PSN.

At the end of it, it's all about what catches on and what casuals will buy and the Xbox One is prep and ready for tons of sells. If PS4 sells are close if not out selling it by far, Sony will have some SERIOUS problems overtime. Fact.

IaussieGamer1742d ago

Lazy? No just don't understand a word they saying so why would we want to watch beforehand.

scott1821742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )


Holy hell you're a micro troll.

I bet Sony's ui is better, smoother..

And in 1080p with real time day/night cycle lighting, lol /s

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aceitman1742d ago

this is not the final build these are demo stations that has been told already by sony like they said what u see in demo stations are not the final product.

Bathyj1742d ago

God Im sick of that argument. How many times do I have to say it?

Sony has EARNED its trust.

MS has EARNED its distrust.

Try delivering for 2 decades you might earn a bit yourself.

#Dealwithit. Only the second time I've ever used that.

1742d ago
Death1742d ago


Neither company has earned trust. Either you like them and trust them or you don't. Both have had some pretty big mistakes to this point. If you want to give Sony a pass that is perfectly fine, but take Microsoft off the cross is if you are feeling so generous.

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xPhearR3dx1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

The UI looks pretty good so far. I'm liking Xbox One's better at the moment. That might just be because I had 360 for so long and now Windows 8 that I've become accustom to the whole Metro Theme. Regardless, this is MILES ahead of the that POS XBM. God I hated that thing. Can't wait to explore it myself in about 4 more days. So excited :)

EDIT: Even if it's not the final build, it's still a MASSIVE improvement. Just trying to send a message in game on PS3 was a hassle. Just by this video, he seamlessly switches from the game to the web browser, then back to the game with no effort. I just wish Sony would do a proper reveal of the damn UI already.

Ju1742d ago

Of course it's the final build. Not sure what people think this is.

Death1742d ago

Final build? It is more than possible to have an update to this build at launch. We have no idea when the last update was or when the next update hits. Much can be improved as we go on.

rainslacker1741d ago


The PS4 releases in 4 days. This is likely the final build. It takes time to test an update, and I'd wager that this build has been complete for a couple weeks now at least. This is a hugely important update for Sony, and they will not risk bricking a bunch of consoles on launch day.

There may be a few smaller updates to fix bugs, but history shows that even those take about a week to get pushed through, and that's when things go badly. If they have a working firmware, they won't tamper with that this close to launch.

Xsilver1742d ago

I've see this Vid before so Im guessing its not the Final Build the wait continues.

Bigpappy1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Looks like you can multitask and you can resume the game, but they don't seem to have a split screen feature. I know this is not the final build, so I will leave negative observations muted.

I will not go in to Kinect features as Sony has not shown anything on how they plan on using their camera and what it is capable off. I do find that strange though, as the system goes on sale on Friday. This leads me to believe that they either were not prepared to launch the camera, or decided that the features they had need a lot more work to be some what competitive. Is that a fair assessment?

xPhearR3dx1742d ago

The split screen thing is called Snap and I believe that's exclusive to MS. Not the feature itself, but MS came up with it in Windows 8 and implemented it within the Xbox One.

It's a very nice feature on Windows 8, I'd love if it was also available on the PS4.

LOGICWINS1742d ago

EXACTLY! Why is it that MS feels confident enough to give us a full UI walkthrough and Sony doesn't? If MS displayed this sort of hesitance, people on this site would be jumping down their throats smh.

Xsilver1742d ago

You wanna know why MS is showing their UI because of the rumors that it doesn't work i guess you guys wernt paying attention smfh how long have Sony been showing their UI a very long time may of never been the Final build but they showed it so what's point:/

xPhearR3dx1742d ago


It has nothing to do with the rumors. MS always shows off their new UI. It's the one thing their the best at. We've seen demos of every new 360 UI so it comes as no surprise they do one for the Xbox One.

Showing a UI that's not finished it kind of pointless as everything is subject to change. For all we know, the real UI could be 100% different that what we see here.

GiggMan1742d ago

@Logic. There are still Xbox One third party games that have not been shown at all and it releases in a couple of weeks.

I honestly think this is the first generation of gaming where showing or not showing the UI is turning out to be a big deal. I guarantee the real world doesn't really care at all. It's just us.

Utalkin2me1742d ago


Did you just say if MS displays hesitance? Sure you're not refereeing to constant reversal of the Xbox 1 from Drm to 24 online. I mean i could literally sit her and post 25 pages of links of stuff coming from Xbox 1. But the best you can come up with is not showing the full UI. My apologies for feeling that's your grasp at a straw, but sad you dont even have the straw in your grasp.

Bigpappy1742d ago

M$ is showing the UI because they made a big deal to the features that you can access from it at their first reveal. This is the final product they are delivering, and they see it as a major selling tool.

AgitatedOcelot1742d ago

Microsoft is starting essentially from Windows 8. So they really didn't have to do a lot of work on UI design, they really just merged the 360 UI with metro.

Microsoft is probably always going to have the more advanced UI. Unfortunately they are also going to have the heaviest UI bleeding more power from the system and taking away from game performance.

