Albert Penello on Xbox One: Game Shut Off Time, Kinect Functioning Space, Clarifying Multi-App Use

GB: "We're less than two months away from the launch of the next generation of gaming consoles with the PlayStation 4 releasing on November 15th in North America and November 29th in Europe, while the Xbox One launches on November 22nd across 13 territories."

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Septic1519d ago

Ah very useful info there. I still can't get round the fact that we'll be switching through apps/games on our consoles like apps on our phones. That will be a such a godsend.

Also, I hope the voice command isn't subject to griefing from mates etc. So when a mate comes in to troll and shouts "Xbox OFF!" just when you're about to win a game...that would be incredibly annoying.

Btw, Have we got in=depth info regarding the PS4's interface and how the app switching works?

dmeador1519d ago

I agree. Also as far as someone yelling at your xbox to turn off, can't remember where, but read info that there will be a confirmation for that, and also it knows who is holding a controller/who is talking.

BX811519d ago

@I am Batman . Sure, I didn't see the need at first either. There really isn't it's more of a want. for the most part people want phones with better apps and consoles are doing that as well. It may not personally be for you (not me either) as much but others will use it. I can see gamers who eat pizza switching between via voice command.

Zichu1519d ago

I do like the ability to switch between apps and such without having to turn one you are using currently off.

If I am playing a game and I want to eat my dinner or something, I like to switch to a film or something. I would have to save, turn the game off and load up an app. Now, I pause the game, switch to a new app and watch.

I_am_Batman1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Are people really going to use the XBox One to watch TV though as I don't see any advantages from doing so. If I am playing a game and I want to eat my dinner all I have to do is pause the game and turn on the Reciever. I can't see the Xbox doing this better or quicker than pushing two buttons.

I certainly won't be switching between game and movie or something like that cause I either play a game or I'm watching a movie.

The only thing I can imagine doing is switching to a Internet browser to look up where the collectables are or how to get past a hard point in the game.

hazardman1519d ago

@ I am batman

I think if you can make use of the hdmi pass thru and its not a hassle for you then why not. I'm definitely gonna use the feature. I will utilize one input and watch my TV thru my Xbox. Everything will already be right there for me at my disposal, games, apps, etc.

n4rc1519d ago

I'm going to watch all my TV thru it...

Its hdmi-in... So its essentially a pass through to your TV... My Cable box will work just as it does now.. Dvr etc..

Only I'll be able to switch apps, use Skype etc all at the same time, on the same input...

As features come to canada, great.. But its awesome right from the start for me

svoulis1519d ago

Today Microsoft did an AMA thats where all this Xbox Information is coming from. Thats a good thing but I would only assume, since the PS Vita does the same exact thing that the PS4 would be very similar in cases of "multi-tasking"

I mean why even ask a question like that. Why couldn't you have just let it be and not even bring up the PS4?

I just don't understand you with these articles. You come in with your Microsoft sword and shield in all PS4 articles but defend Xbox One articles when fanboys from the other side come in.

I just don't get it ha.

Septic1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

"I just don't understand you with these articles. You come in with your Microsoft sword and shield in all PS4 articles but defend Xbox One articles when fanboys from the other side come in. "

Woah woah, calm down man. Hand on my heart, I'm not like other users here, I genuinely am interested in the way the PS4 app switching works. It's not a secret dig at Sony in any way.

"You come in with your Microsoft sword and shield in all PS4 articles"

What? When do I do that? MS sword and shield? What are you on about. Just because I don't come on here and jump on the hate bandwagon like many on here, spewing complete utter nonsense doesn't mean I'm a fanboy or have an agenda. You may find this hard to believe but other people can discuss the matter in a mature manner and don't have to resort to attacks etc.

I mean, this is detailed info- 3-4 second buffer for a voice command to shut off the console, 4 apps open at once, the fifth one being closed automatically etc. I just want to know the intricacies of the Sony setup. The VITA app switching is incredible btw, but the PS4 is doing considerably more than the handheld.

So relax svoulis and stop being so super-defensive. It was a genuine question.

