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Submitted by lodossrage 834d ago | rumor

Rumor: Capcom looking to bring arcade retro games on PSN (and other digital platforms)

It's no secret that Capcom as a company has been in dire straights financially. Through a combination of DLC exploitation, franchise saturation, and neglecting their various fan bases, the company has taken an enormous hit in their bank accounts. So much so that the company is near bankrupt. (Capcom, PS3, PS4)

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Godmars290  +   834d ago
Only thing wrong with this is that I'd like to see updated graphics similar to Street Fighter HD and Capcom seems to have moved past such level of competence.
lodossrage  +   834d ago
Exactly man,

You dang well know they won't do something like that. Especially with the excuse of "not having resources".

But that isn't stopping them from making a new fighting game lol
DarkBlood  +   834d ago
well id take aliens versus predator, hopefully they reasonable price it well.
DualWielding  +   834d ago
The one I'll really like to see released is Rival Schools
first1NFANTRY  +   834d ago
wow you said it. A remastered one at that.
lodossrage  +   834d ago
A remastered Rival Schools would be nice.

But what THAT franchise really deserves is a sequel to Project Justice
silkylove  +   834d ago
I'll take Demon's Crest for the virtual console, please. Or PSN. Don't care as long as I get to play it.
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cellfluid  +   834d ago
Bring on strider gouls and ghost babyyyy
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   834d ago
I know it's not a "retro arcade" game but I wish they would put the RE:Outbreak series on PSN with the online intact.
e-p-ayeaH  +   834d ago
Megaman collection in HD would be nice.
lodossrage  +   834d ago
As nice as that would be to see Capcom do that for both the Megaman and Megaman X series, THAT is the one retro I doubt will happen.

Only because Capcom foolishly seems to disregard the Megaman franchise now.
MegaRay  +   834d ago
Make MEGAMAN X 4-8 hd collection. Nah they'll never do that.
lodossrage  +   834d ago
knowing them, for the sake of trying to get every dime out of ppl they can, they'll say

Megaman X Collection 1 (first 4 games)
Megaman X Collection 2 (last 4 games)
MegaRay  +   833d ago
Knowing them. They wont do that and rather ask Disney for their ips to remaster it than remaster their own ips
HUMDANGUR  +   833d ago

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