Could this Be the First PlayStation 4 Trophy List?

"While trophy/achievement lists get leaked all the time, it seems Exophase has listed the first ever PlayStation 4 trophy list."

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admiralvic1777d ago

I wonder if this game is similar to Welcome Park, since it doesn't exactly sound like a retail or PSN title and could be an introduction to the move capabilities of the DS4.

Angerfist1777d ago

The RAAAGE :D Having 4 player trophies is so annoying, this game wont go any sales from trophy whores :D

admiralvic1777d ago

I disagree. Simply reading the list suggests that the game is an extremely fast and easy 100% or at least 50%. You figure, if it's possible to boost with 4 people and the average match is 10 minutes, then you can have all the multiplayer done in up to 40 minutes. Impossible to say how single player will work out, but the online stuff looks like a joke.

gaelic_laoch1777d ago

Getting a PS4 is the greatest Gaming Trophy there is!

RiPPn1777d ago

One thing that Sony needs to innovate on is the trophy system. Microsoft seems to be doing it with their new dynamic achievements and steam adding in playing cards makes the trophy system seem a little archaic. Hopefully it gets some neat upgrades as this gen goes on.

Campy da Camper1777d ago

Nope! Lol leave my perfect little trophy set up alone dangit! I love the plink, I love the shine and I don't need to get one when I sign up for Netflix.

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