Xbox One: Kinect will be different this time, says Rare

The veteran UK developer predicts that motion controls will be more subtle and less fitness-focused in the next generation

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Wizziokid1890d ago

To me Kinect will always be either a] Shovelware titles and fitness games or B] Additional features in a game e.g.

+Head Tracking

+Face scanning for maybe making your own character in multiplayer

+Voice Commands

But at the same time the ps eye can do head tracking, voice commands and who knows what else. the fact that everyone will have Kinect 2 might show us some interesting usages which we just haven't thought of but at the end of the day. I'll take a controller over waving my hands around any day.

Goku7811890d ago

It's way different. It's not an option, developed to track everything in the room, heart rate lips in the dark and developed with advertisers in mind. What more could a gamer ask for, except another Halo.

MiHX21890d ago

Kinect 1.0 was amazing to me.Bring up 2.0!

MightyNoX1889d ago

When was the last time you were relevant, Rare?