Tales Producer: No Plans for PS4/Xbox One, Wants To Use Them To Improve Graphics Keeping the Style

Many Japanese developers are gradually shifting their development resources to the next generation consoles, and many are wondering if Namco Bandai is going to do the same with the Tales Of series. DualShockers asked the series' producer Hideo Baba-san what his plans are for the PS4 and the Xbox One and his response was interesting in its duality.

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blackblades1809d ago

Make the graphics look like Time and Eternity. Do some awesome anime stylish graphics.

Austin481809d ago

I love the tales series

Game4life1809d ago

i love it because yuri is so badass

maniacmayhem1809d ago

Love the anime look of the Tales of series.

I only wish they would allow a Japanese voice option for their western release. nothing wrong with the English dub, but I just prefer to play my JRPG's with the original voices.

Playing Tales of Xilia now and that game is great. It's no Vesperia but it is still very good.

feraldrgn1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Hopefully this means that the PS3/360 owners will still get tales games for some time.

Not that I'd enjoy a long wait for next gen tales, it'd just be good for other people who aren't moving to next gen & Gaikai might resolve the lack of hardware BC so we could play them later.

tulholdren1809d ago

Give me more tales on PS3 or PS4 just keep them coming.

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