PS4 Cross-Game Chat Confirmed to Support 8 Players

"As Sony's 'Perfect Day' (11/15/13) nears, more facts are coming out about the PlayStation 4 before it's highly anticipated launch day.

A recent comment by Sid Shuman, the manager of Social Media at Sony Computer Entertainment, on the very popular PlayStation Blog, confirms that the PlayStation 4 (PS4) will support up to 8 participants in a cross-game party chat."

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TomShoe1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )


The day will forever be known as "The Day where everyone mysteriously contracted the Flu"

Snookies121797d ago


Sorry, I am too. Just had to laugh since you said it's not even funny. :]

Snookies121797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Oh wow TomShoe, ya changed your comment on me. Now my above post is completely irrelevant lol. D:

AlexanderNevermind1797d ago


Well Said, Funny....either way bubble up, lol. I have never taken off work for a game or system launch but man I think I will be taking a 3 day weekend.

JoGam1797d ago

I am definitely taking a 3 day weekend off.

C0LLAT1797d ago

I'm sure just about everyone that preordered the PS4 will take a 3 day weekend lol.

...the smart ones anyway! :)

Boody-Bandit1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Definitely a +funny

I'm not taken the day off. I'm locking myself into what my wife calls the dungeon (my basement gaming haven). I'm headed down there 11/15/13 and not coming up until Sunday night.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31797d ago

Cross game chat is suddenly important now for Sony fans? Enjoy it nonetheless, I've been using it for years now on my Xbox.

pixelsword1797d ago

Yeah, and enjoy that Blu-Ray there, wraith.

Boody-Bandit1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Wow Wraith, goodie for you.

Personally I barely ever used cross chat on the 360 but that's just me. I've always been in the camp of not being needed. When I'm gaming, I'm gaming. I don't want to be bothered by cross chat, private messages, texting or talking of any kind unless it's online with team mates. That's why my main gaming room is in the basement. To get away from people so I can have total immersion.

Oh and BTW. Don't play the "it suddenly matters card". That is the epitome of hypocrisy of MS only fans. I could write a lengthy list of things that didn't matter when the 360 didn't have them but eventually implemented them and NOW they matter. The most recent one now being exclusives. They didn't matter when MS had few and far between the last few years on the 360 but now with the XBOX ONE? THEY DO MATTER. Just look at all the exclusives MS has for the X1. /S

My head is so dizzy from the spin.
I guess I'm just too old to be on gaming sites. Never too old to game though. Because I just don't get what satisfaction anyone gets out of trolling or taking a side. It's gaming / source of entertainment. Than again I think for some trolling and trying to get a rise out of people online is their game / source of entertainment. SMH


ZodTheRipper1797d ago

I'm playing with the thought to take the 3 day weekend + the whole week after that :D
Somehow, I'm glad that the launch here in Europe is 2 weeks later ...I don't want to imagine the PSN & KZ:SF servers on Day1 :D

Irishguy951797d ago

@ BrutallyHonest.

I have never heard Xbox Fanboys even using that. They just took it up the arse when PS fans rightfully stated the Ps3 had more games. What I have seen on a constant basis, was Ps fanboys saying Cross game chat doesn't matter. If that's the way you play games then fine. What I do when I game is do exactly what you do...when i'm in the mood. However I also have the option to chat to friends if I want, or get in a private party with them when playing the same game. The point is I can do it the way I want. If I didn't want to use X Game chat at a certain time I simply didn't. However I found that most of the time I would use X game chat.

insomnium21796d ago


"I have never heard Xbox Fanboys even using that. They just took it up the arse when PS fans rightfully stated the Ps3 had more games"

That's because you weren't on gaming forums at all back in 2005-2008 when the x360 fanboys ran rampant on every site. "PS3 haz no gamez" and "waitstation" and "delaystation" and "only a BD-player" were the slogans if you will back then. You would find one of those 4 quotes in almost every single #1 reply that got the rize out of people every time. The war was ugly back then. Now the war has changed.

Codey471796d ago


And "We wanna play games not watch films"
"Blu-Ray's irrelevant"

At the Xbone launch.....I were under the impression Microsoft invented the television.

webeblazing1796d ago

xbox fan didn't say that about exclusives that's y most were pissed by the focus on Kinect, but they did say blu ray wasn't needed though. PS fans said they wouldn't pay for cross chat or mp, so that completely different they have no choice but to take unless they wanna buy wiiU or stick with ps3 and vita

Codey471796d ago

@webeblazin' if the £$39.99 subscription fee a year was based on cross chat and multiplayer components...then I would personally opt out.

It's the value of plus as a whole that gets my attention and have no qualms paying the yearly fee.... so the cross chat and mp in my eyes is a free added service.

