'Watch Dogs' has a time limit for when you hack into another player's game

So did you think that in Watch Dogs, you would be able to run around and hack people all day long without having some sort of time constraint to your trespassing? Turns out in a recent demo we witnessed of the game, Watch Dogs does monitor time.

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Grap1486d ago

Good stop the trolls from trolling in this game.

Avernus1486d ago

This game is about 6 months away... they're still putting info out on it? Just stop. Hyped this game up so much over the past 3-4 months only to delay it by half a year.

RuleNumber51486d ago

Delays happen though. Right Rockstar Games?

rdgneoz31486d ago

Though not many games get delayed this close to release when they have it included in launch bundles for new consoles...

RuleNumber51486d ago

That's very true, probably the big reason why there was such a uproar about it.

ziggurcat1486d ago

uh.... what? you can hack into other people's games in this game? that's pretty freaking cool.

porkChop1485d ago

So other than hacking into other peoples games, does this game have any real multiplayer? I remember the devs talking about multiplayer, but if it's really just being given 5 minutes to hack someone I'm going to be very disappointed.