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theWB271610d ago

The first Next gen game to do so right? Good to month to go!!!

allformats1610d ago

My body, wallet and TV are all ready.

theWB271610d ago tv broke a couple months ago -_-
GTA5 on a 20inch SD TV is NOT the biz.

Still enjoy the first time it boots up on your TV. It's a special moment for a gamer ; )

abzdine1609d ago

ohh maaan! i'm so hyped now!

FriedGoat1609d ago

Now to find out how much they have neutered the Game with BLANKET censorship in the EU.

Will I be importing from the US? that's the question.

FamilyGuy1609d ago

Damn, I'd say that they're in for some much needed rest but now that the game has gone gold they'll probably start working on that DLC. Killzone SF is the one with free dlc maps promised right?

This is a "it's happening!" moment.
Can't friggin wait.

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christrules00411609d ago

Dang your tv breaking blows. The next gen consoles only have HDMI outputs.

theWB271609d ago

IKR...two purchases to look forward to.

Basically means they're done with the game and it can be manufactured. They may still work to fix kinks for a day one patch or something...but for all intents GG is done with Killzone ; )

nosferatuzodd1609d ago

Nice and all but what does gone gold mean

dredgewalker1609d ago

It means that the master copy is ready for mass production.

ZHZ901609d ago

Can't wait to play KZ:SF, it'll be my 1st PS4 game to play ever.

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HyperBear1610d ago

Does this mean we can all start drinking now and continue to do so up until Midnight on November 15th?

If so, then count me in and let's pop another bottle :D

ZBlacktt1610d ago

Very well deserved too. It's going to be an epic single player and multiplayer game!

Kinger89381609d ago

Any idea on when we can expect to see some next gen launch game reviews? Cant be long now maybe with in the next 2 weeks? Maybe 3 actually!

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The story is too old to be commented.