DualShock 4 Was Tested With Xbox 360's Controller's Analog Sticks Layout

DualShock 4 is different from its previous iterations in terms of design. Sporting a touchpad, a complete design overhaul and the much needed change in the triggers that now go up to avoid the slip of the finger from them. Sony's Toshimasa Aoki in an interview with Gamebeat stated that Sony tried each and every possible combination with the DualShock 4 controller before settling on the final design.

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Lalanana1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

"Imitation is the best form of flattery"

seems sony learn to make its controller from the best one, the xbox 360.

Edit: I read the article..for sony to even consider the 360 controller says alot. :-p too bad they went with the pad.

I am not saying the ps4 controller is bad. Not at all. I just say we all have our preferences.

Thatguy-3101794d ago

Ummm didn't you read the article? They didn't because the core user base is already use to having it the way it is.

killcycle1794d ago

My personal annoyance of the Xbox pad has always been the sticks.
The left stick is higher then the right stick where the Ps3 pads are dead center beside each other. It's been scientifically proven that concentrating on 2 objects with similarities makes it easier because of your brains hand-Eye coordination functioning faster.

darthv721794d ago

hand dominance plays a part in comfort and control. Just because we each have symmetrical hands does not mean each one rests at the same natural position.

your dominant hand is more forward where as the non dominant hand is not. The comfort of the button layout and control layout are key to prolonged use of the controller. I can switch seamlessly between the styles of the xbox to the playstation to even the wii-u.

My dominant hand is the right but my eye to hand coordination is in my left. It comes from all those years of gaming and the different control schemes used. From the single button 2600 joystick to current, all of that controller experience has made me adaptable to changing controller conditions.

Bathyj1794d ago

Darth by your rational Microsoft must think most people are left handed.


i think that even though the core userbase is used to the way it is now, a change in stick placement wouldnt have been anything anyone needs to get used to. the xbox controllers placement is very natural, but i could honestly go either way on stick placement. i trust sony to make a great controller just as they have for many years now. the fact that they actually passed up on a design similar to the 360s means that at least they believe in their current design choices.

darthv721794d ago

@bathy...yeah it does seem that way. However the eye to hand coordination (as far as control in a game goes) is the left which has been the dominant hand since the game pad first came out.

there were a few controllers that had it where you controlled the action with the right. The 2600 stick is one, the sega master system stick is another and then you had the colecovision and intelivision controllers as well.

when the game pad came out, it changed the whole dominant hand around. Now we were using our left hand to control the movement and the right controlled the action (jump, fire...). People who predominantly right handed for everything else (eating, writing...) use their left hand for directional control in a game.

Id say if i werent ambidextrous, south paws would have an edge because they are left hand dominant in everything including gaming.

AlexanderNevermind1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

I'm good with both controller designs as I play with Razer Sabertooth on PC. My only issue is getting used to L2/R2 for aiming/shooting I am stuck on stupid with L1/R1 (I play shooters on the PlayStation). Hope it does take to long.

Pintheshadows1794d ago

You'll be using L2 and R2 on the DS4 as the triggers feel great.

ShinMaster1794d ago

It's not the left stick that is important. It's actually the right stick with which we do all the aiming that is more important.

Hand-eye coordination is faster with a parallel design.

scott1821794d ago

I'm so glad they used the usual design. I love the thumbsticks positions, not a big fan of the xbox controllers.

The_Con-Sept1794d ago

Seriously.... If they went with 360 style pads I would switch to WiiU gaming just to stay away from it. But I am SO GLAD they kept the controller Symmetrical instead of stupid and uncomfortable like the 360 controller. Sorry but it isn't good for shooters, or fighters, or puzzlers, or anything that requires the d-pad for any purpose during a game.

Oner1794d ago

Sorry, but I don't care for using L2 & R2 as the PRIMARY model for aiming/shooting (the same with an asymmetrical stick layout). I don't see how this will end up good for users (such as myself) who have become completely accustomed to the standard L1/R1 for nearly 2 decades....I really hope Sony does the right thing and make sure all games have the OPTION to choose L1/R1 or L2/R2.

Brix901794d ago


Not up to Sony it up to the developer to give you a choice to change the scheme of the controls in game.

Oner1793d ago

Sony can demand it as an OPTION for 10's of millions of dedicated PlayStation users who have used that configuration. It seriously can't be that difficult to code as it was the standard for sooooo long on PlayStation devices.

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majiebeast1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Except they kept their own superior design.

