GTA Online Mega Exploit Takes Game Robberies To The Meta Level

Gameranx, by Ryan Parreno

In a bizarre scenario mirroring the game itself, players are making billions by breaking the rules.

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HolyDuck1729d ago

Is this xbox too? I only see PS3, maybe I'm missing something.

cleft51728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

I would feel bad for R* except for the fact that they have broken the game to make playing missions almost pointless for gathering RP or cash.

The latest patch essentially halved the Cash and greatly reduced RP for upper level missions. So now you are in a situation where yo can do a mission that takes 10 to 20 minutes and only get around 2000RP if you are lucky and 10k cash.

Meanwhile you can do a race that gives you 2735RP and 10k cash in less than 1 minute 30 seconds. Even if you lose, so long as you finish the race you can still walk away with close to 1000RP and 2k cash, in less than 2 minutes.

Clearly, the missions are broken but of course R* fix for this will be to nerf the races no doubt. I don't mind R* selling their Shark Cards to make money, but when they break the game to practically force you to buy Shark Cards that is a problem. Because now they are treating the online like a bad F2P model.

pedrof931728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Well if you do races and win them you get a lot of money :D

You are complaining about the time you take to make money ?

Have you heard of a game known as World of Warcraft ?

JackStraw1728d ago

if you think it's hard or takes a long time to make money in WoW, you probably sucked at it and didn't understand the AH.

GarrusVakarian1729d ago

What happened to the feeling of satisfaction from earning money in a legit way in videogames?

Fishy Fingers1729d ago

Haha, exactly, just murder, rob and steal your way to a ligitimate wod of cash.


This is GTA, the idea of being satisfied from doing things the legal way go against the very DNA of what GTA is all about.

Add to that the feeling of being totally cheated after playing legit, making money legit.. buying your pad, car, adding mods... and then one day, puff.... all gone!

don't know why people would be supprised. Then you have R* constantly messing around with the mission payouts - so much so that now people feel the missions are not even worth the effort it takes to complete them when you look at the payout you get at the end.

GarrusVakarian1729d ago

I said legit, not legal.

Missions, races, robbing stores. Not hacking and exploiting.

LeCreuset1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )


The two words are interchangeable in the context of the conversation. In fact, "legal" may be a better fit, as we are talking about actions as they relate to the rules Rockstar has made for the game.

Edit: What's with the down vote? Am I wrong, or are our feelings just hurt?


Yeah, what can be more legitimate than holding store owners at gun point, killing gang members for their loot or organizing heists?

GarrusVakarian1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

Ugh, are you people slow? LEGIT IN THE PARAMETERS OF THE GAME. Jesus.....


Finally, someone with more than one brain cell.

theRell1729d ago

Legit as in playing the game it's meant to be played.

HammadTheBeast1729d ago

The game is so heavily focused on grinding for days (obviously to support the microtransactions) so glitching money doesn't feel too bad.

mhunterjr1728d ago

If the micro transactions weren't in the game, you'd still have to progress through the ranks. I'm not sure why the mere presence of micro transactions gives people a sense that they are grinding any harder than they would otherwise.

Earning money is riculously easy to do... without cheating the system. joining a crew and playing with higher ranking members will see you tripling your RP, and increasing your cash take several times per mission. You can also create multiple character (they share money) and use the others as cash mules. Just stock up several garages full of expensive cars and sell one every day cycle. Races can earn you tens of thousands of dollars in just a few minutes. the same with rounds of survival.

I will NEVER participate in MTs, but their is plenty of fun to be had without them.

iceman061728d ago

I personally don't believe that it's just about microtransactions. You pretty much see grinding exploits in any game that requires grinding for levels and rewards. People, on average, just don't want to work that hard for the in game rewards. People were exploiting the game before the mp even came out...why would they stop now? It's about the bragging rights, as sad as they might be, of having the finest condo and best cars.

LeCreuset1728d ago

Oh, oh! I can answer that. Paying real money for fake money happened. Rockstar has progressively stripped away the satisfaction of earning money the legit way in this game.

RyuX191728d ago

People were earning money the legit way, they were doing missions that gave decent amounts of money and replaying them. They didn't do anything wrong and there was a replay option to do those missions again in the game till Rockstar realized "Oh crap people are making money! This will ruin our micro-transactions plan!" and disabled the replay option.

Doing that caused people to find other ways to make money though glitching and other missions, but now they've lowered almost all the amounts of reward money for missions and you only get half of the reward money when you die when you didn't before.

