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Pokemon X and Y Street Date Broken, GAME Manager Explains Why

GodisaGeek: "Reports of the street date being broken started to circulate across the Internet around 9:30AM this morning. Many people started to tweet that they had managed to purchase copies today. As time went by it soon became clear that at least some stores were intentionally selling the game a day early.

Around midday I received a text from GAME telling me that my Pokémon pre order could be collected now. So I travelled to my local GAME store to see if I could manage to purchase a copy of the game. After handing in my preorder coupon I was sold the game with no issues and no mention of the broken street date. After the transaction was completed I questioned the stores manager (who asked remain nameless) about the broken street date." (3DS, Pokemon X and Y)

neildee250  +   441d ago
Shameful. This happens with most games and to break a street agreement is not only unfair it hurts other retailers. It's no better than downloading off newsgroups or torrent sites other than the moneys paid.
MattyG  +   441d ago
"Other than the money's paid."
So basically it's not at all like downloading off of torrent sites. While this isn't a great practice, it's not at all similar to downloading off torrents.
fattyuk  +   441d ago
"Stealing content from torrents. illegally"


"Paying for the content from a shop legally but recieving it a day early"

These 2 scenarios are the same to you neildee250??

thehobbyist  +   441d ago
Okay. No. Torrent just stops money from getting to the publisher. Breaking street releases take money from other retailers because you're selling something before the set date. With most retailers this also breaks a contract they have with the manufacturer of the product and has resulted in businesses being sued and having to close down in the past.
Torrents = No money
Breaking street releases = Basically stealing from other retailers
feraldrgn  +   441d ago
Stores breaking street dates is getting boring now.

We should be patient.
TekoIie  +   441d ago
Understandable unfortunatly. As soon as everyone starts rushing to the supermarket for an early copy its taking away potential cutsomers for other retailers.

It's a shame really for Ninty. They were really hyping up this universal release date :/
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