Armor for your PS3 controller

We all want to protect what matters most. If you do love your controllers, then they deserve this armor to protect them from damages. It also provides an original look to your controller.

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sonarus3889d ago

I used to complain about my fingers slipping off but it appears i have either gotten used to the controller or dualshock 3 has better triggers. Its still not as good as 360 controller obviously but it is good enough for me to say no to this accessory.

DRUDOG3888d ago

The DS3 has better triggers. The sticks are also a little stiffer and the d-pad has a little more "grit" to avoid slippage. I really like the new controllers and they add just enough weight to make them feel solid in your hands, but not too heavy.

BTW, WTF is this stupid armor for? Is this suppose to protect the controller when I chuck it? Seems very unnecessary...

Jason 36O3889d ago

From the pic it looks like stainless steel?

Jamegohanssj53889d ago

Trying to make a dollar out of 15 cent I see.

The Genius has spoken.

dsolomon8183889d ago

ok look closely at the pic... the parts that would most likely get damaged if you dropped/threw controller are still unprotected. what does this protect? start select and ps buttons? didn't know they needed metal sheilding.

AshtarGoken3889d ago

The armor looks pretty sweet. Did you guys check out the integrated lightbar? On a design note, the overlap of the air vents on the back is bad. It blocks part of the most important vent of the PS3. You also cannot use the auto mode when you have your PS3 connected via HDMI, but I can just as easily walk over and turn it off myself. Other than that, it looks cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.