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Nathaniel takes his pick of 5 often overlooked PC gems.

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Axe991807d ago

A good selection of five lesser-known games :).

XB1_PS41806d ago

I thought Guns Of Icarus was pretty popular. I love that game.

SlyGuy1806d ago

Dust is a ton of fun.

I will have to give Dream and Proteus a try; they look like my kind of games.

Nerdmaster1806d ago

Unfortunately, the description of Proteus made me think that the writer of the article tried too hard to make it look good and I stopped believing the things he wrote about the other games.

I played Proteus. I read the reviews, the complaints, and the praises. I started playing it knowing that it wouldn't be a game in the traditional sense. But I found out that in this game, you walk. And you walk. And you walk. And nothing happens. And you keep walking. And than someone tries to convince you that it has "A unique and inventive story that is created almost from the lack of one". And than you find out that some people just try too hard to make games feel like art. Proteus for me is like those paintings that are two blobs of paint thrown in a canvas and people try to convince how it's wonderful.

ATi_Elite1806d ago

im gonna have to throw money at guns of icarus

now this was a good article

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WarThunder1806d ago

Guns of Icarus Online looks great!

shahab911806d ago

Nice. Pc has amazing games. They might not me high budget games but they sure are amazing. =)

Software_Lover1806d ago

PC games do not get the hype that console games get. They don't get the marketing. They don't get the endorsement deals. They don't get the front page news on magazines. They don't get talked about for the most part.

Most PC games aren't overhyped. They get the scores they deserve because reviewers aren't trying to appease a fanbase or a publisher (not every game of course). A good game is a good game and a bad game is a bad game.

It's a two way street though. Less money spent on marketing and such, means more money for devs. PC games have much much longer legs than console games, so devs make money over the long haul.