Being able to instantly switch to TV, or bring up another app side by side with your game paused isn't free. It all takes system resources.

I can fully understand people liking these features on the Xbox and looking forward to them. But personally, I don't want them. The last thing on earth I want is a box with limited resources being made more like a Windows PC. I just want it to play games or blu ray movies in the fastest way possible.

Ju1742d ago

You'd be surprised that the camera does pretty much what Kinect does; I agree that Sony did/doesn't promote it well. But it actually includes face log in and voice start of games (hint: e.g. 6:22 "To start operation with your voice, say .. [Playstation]" (watch bottom of screen))

This does not only work with camera but also with the head set.

Bigpappy1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

@JU: That is good info that includes stuff I have never heard before. Would be nice if Sony would talk about it and show how it works. For all I know, that is just a promise or hope. They need to show this stuff or for prospective buyer, it does not exist.

If they do have the same features, how well do they work? You can only know that by seeing it.

Not trying to be a wise guy. But do you have any link to any of this info? I really would like some info on that cam. Every thing I read on it was post reveal. Suppose to have stereo cameras or something along those like. I also know it has a mic array. But I want to see about night vision and auto login and that type of stuff. Because I had no idea that little camera could even match the old Kinect. But I sure it will be a big improvement over the current PS-Eye.

Ju1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

The cam has no night vision. There are some official info somewhere. It has two HD cams recording 1280x800x2 @ 60fps - or lower with a higher frame rate (120fps, not sure if it has a 240Hz mode) - which is indeed a massive improvement over the current PSEye - and quite faster than the old kinect. It depends how light sensitive the sensors are or how good the SW is to do low (and bright!) light filtering. Move has troubles in bright sun light. But the 60fps (and even higher if you need less precision but higher accuracy = less lag) will make this thing much more responsive. BTW: The PS Eye is one of the best cameras for low light situations. Using this as a web cam makes quite a difference. The PS Eye did [email protected] The Mic is the same. 4 Mics give noise cancellation and directional audio.

rainslacker1741d ago


Sony actually has talked about it. I've seen the articles on here, and elsewhere. It just doesn't get that much attention because I don't think they are pushing it in the same way MS is.

Seems to just be something that is there for people to use if they wish. With MS it's more like, "HEY! look at this. You will love this". I exaggerate to make the point.

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Blaze9291742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

that UI looks like a joke compared to what Microsoft just recently showed on Xbox One.

Cant say im a fan of that "retro" apple coverflow style and all that blue. I understand simplicity but its TOO basic. Nothing exciting, new or impressive about it's UI for a 2013 device.

Still waiting for a full UI focused video though, hopefully from sony.

swishersweets200311742d ago

didnt know it really matters what the UI looks like when im playing games.. unless your just a broke mofo staring at the start up screen with no games.

GiggMan1742d ago

Oh yeah. Forget about high resolution graphics, hardware, and technology. It's 2013 baby! All about the UI. /s

MS rules!

1741d ago
dizzy741742d ago

At 05:28 on the UI say
"To start operation withyour Voice,say Playstation"

DeathOfTheFanBoy1742d ago

After seeing the XB1 dash demo this looks so old fashioned and slow...

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1742d ago

The Xbox One UI is better than the PS4's.

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LOGICWINS1742d ago

The more I see of Playroom the more unappealing it looks to me. What made Sony think that the core gamer audience that they are so eager to please would be interested in something like that. Good thing they decided against bundling that camera with every PS4. Most people will bypass the camera at launch..and Sony knew that.

JoGam1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Playroom is actually a instructional demostration of what the PS4 does when the camera is hooked up. Almost like the app on the Vita. Forgot the name of it. Its just a fun way to learn the possibilities with some added trophies.

@Logicwins. I'm getting it for the social aspects of it. Will be doing Video chat, etc. But that's why they made it optional. Some people will buy it early qhile some will wait for more reasons to buy.

LOGICWINS1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Thats just it. Does Sony expect people to be interested in paying $60 on a camera to play tech demos? I KNOW the camera will become a big deal in the long term as Sony will find creative ways to use it with their exclusives, but theres little to sink into for Day 1 PS Eye buyers.

Sony executed very direct attacks towards MS at E3 in terms of DRM and used games, and now that MS has demoed an unbelievable UI, Sony isn't even going to TRY to 1up them in the UI department as well?

They've done a fantastic job selling the PS4 to consumers, but they've done a horrid job of selling the new PS Eye.

Xsilver1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

People will buy the eye if they wanna do video chat or stream that's why Im buying mine and im fine with that its only 60 dollars ill live.

Utalkin2me1742d ago


Sony made a game console, with the camera coming in second. Dont want the camera don't buy it, simple as that.

Ju1742d ago

I guess logic does not always win...???

Death1742d ago

Why would you buy the camera? Accessories do not get support. There is no way the PSEye will be relevant without being included with every system. What motivation does a dev have to support a device that may or may not be used? This hurts Microsoft too since third parties will have little incentive to add features that can't be used on the PS4 with multiplatform games.