B-radical1794d ago

Superior? Don't get to ahead of yourself son

IcicleTrepan1794d ago

ergonomically, you put the most often used things right where the natural resting place for the thumbs would be. Microsoft took that approach. Maybe you don't like it but that is the truth.

When you grab something your thumb goes forward not out to the side. The dualshock controller's sticks are not at the natural resting place for the thumb.

To call one superior over the other.. it's kind of silly. Ergonomic design has a lot of science behind it, yet you dismiss it out of hand.

GrandpaSnake1794d ago

@b radical, the one that sales more and last longer... yes the dualshock is superior

XB1_PS41794d ago

Whichever one you use most, you most likely like most. It's obvious. Neither controller is technically better, because it is up to opinion to determine that. Everyone is entitled to said opinion.

Snookies121794d ago

@IcicleTrepan - If that's the case, why doesn't the 360 controller have both analog sticks at the top of the controller? Both the 360's controller and the DS3 have good points, but neither are perfect. I gotta say though, I'm extremely looking forward to using a DS4. More so than the X1's controller. From what has been described, it feels amazing.

kickerz1794d ago

Well said IcicleT
Never really thought about that way but yeah if you put your hands out in front to grab something thumbs naturally point upwards. If you put your elbows out wards like your gonna do the chicken dance then dualshock is

BattleTorn1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

That's why sooo many 3rd-party controller imitate the Dualshock's joystick positioning.....

Google "custom Xbox controller"

(you'll only find cool colored Xbox controllers)

Google "custom Playstion controller"

(you'll find controllers modded to the Xbox's joystick layout)

black0o1794d ago

DS is so original .. i grow up with it feels natural to me

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SaffronCurse1794d ago

They enlarged the controller, that was the biggest complain from what I've got.

boeso1794d ago

Its a troll. Leave it alone

FlameHawk1794d ago

Yup, shes the MariaHelFutura of Xbox fangirls.

itBourne1794d ago

I can see an argument for both sticks on top, especially for shooters, but why have a-symmetrical sticks, my hands are symmetrical and thus the controller should be. Works the same for fighting games too, the d-pad and face buttons should be symmetrical.

darthv721794d ago

symmetrical hands do not automatically denote symmetrical comfort. Each person has a dominant hand (right or left) as well as a non-dominant hand.

BattleTorn1794d ago

Your hands may be symeetrical.

But how we use the joysticks is rarely, if ever, symmetrical.

The ergonomics behind the Dualshocks centered joysticks literally stops there: "my hands are symmetrical"

But, our use of them is not.
Don't you think that the very different application of the two joysticks matters more?

itBourne1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Lol I knew someone would bring that up = P

Maybe I am just different because I am kinda both handed. But I bet you just typed what you said with both hands in the same spot, your keyboard is not split so your right hand can be different then your left.

Also if you are saying that hand plays a role then the 360 controller is backwards for 90% of the world, as it is left handed. Lefty grip is always left hand above right hand. But I dont think that matters here, jst saying by your argument.

itBourne1794d ago

@Battle Torn

Very different applications of the two analog sticks? They are both used in unison to control your character, how is that very different uses?

The Great Melon1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )


Actually the keyboard layout is asymmetric in the placement of the keys. The top row is offset by a quarter from the home row. This results in your fingers reaching always slightly to the left for keys. Stupid typewriters. *grumble*

itBourne1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Lol damn u got me there, but for hand to hand it is symmetrical, they are not in two different locations. I think its all personal preference btw for controllers, I jst like debating = P and I am actually getting intelligent people <3

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Brazz1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

to me both are good controls. what make diference in this PS360 generatio was:

1º) grip > this go to 360, think they have a grip a little bit better, 1 point for than.

2º) triggers > 360 have better triggers, the diference isn't that amazing, but it exist... 1 more point.

3º) concave analogic> this, alson, go to 360.. 0,5 points, the diference is very small...

4º) D-pad > This go hands down to ps3, 360 D-pad is a pile of [email protected]#[email protected]#!/ 2 points for ps3, because the diference is realy big!

5º) symetrical vs asymmetrical > i go well whit both, but a realy think the symetrical is a bit better, no points here, it's a personal point.

Ps3 2 X xbox 2,5 > xbox have a better controller, but...

6º) energy > batteries are ass to use... i will give 0,5 to ps3, and call this a draw.

Dualshock 4 vs X1 controller:
only times know, but right now i'm puting 0,5 in favor of Sony, because X1 still use "f#E#@$" batteries in 2013!!!