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black0o1797d ago

12/13/13 the sun/family/non-gamers friends will miss

badboy7761797d ago

Jordan at the buzzer

BOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

KetchupBlood1797d ago

@DonnieDarko you too with the blu-ray

blumatt1797d ago

And what's really cool about party chat on the ps4 is that, unlike on the XBone, it's not locked behind the paywall. Even those without ps+ can chat with their friends. Sony knows how to be consumer friendly.

Raiden1797d ago

You asked for this reply, only 8 players not 12 or more 8 players, on xbox, if all of your close friends are online in different games u can still chat to them all. So what the quality difference between the two communication services again.

MASTER_RAIDEN1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

^ @Raiden, my son, you are misguided. cross game chat means you can talk to all 8 players on ps4 even if theyre in different games

do not bring our names to shame young one.


Cupid_Viper_31797d ago

Not only is he misguided, but he didn't realize that PS Vita owners will be able to cross-chat with PS4 gamers.

Mystogan1797d ago

With the Xbox One you don't even need to be on your console to talk to your friends. Its called Skype buddy. And how can you make friends online if you have to pay for PS+ to play online anyway?

mkis0071797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

@Mystogan Most of us here have friends other than those we meet in a game... You know; outside the house, at work, school.

Mr_Writer851797d ago


Because Sony are offering people 12 PS4 games as part of that sub. THAT is the sweetener.

Also other services and free online games are not behind a paywall either.

Antwan3k1797d ago

now that ONLINE MULTIPLAYER is behind the paywall, lets stop pretending that the vast majority of the PS4 community wont be already paying for the PSN+ service anyway..

PSN's biggest advantage was free online multiplayer.. period.. now that that's gone, how many PS4 buyers are going to NOT play the online portions of the games they purchase when the only hurdle is a paltry $50 a year?.. the answer is "very few".. and that being said, what's to brag about when it's the exact same end result when compared to XBL Gold subscribers?..

I mean who's going to pay $400+ for a PS4 and $60~ per game but decide that they just can justify paying that extra $50 a year for PSN+ so that they can get the most out of that $60 game they just bought?.. and if not, for what?.. so they can brag about being able to watch Netflix and chat with their friends without having to get behind the evil paywall?.. please..

fanboys are really grasping at straws with this paywall nonsense..

FamilyGuy1797d ago

@ Antwan3k

PS games are a lot more story driven that Xbox games. There are tons of people that don't play online, period. MS has always had a heavy focus on the online aspect of their games so people would feel they needed that gold subscription. PS+ is not the same thing at all.

I do agree/believe the majority will have PS+ now but Sony has many single player IPs and a lot of games worth playing for their story alone, most recently The Last of Us and Beyond two souls, well before that we had the rpg ni no kuni which had no multiplayer.Even though Ascension had multiplayer the God of War games have always been story driven as well so don't make it out like PS+ is now necessary for everyone or as if nobody would buy a PS4 without PS+.

For those people it is a great thing that Sony isn't blockading all the other cool features.

@ Mystogan

Real friends, family, people you meet in party chats, people you meet while watching a game stream. There are lots of ways to meet people other than from an online match.

Aceman181797d ago

for me personally i don't care about cross game chat, but its nice for those who do you use it a lot.

G20WLY1797d ago

^Mystogan, WOW, XBone has Skype?! What, just like the Vita? (Well, except it's free on Vita)


bloodybutcher1797d ago

yeah, but here you have ps4 fans.duhhh....

VENOMACR12271797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

By calling the X1 the Xbone you lost any credibility you had and just proved to be a Sony fanboy, congrats. Keep telling yourself Sony loves you and doesn't care about a profit.

That being said, it's nice that it's included even for those without a paid subscription.

Irishguy951797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Didn't know that it's pretty cool/ I will have PS+ regardless so it doesn't affect me.

However, online gaming is now behind a paywall, sorta just you know...negating your argument.

webeblazing1796d ago

your right a lot of ps gamer don't have ps+ even though its worth it. im pissed that mp is not free anymore, that's the reason im not buying the new system it seems its getting more expensive to game on them. the main reason is we don't stand up as a gaming community look a the posts on this site.

ps fans is just taking it cause they don't have a choice. xbox fans should of stood up when ps fan was complaining then it would changed like xbox drm.

im not a psfanboy and I say xbone. it sounds way better and quicker than saying X BOX ONE(say it). I also just say vita instead ps vita, but even ps vita is a better name than what ms be coming up with.

blumatt1796d ago


Everyone says XBone nowadays. That doesn't make anyone a fanboy.