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PositiveEmotions1742d ago

I bought a PS Camera and I dont regret it cause if in the future which i know it will happen theres gonna be a cool game that uses the ps camera and i'll be ready when that day comes :).

Its all about being ready bro :)

LOGICWINS1742d ago

LOL, I never understood that concept. Why not wait to buy a PS Eye alongside that cool game you want? For all you know you can get it at a better price down the line.

Whats the purpose of having a device that collects dust for 4-6 months? Is there a coupon your trying to use before it expires?

JoGam1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )


To be fair the camera is used for more things other than games. Just because there may not be a killer game that uses the camaera now doesn't mean you can't enjoy it day one. There's a lot you can do with it now.

LOGICWINS1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

PositiveEmotions said he wanted the camera SPECIFICALLY for a "cool game"...that doesn't exist yet.

I understand that it can be used for other things, but since PS4 is for "core gamers", I had assumed that Sony would have games at launch that would show me how the camera could IMPROVE my core gamer experience.

ALARM-clock1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

It's worth buying the PS Camera for video chat and PiP video streaming alone, if you're interested in that kind of thing. The novelty of using it for gameplay doesn't really appeal to me as much as it's everyday practical application does, but I suppose it might be a cool bonus in the future.

Utalkin2me1742d ago

Wow, Logic is full troll mode. Obviously something hit a nerve.

solidjun51742d ago

He's always on full troll mode. It just that he's either stealth troll mode or overt troll mode.

rainslacker1741d ago

Why do you care what he spends his money on? He has a valid reason. In fact, we could say this about console launches as well. We buy them on the promise that they will provide years of game playing experiences.

Maybe he's just excited and had $60 to burn and didn't want to be caught without $60 down the line when that cool game finally comes out.

Better price? How often do accessories such as this go down in price?

If more people buy the device, the chance that that cool game actually comes out is increased because more people will have it. In the meantime, he can use whatever functionality it does provide for games, even if limited.

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PositiveEmotions1742d ago

Cause bro you'll be saving money if you spend $60 on the camera but a game with a camera it will be more expensive bro so best thing to do is save money :).

LOGICWINS1742d ago


Its the opposite. Ever heard of getting a discount for buying things in a bundle? The Move Starter Pack for example netted gamers a discount for buying items together that would have costed them more if bought individually. This also held true for the GOW: Origins DS3 bundle (saved $10 if you buy the game and controller together).

Utalkin2me1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )


"Ever heard of getting a discount for buying things in a bundle"

Exactly, if Sony did a bundle you would probably get the camera and system for 449.99, plus you would get a game to play with your camera.

AgitatedOcelot1742d ago

I think camera gaming is going nowhere. And I'm glad Sony made the camera an option. Because it's a waste of money. Kinect is going to be as useless as it was last generation as well. Just a stupid stupid novelty.

Now, if they would do something useful like player headtracking, like trackIR with it, I would be definitely interested in that. I have a trackIR and I love it.

Ashby_JC1742d ago

battlefield 4 is confirmed to have head tracking..for leaning and in vehicles. not sure about while on foot..crosses fingers lol.

but any who...the Kinect and ps eye will have head tracking fir battlefield 4!!!!

isa_scout1742d ago

I actually bought the camera because it is marketed more at the hardcore gamer. Casuals wont live stream their gameplay to Twitch and UStream and that is were I find the most value in the camera. Being able to control my PS4 with facial and voice recognition will be a cool if brief distraction, but livestreaming is it's biggest selling points to me.
Thats something the casuals wont even care about but us core gamers will have a blast doing.

scott1821742d ago

Playroom seriously looks like a fun, free, casual gaming addition that I will be playing with my family. Looks better to me the more I check it out on videos.

iiorestesii1741d ago

Playroom is more innovative than anything kinect has offered to date. Sony is very pleased with it and mentioned three expansions for it. Its definitely not a sale point. Its purpose is to fart on xbox total lack of kinect support and encourage user and developer support. Case and point: Kinect is capable of playroom but is content with cartoon exoskeletons fit to your general profile.

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Pinkdolphinyfg1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Its crap compared to the xbox one's which can do so much more.

EDIT: Notice how they barely showed any ui footage, because there is nothing to see its plain and required no effort to make. They had nothing meaningful to show. Lmao all that horsepower but cant snap apps? FAIL!

Minato-Namikaze1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Wait sony used all that horsepower on games? Why would they wanna do that with a video games system? What type of company focuses on videogames?

Yessirr1742d ago

A company which doesn't realize that video games systems are evolving into multimedia machines.

Pinkdolphinyfg1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

A shit UI leads to a shit overall experience the ps3 may have been more powerful yet its UI was terrible compared to the 360's which is why most of the online multiplayer community resides with xbox. I feel like i have an actual identity on xbox and was way easier to be social wheras its a hassle on the ps3 just to send an invite. Its called the one for a reason, everything is seamless. Mark my words ps4 online community will feel like a ghost town.

Edit: Yessirr

EXACTLY! Finally someone who gets it. That mentality is extremely stupid to complain about adding features. Which is said because they know the ps4 is not as capable as the one so they set low standards for themselves so it can look like sony delivered on them.