Battlefield 4 Interview: Producer Daniel Matros on Call of Duty comparisons and DICE philosophies

El33tonline writes:

"What have been some of the core philosophies driving development of Battlefield 4, and how has player feedback been implemented not just from the beta, but during and after Battlefield 3, too? How has the community helped to inform decisions at DICE and why do people still compare Battlefield and Call of Duty, year after year?"

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venom061043d ago

this game truly going to be nice... Great interview.. 60FPS and 64man servers w/commander?? yep, bring on the awesomeness.. The changes from the BETA looks pretty solid as well....

In terms of CoD comparisons, i would've said, "we put out BETAs to make the game better and not try to fool people into buying glitched, bugged out garbage unlike CoD"...

so why exactly does CoD not put out BETAs??

konnerbllb1043d ago

He's a producer now? I thought he was a community manger?

WillGuitarGuy1043d ago

He's been a producer since around the Armored Kill DLC release. I don't know why he got a promotion since he was always an A-hole when he was the community manager.

konnerbllb1043d ago

I agree, I never liked the guy.

weirdo1043d ago

this will be my first time with battlefield, it looks beautiful