I'm glad people who don't want or need (or maybe can't afford) PS Plus can still chat with their friends. 😃

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already told my professor i would not be able to make it to class on the 15th due to a religious holiday.

i will see ALL of you beautiful people online soon!!!!

Shuyin1797d ago

Let's hope he doesn't remotely know about the PS4 release or see any ad on TV, lol.
Otherwise you're f'd :D!

hankmoody1797d ago

Makes sense seeing how a lot of PS4 fans seem to be angry zealots. Of course, I'm not saying that about you specifically but you know... the ones that are.

Raiden1797d ago

Sorry pure typing skills last night or should i say early hours after clubbing, what i was trying to say and failed at it, what i was trying to understand was WHY 8 players on PSN, Live has alot larger grouping on all chat functions. Anyway I'm a gamer of Xbox, I believe we are all gamers regardless of platform of choice, this generation is going to be packed with surprises and great games, can't wait

thehitman1797d ago

Lol I have no classes on friday so I am going to be sitting at home bitting my nails waiting for the UPS truck.... I bet I wont get it till late in the day and I will be pulling my hair out.

ssj271797d ago

I will call ups, fedex or whoever is bringing it.. talk to the manager and find the truck that has my PS4 and bring it back myself! they an take to long sometimes
I have do it before ;) all ou need is you ID!!

Majin-vegeta1797d ago

No don't pull ypur hair or you'll end up like....

1797d ago
Sevir1797d ago

It will be midnight when i pick mine up. Ill have gone to Gamestop at 6p on the 14th to get my number. And when the clock strikes midnight im walking out with a PS4, KZ:Shadow Fall, Knack, and Injustice:GAU and an extra DS4 May buy the PS4 Camera since i have a PS Move already. Its gonna be a perfect Day indeed

T21797d ago

Wow am envious im rolling the dice goin with no preorder but live in a small city so its usually not bad .... We shall see

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1797d ago

im taking a week off with PAy Muahahah

gym and video games all dayy!

T21797d ago

Damn I need to retire that would keep me busy for years , great routine !

monkey6021797d ago

I tried this but no holidays allowed in November/December in my place. Too busy coming up to Christmas. I'll be working for the midnight launch but the next day is all mine :)

Deadpoolio1797d ago

I'm not even contracting the flu...Since I manage the IT department where I work I just flat out told them that I'm taking the 14th-18th off for my PS4....But then again I rarely take days off so they don't really say anything on the rare occasion that I do.

SpitFireAce851797d ago

I want that Red Controller so bad....

Chevalier1797d ago

Sir you've contracted a surprisingly common case of the PSFlu just for the new generation!

angelicsnow1797d ago ShowReplies(4)
Aceman181797d ago

i already scheduled a vacation day myself lol

bigboirock1797d ago

Im taking 2 vacation days nov 22-23 myself ill probable take two more next year when I get the ps4.

2013-2014 awesome time to be a gamer

tigertron1797d ago

and the 29th for us Europeans.

N81797d ago

I actually took off work release week

Fishermenofwar1797d ago

I think I have a cough already....

Rainstorm811797d ago

Buried in the details is Dedicated Servers for KZ:SF

Mr_Writer851797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )


Really? Because as a PS3 fan I have wanted this feature for years, and I do believe a very large section of PS3 gamers also wanted this feature.

Infact when ever a firmware update was due you would see many people hopeing for XGC.

As for the disagree of my previous comment? Would you care to step up to the plate and explain why you disagree? Or are you too much of a coward?

MizTv1797d ago

It also isn't behind a paywall

LuvBurger1797d ago

I can't get away with that. My bosses already know that I'm going to the midnight launch at my local best buy.

BallsEye1797d ago

Xbox360 has 8 people cross-game chat but I've been in situations where more was needed. XO is increasing the number, I don't see why ps4 should do same.

solar1796d ago

still dont understand the fascination of years old tech from console players. this isnt a knock, just a o.O

Revolver_X_1796d ago

its not a fascination. Trolls wanna go around trying to portray Sony fans jumping for joy. I have not seen it yet. I see Sony fans welcoming the function. Cross chat isnt that important. What would you have Sony fans do? Decline the function addition? No ones running around like Cross chat is the new sliced bread. Xbots get more desperate by the day. The trolling attempts in The Order 1866 article is beyond hilarious

cyclindk1796d ago

I'm going with phallic flaccidity as my excuse

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Snookies121797d ago

Those white DS4 controllers look awesome...

PS4isKing_821797d ago

I'm really loving those too :) hope we get those along with the blue and red ones soon.

secretcode1797d ago

Oh give them a year or two and you'll have any color imaginable. Even "Camo"*.

*Disclaimer: Camo is not an actual color.

ape0071797d ago

the DS4 itself look awesome