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Five Current-Gen Games That Deserve A Next-Gen Upgrade

Eskimo Press: "There are a handful of current-gen games that will be seeing a release on next-gen consoles. Those games include Assassin's Creed 4, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts and even Injustice: Gods Among Us. But what about the games that came out earlier this year? We've listed five of our favorite games from this generation that we truly believe deserve a next-gen re-release." (BioShock: Infinite, Grand Theft Auto V, MAG, PS3, PS4, The Last Of Us, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

obelix01  +   510d ago
I don't think they should do another version of Bioshock infinite or Gta 5 on the new consoles. I think these games are games that helped define this generation. Why not just make a new Bioshock game for next gen? Make GTA 6 on next gen. Although it seems 5 is headed there anyways. Leave those games in current gen. Just my opinion.
Majin-vegeta  +   510d ago
MAG 2 all out warfare with vehicles,destruction etc..would be the end of my life O_O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ZBlacktt  +   510d ago
Saw picture of MAG and screamed like a little girl! One of my favorite Plat trophies. Best FPS console game ever. It didn't need flash and hype. Anyone who played Domination in MAG strong knows. Nothing beats 128 vs 128 with all kinds of chaos going on!
bacrec1  +   510d ago
Ray186  +   510d ago
I don't know about Socom. All of the PS3 Socom's sucked Hard. Now a Socom generations of the PS2 games would be epic. No tweaks. No "Improvements." Just a graphics update.
maddskull  +   510d ago
check h-hour world elite it is made by one of the socom developers
Ray186  +   509d ago
H-Hour got me for $75.00 before it was even announced for the PS4.
UnrealThreats  +   510d ago
I really think next gen GTA V will happen. They just didnt announce it so people would buy current gen, then upgrade for 60$ to next gen. ts all about the money.
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tortri  +   510d ago
I completely agree with you on this. Computer BS too if they do it.. guess i'll be trading my gta v ps3 for gta v ps4... I'm sure gamestop will have some weird deal to do that.
trywizardo  +   510d ago
IDK i mean i played V 150h hours so far and i will play it more but the same game on next gen with just better visuals no thx i'd rather a RDD sequel or GTA V complete edition "if they released DLC's like the lost and TBOGT"
and off course a next gen elder scrolls would be awesome
ninerguy1608  +   510d ago
the H Hour game mentioned above is basically socom 1 and 2.the main man behind those games is creating this.everything you loved about socom 1 and 2 will be in this game.its gonna be on ps4 and i think pc.it passed its goal on kickstarter awhile back.it will be the socom we have been waiting for.
Ray186  +   509d ago

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