MysticStrummer1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

"seems sony learn to make its controller from the best one, the xbox 360."

Thank Zod Sony didn't copy the XBox controller's analogs, successful marketing gimmick though they may be. I'm still waiting for the announcement that humans have evolved asymmetrical thumbs.

The triggers and tips of the analogs were better on the 360 controller. The placement of the analogs is nothing but a marketing ploy that apparently many people still fall for.

Symmetrical thumbs FTW

sic_chops1794d ago

My symmetrical thumbs are gonna fit nicely on those symmetrical sticks.

Dante811794d ago

If they're imitating then why is d-pad so good?

PlayStation_41794d ago

Do you have some sort of retarded, asymmetrical thumb?

1794d ago
JackStraw1794d ago

another tard who didn't bother reading the article.

Chevalier1794d ago

Yeah and you've used the new remodelled PS4 controller so you can actually compare?

koolaid2511794d ago

Xbox 360 controller is the best for shooting games.

Animal Mutha 761794d ago

Agree. Lol at the number of disagrees. I guess the majority here like the Sony layout.

Like you say it's about preferences. I've used both controllers already and there is no reason not to like either. DS4 is a big improvement as are the changes to the Xbox pad. The rumble triggers on the X1 pad are really good imo.

It's sensible that Sony considered all options. Personally I still prefer the Xbox pad layout but choice is good :)

Volkama1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Symmetrical or asymmetrical isn't what made the 360 pad better than the PS3 pad. Comfortable positioning of the sticks made it better. The DS3 positioning just required a horrible angle on the thumbs relative to the natural grip on the pad. If the left stick was swapped with the d-pad it would have been more comfortable, but the right hand still would have sucked.

Ignoring the differences in input method, were your hands more comfortable DS3:
d-pad + stick (asymmetrical)
d-pad + buttons (symmetrical, higher)
stick + stick (symmetrical, lower)

For me d-pad + buttons is by far the most comfortable grip on that pad. Symmetrical, just moved.

The DS4 is probably going to feel great to me because they've addressed this problem. It also stands to reason that people who were genuinely more comfortable using the DS3 may not like the changes.

Droid Control1793d ago

I prefer the 360 setup with the offset analoge sticks. Question: Why can't Sony sell an official 360-like pad separately?

That way everyone stays happy/

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Thatguy-3101794d ago

Thank god they didn't. Each to their own but my preference is the way the controller is currently layed out.

MultiConsoleGamer1794d ago

Tradition is a terrible excuse to keep an outdated design.

neoMAXMLC1794d ago

Outdated *superior* design.

Kalebninja1794d ago

360 and gamecube controllers are way better than ps controllers and im not hating i've played with them and those triggers are just terrible i always hated them nintendo was smart and copied with the pro controller and if ps4 had one it would be perfect

XB1_PS41794d ago

Hahaha, you guys crack me up..

neoMAXMLC1794d ago


That controller was terrible!

Hicken1794d ago

And with so much knowledge at your fingertips, such ignorance should be a crime.

iamnsuperman1794d ago

And how is it outdated? There is no difference between the analog layouts. I can pick up a 360 controller and it feels fine even when I predominately play on my PS3 as the layout is a minor point people blow out of proportion. There is no benefit one way or the other except for brand identity

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1794d ago

true but if it was to be like the 360 i can hear there fanboys saying Sony copied Microsoft!

Snookies121794d ago

I love how people will say things like "this design is inferior, or this one is superior". Lol, it comes down to personal preference. There is no right and wrong way to go with how you like to control your games. If you want your analog up top, go 360. If you want them both on level, go PS3. If you want to wave a remote, go Wii. If you want a tablet control style, go Wii U.

It's not hard to grasp. These are opinions. Opinions cannot be weighed in value. So words like inferior or superior don't apply to them.

KwietStorm1794d ago

Which is probably why it's a new design......?

Dante811794d ago

That's awesome, bro. Have you ever that opinions are like ass-- well I did.

Brix901794d ago

Outdated more like classic. I rather they keep it the same way it is rather then copying.

WeedyOne1793d ago

I always thought the 360 sticks are not symmetrical because they didn't want to completely copy Sony or break any patents...

I mean look at a 360 controller and then look at a ps3 controller they are almost the same as far as button placement goes, the Dpad and analog stick just switched places!

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GentlemenRUs1794d ago

I don't understand why they did, Strange...

hellzsupernova1794d ago

I'm fine with the design. My biggest problem was the grips were not ergonomic they have fixed that, stick position does not matter