PlayStation Cross-Buy is the best feature introduced this generation

GearNuke: PlayStation Cross-Buy is perhaps the best new feature introduced by Sony this generation. It all started with the birth of PlayStation VITA and will carry on to PlayStation 4. With the recent announcement that Flower, Flow, Sound Shapes and Escape Plan will be Cross-Buy supported, we are essentially getting free games for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VITA.

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DigitalRaptor1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Even the PS+ games work with this. For example, I got Limbo for PS3 via PS+, and when the Vita version came out, I got that for free.

So if you have bought Sound Shapes, flOw and Flower for any one platform, you get it for the rest of them at no additional cost. You bought Escape Plan for Vita, you get the PS4 version free. They've spent time, effort and money on these ports, upgrading visuals and adding in different control support, but we're not expected to pay any extra.

Just amazing.

nosferatuzodd1681d ago

i got it for free and think Sony made a mistake lol

abzdine1681d ago

X-buy is amazing.
I don't understand why FFXHD and others aren't X-buy games cause FFXHD supports cross save and i dont see why i should buy the same game twice. Greed? i think so!

minimur121681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )


It's definitely not greed - Square are in alot of money problems right now, and if you were in huge debt, would you give away free copies of your game just because someone bought one version?

I certainly wouldn't.

It's pretty rude to call them greedy to be honest, and shows that you just expect these games to be cross buy.

You don't have to buy these games twice. No one said you did, so stop being greedy yourself and respect the developers, publishers who want to make a buck

DigitalRaptor1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

@ abzdine

Greed is nothing to do with it.

Sony are just highly consumer conscious, more than any other large gaming company except probably Valve. I see it as a good will gesture. "Buy our games, buy our services and we will treat you well."

If Square Enix were greedy, they wouldn't have spent their capital on completely re-vamping Final Fantasy XIV Online for PC and PS3 into a much improved game, when it received harsh criticism from fans. They also wouldn't be allowing you to claim the PS4 version of FFXIV for free, if you've purchased the PS3 version, if they were greedy.

PS+ and cross-buy are tremendous features from a generous company.

abzdine1680d ago

FFXHD supports trophies, cross save with vita which means it's 100% the same game. Now if one or the other had extra things in it ok it might be justified but it isn't the case. FFX first came out 11 years ago and just releasing an HD remake will allow them to make good money. I wanna play the game on vita when i'm not home and resume my game on PS3 just like many other games offer already.

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badz1491681d ago

the best of it was Sly 4! it already cost only $40 and we still get the Vita version for FREE! that AR feature should be in more games IMO! it's just awesome!

Enmson1681d ago

I hope more psn game will be cross buy. I got a lot of psn games, and I would love to play them on the PS4.

jujubee881681d ago

Flower, flOw, Sound Shapes, and Escape Plan coming to PS4

PlayStation 4 versions free to users who already own them.

WorldGamer1681d ago

This is great, definitely gives consumers more piece of mind that they won't have to re-purchase content they already own. Sick.

BX811681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Maybe he's drunk? I don't have a vita or ps3 anymore but I support x buy. Back to the drunk monk. MS has actually had normal postings on this site the past day or 2. Maybe the haters ran out of hater-aid.

The comment was for king

KingTrash1681d ago

I can't stand any more of this blatant Sony fanboy articles. It's making me sick. I'm not a fanboy on either side but it's getting to the point that I wanna support Microsoft just because I can't stand this BS anymore.

scott1821681d ago

You may actually be a Microsoft fanboy, denial can be hard to overcome. Microsoft's an awesome company, I like a lot of things they do, but it's ok for Sony to be successful and popular.

reko1681d ago

idk why hes angry LOL

zeee1681d ago

kingtrash... yup, the username says it all. but you know what? I feel a bit sad and sorry for you.

Grave1681d ago

You're what the internet calls: a troll.

dp2774071681d ago

Then go buy an Xbox Trash we really don't care.

DigitalRaptor1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

I wonder what made you come on to a positive article that does nothing but state facts about how great cross-buy is for gamers, and called it out for fanboyism, other than you being a butthurt troll.

I mean are you scared that the superb value of gaming on PlayStation is going to catch on or something, and you want to keep it on the down low? What is it?