Rockstar has been trying to take away all chances of people making decent money in the game without Micro-transactions and people are fighting back.

mhunterjr1728d ago

How is replaying the same missions over and over again not a ridiculous grind? Even with the new (and admittedly overbearing update) there are plenty of ways to earn money... And earn it quickly. But the replay system was clearly broken as people were simply spamming 'base invaders'. surely, rockstar envisioned there would be more to their massive online game than that.

FunkMacNasty1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

I would prefer to earn money and RP in "legit" ways in-game also. But I do have a major bone to pick with the GTA online economy, becuase after a while, there becomes little incentive to do jobs for money because the payout isnt worth it. PLUS, if you do a mission and you spend $1000 on ammo and $392 on body armor, you play for 10-20 minutes, then you earn $1000, or $2000 dollars, you've actually only made $500-$1000 once you factor in pre-mission expenses. Then you do a bunch of missions and rob stores, you think you have a nice wad of cash, so you drive your car to LosSantos customs, only to find that the paintjob you want is $14,267 dollars??? (unless you want it in one of 20 shades of black or gray) There goes half of the cash you just spent hours accumulating. Then the game becomes a grind.

If I wasn't concerned that R* might ban people who are exploiting this money glitch, I would totally try it..

JackStraw1728d ago

it died with gta online. haven't you been reading?

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djplonker1729d ago

people are still playing gtav online?

rob store run away rinse and repeat for 2k so you can save up for more tools to help you rob stores

GarrusVakarian1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

Lmao, if that's how you have been playing the game then i have to laugh in your face. Im guessing the plethora of missions,races,jobs and deathmatches that all get better as you rank up don't exist huh?

Not to mention a HUGE map to explore with your friends.

djplonker1729d ago

I wouldnt know if it gets better as my level 30 char got deleted and the races and deathmatches are fun for a little while!

I got over the playing with my friends part after the first night we resorted to causing a massive pile up on a road with 18 wheelers after that it just felt like gta 4's free roam...

maximus19851728d ago

thanks for leaving gta online. really i appreciate having one less annoying complainer when im trying to work with a team to steal a jet or attack a gang hideout.

mhunterjr1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Lol is that all you did while playing the game? I've been stealing jets from military bases, coordinating attacks on jurors, party crashing drug deals, having boat chases against helicopters, having helicopter rooftop raids... I literally do something different every time I play the game. There is more to the game than free mode.

djplonker1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

I know I did do most of the stuff the game had to offer like stealing jets and helis doing races and tdm's but I got bored fast!

dunno if its the micro transactions but getting cash in the game is a grind and once I got my apartment I got bored then I got deleted and had to do it all again!

I played online for over 30+ hours maybe I should of played an hour or two day instead of the 8 hour shifts I put into it.

just my opinion ;)

Saints941729d ago

Meh, Rockstar deleted my level 95 character. Either I put the time again to get him that high with my time again or sell the game. But with payouts cut in half, and buggy patches, damn cloud servers, AND glitchers then there isn't much point into playing. Probably sell the game for Batman or AC IV.

maximus19851729d ago

yeah because batman and AC4 have the lasting ability that gta has. a year from now youll see those games in the bargain bin while gta dlcs arrive

djplonker1729d ago

nah gtav is dead to me on the 29th of nov (eu ps4) then its onto bigger and better things like watchdogs!

maximus19851728d ago

watchdogs is delayed until 2014 so what exactly......whatever good ridence

Saints941728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

I would think that, but Next Gen is right around the corner so I won't be that sad for missing some content and I could use that money for something that makes me feel like I'm a not beta tester even when they delayed the game from Spring to summer, had a extra 2 weeks before online was on, a month after the release, and patches at hurt more then help.

If you go to the R* social club updated news, you can see around 20,000 comments of people complaining and no response.

Chris5581728d ago

nice try marketer gta v single was a masterpiece online pissed me to that end i don't even wanna touch my copy of gta V

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djplonker1728d ago

I got £35 for my copy last week not bad since I paid £38 for it new...

Tetsujin1729d ago

I can see another "delay" in the $500K bonus coming soon...

I read the article, and although R has yet to provide official word it's hard to actually say if this is legit or someone trolling. Sometimes Reddit can make a story sound so real then find out it's garbage or "fake."

FragMnTagM1728d ago

What are you talking about?

The 500k is real. It was on the loading screens in the online portion of the game.

iceman061728d ago

Last I heard, they were still "testing" to make sure that the last patch really did solve the issues with disappearing cars, characters, levels, etc. Once they feel that the situation is stable, there will be 2 installments of 250K a piece.

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