Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII A Huge Departure From Its Predecessors (TGS Hands-On | PSLS)

"Final Fantasy XIII was a different sort of Final Fantasy; and then Final Fantasy XIII-2 was, in many ways, quite different from Final Fantasy XIII; Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (or as my wife and I were calling it at dinner, Final Fantasy XIII-3) takes even more steps away from the polarizing game that was FFXIII. In fact, now that I’ve played all three, it’s a bit weird to think of them as being part of the same series." -PSLS

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dbjj120881662d ago

Gameplay wise it sounds cool, but I haven't been following the story at all so I'll be totally lost if I try to play.

cleft51662d ago

I am sure they will do a recap of some kind and I am looking forward to trying this game out. I hope it turns out well.

1662d ago
chikane1662d ago

i know i'm gonna get flame for this. But i really hate this bitch wearing Yuna's X Costume.

cleft51662d ago

It's really not necessary to use a derogative term to describe the character in Yuna's outfit. It's one thing to not like something, it's another thing entirely to use offensive terms like that to describe your displeasure. I am sure you are better than that.

Godmars2901662d ago

You have to admit that at the very least, the term used was more descriptive of Lightning Than has been portrayed or established. That doing things like this, exploiting franchise lore, essentially deludes any establishment of her as her own character. Reduces her to a dress doll.

KonsoruMasuta1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

I know, right?! I want to see her in Yuna's X-2 costume. I bet she can do those shorts some justice!

All jokes aside, what's with the hostility? You act like she drowned your pet fish or something.

But no, really! X-2 Yuna costume. Square needs to make it happen.

mr-phillips1662d ago

How do you drown a pet fish? The people need to know.

Lon3wolf1662d ago


Tape its gills down.

pompombrum1662d ago

No need for the bitch comment tbh but completely agree.. I think it's pretty sad when they need to play off of Yuna to try and sell this game.

Magicite1662d ago

thats hardly a selling point..

knifefight1662d ago

I'm really torn because I felt snakebitten by the first one and am not high on the FFXIII universe. The gameplay ideas here sound cool though =/

Kalebninja1662d ago

i'm actually not caring what ppl say about this series i know the first 13 was a bit boring but i stood with 13 and went on to the second game and it payed off the story was good it had great twists in it and now the 3rd one looks amazing they up'd the graphics, the battle system looks better, the customization is a great addition with costumes of memorable characters, the time limit makes the game more challenging, and the story looks interesting plus their wrapping up each characters own story which is very pleasing to know STOP THE HATE or just stop playing final fantasy and be lonely

Juste_Belmont1662d ago

I went into this article expecting to learn more about Lightning Returns, but now I just want a new SaGa game.

knifefight1662d ago

In that, you are not alone.