Edit: Firstly, why don't you admit that you were wrong for calling this a "blatant Sony fanboy article". Then I might be able to take the rest of what you just said more seriously, without having to assume you are a massive fanboy yourself.

What you just convulsed out there was a mix of good points about Sony not having Killzone or DriveClub playable, and random hypothetical scenarios that are reaching at best. If you haven't noticed already there have been Xbox trolls in almost every indie or PS4 lineup article on here calling out a supposedly "weak lineup" and saying that most indie games are trash even though they haven't even played "most" indie games, and I'm sure don't even understand what an indie game actually is.

KingTrash1681d ago

I'll give you an example. Two days ago, there's a post about the PS4 demo kits available at the Sony store with Knack, Octodad, FIFA, Contrast and Pinball Arcade. Not one fanboy mentions that they're disappointed with the available playable demos...the lack of anything remotely impressive like Killzone. Sony putting out demo kits with those games is clearly a bad decision. If you're a casual gamer and have no idea what's in the pipeline and you see that on display, you're not gonna think too highly of the PS4. More importantly to my point, if Microsoft put out demo stations with equally unimpressive titles, Sony fanboys would be all over it with conspiracy theories about why they're not giving demos of Ryse or Forza. It's frustrating to see day after day on N4G. I'm excited about both consoles but putting up with the Sony fanboys day in and day out is putting a damper on the PS4 for me.

Grave1681d ago

You really need to read this shit out loud before you post it.

TheLastGuardian1681d ago

When someone says they don't support a company because of their fanboys, I want to punch them in the face. You're really going to miss out on a whole slew of games because of how some people act on the internet?

Oh and Ryse and Forza ARE equally unimpressive.

nosferatuzodd1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

talk about delusional

reko1681d ago


we all know youre not buying a ps4..

strigoi8141681d ago


yup we all know you hate Sony, you dont have to explain and elaborate the heart aches

thejigisup1681d ago

I love how you can see the future/alternate realities where sony fanboys care about what it's going on in the ms demo kiosk

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InTheLab1681d ago

You're tired of people cheering on a company thats giving away free games?

AbortMission1681d ago

Somehow positive Playstation news equates to Xbox hating Lol

Fanboy paranoia. See a shrink, KingTrash.

Hicken1681d ago

You... should probably stop.

Freedomland1681d ago


Oh, i know King of Trash

badz1491681d ago

hating on FREE stuff? awesome ones at that too? yeah, king of trash right there!

Silly gameAr1681d ago

That is a pretty dumb thing to get pissy over. There's plenty of MS news. Make it easier for you and your blood pressure, and go to those articles and start supporting MS. I promise you, nobody will give a rats a**.

serratos271681d ago

Chill out. Let people get excited we have a new generation of consoles coming out. Dont be so bitter.

AbortMission1681d ago

Aww, does the Xbox fanbaby want some Mountain dew and dewritos to calm down? Lol

NarooN1681d ago

It must suck for you, KingTrash, to have someone holding you at gunpoint, ferociously commanding you to click on articles like this. I truly pity you.

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reko1681d ago


why are you getting mad? whats wrong with the article?

Grave1681d ago

He's so ridiculous. "Free stuff is bad m'kay." I am pretty sure Microsoft would looooove to give him the chance to pay for the same game twice.

KingTrash1681d ago

Microsoft had been smart enough not to get involved in the handheld game. Their second screen experience is available to anyone with a smartphone or tablet instead of a dying handheld. Now who is making you spend more money in this scenario?

DigitalRaptor1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

So basically, you're trying to be some good-for-the-cause honest gamer, and then you just went ahead and posted diatribe like this? No wonder you feel so victimised by Sony fans, if you post crap like this and expect no-one to counter it.

There's nothing wrong with the handheld market, as demonstrated by Nintendo and there are some excellent games on an excellent handheld with PS Vita.

See... you pretend not to be a fanboy, but as evidenced, it always comes back to how Microsoft is better than Sony for whatever reason you just made up there. And as we all know Sony also has a second screen experience available for anyone with a smartphone or tablet, as well as offering the consumer a "dying" handheld.

So no, they're not making you spend more money. Options, you see. If you see the value in Vita, you will go for it. Let's not pretend that Sony are force-bundling you a Vita like Microsoft are force-bundling you Kinect.

Grave1681d ago

That's what the internet calls: pwnt.

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