4Sh0w1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Septic you have nothing to prove to him or apologize for, Im sick of sonyfanboys acting like they own the place. Its a fair question not a dig at sony micro has been sharing a ton of info very upfront about everything to do with X1 and despite the criticisms for things not being perfect or ready at launch they continue to be transparent. So why can't you ask how will the same functionality work on ps4? Whats ironic his logic is dont bring up sony just ASSUME it works like ps vita, wow so n4g demands details from micro but sony offers none so we should just assume. The hypocrisy runs deep on n4g.

Gamingcapacity1519d ago

Thinking about it Sony haven't showed apps running or suspended but I'm pretty sure it will work the same as the Vita which I agree with septic is awesome.

Not even sure if Sony have talked about it like Albert has. Expect a @Yosp tweet incoming very soon.

nukeitall1519d ago

Sony hasn't almost shown anything really.

Frankly I barely even seen the PS4 dashboard, let alone know if anything works. All Sony has shown so far is, this will work at launch....

I would like to know more. I do have a PS4 pre-ordered and debating keeping it or not.

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tigertom531519d ago

maybe these features like xbox off can be disable during certain Times like when playing games or watching a video under settings. at least you have time to cancel or say "no". maybe latter it will only work for player one to use voice commands so it does't interfere with other people in the room.

IRetrouk1519d ago

Did you not see the video from gamescom?

Septic1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

@Retro- I did, but I also saw the MS demo during their first reveal, and to be honest, I take both with a pinch of salt.

Btw, before anyone else says so, I'm not trying to start anything by referencing the PS4 here. I'm just curious that's all.

Deadpoolio1519d ago

Just looking at Microsoft's track record anything that comes out of their mouth should be taken with a grain of salt. they overhype or lie about everything like; 360 55% failure rate claimed they didn't know they were releasing a defective console, turns out a year later they admit yes they knew.

They knew people's accounts were being brute forced because they allowed unlimited tries at a password attempt.....

They overhyped the hell out of Kinect and it didn't have even a quarter of the features they spent a year talking about...And in the end it didn't work worth a crap....

those are just examples off the top of my head When I know that they aren't going to have a RROD 2.0 and that the DRM is NOT coming back I fully intend to buy an Xbox, but I just have this feeling that the DRM is going to be back 6 months down the road

IRetrouk1519d ago

Sorry man, wasnt accusing you of anything just didint know if you had seen it or not, yeah i can see why you would be cautious but i think both are gonna perform like they have been shown, give or take a couple of secs :-)

MineHaxx1519d ago

Marc Whitten says that there is a confirmation dialog in case that he manages to manipulate you.So just Cancel the shut down and slap that troll!

stuna11519d ago

I read in an article where they specifically that that's why they were implementing voice and facial recognition to avoid such mishaps.

BallsEye1519d ago

It was confirmed especially in destructonoid article that kinect recognize different voices so when your friend say "play battlefield" it will play it as his profile. Same goes for other commands, it was answered in recent interview.

3-4-51519d ago

I have that option on Windows 8 on my PC. I rarely use it though and just run it like a normal desktop.

I'm not into all the apps n stuff.

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tigertom531519d ago

It all sounds really good to me. I know with the kinect on xbox 360 when you tell it to turn off under settings it ask you to say "Yes" or "No" if not answered in 10 seconds automatically cancels your voice request, i wounder if it more like that...

Volkama1519d ago

That's fine, but if I wanted to be a nob and turn off somebody else's game I'm sure I could follow "XBox Off" with "yes" :)

tigertom531519d ago

just as easy as going over and hitting the off button on the console i guess too.... I guess you going to have to turn that feature off if you have friends like that...

buynit1519d ago

And what's to stop nobs like you from walking over and turning it off

Volkama1519d ago

Indeed. I expect the facial recognition and the "who has the pad" will be enough to stop it, but just not playing near trolls is probably the safest solution...

black0o1519d ago

to much talk and no demos -_-

Deadpoolio1519d ago

They have NO intentions of making the same mistakes they made with Kinect 1....They had to know that it wasn't going to work like they said. So this time they are just going to avoid that by not having demos....

I could be wrong BUT I suspect there are going to be a lot of butt hurt xbots that are going to find out this facial recognition and voice recognition aren't going to work as well as they think....Hell maybe Microsoft will prove me wrong and it will actually function as advertised, but until I see it personally I doubt it...

buynit1519d ago

Will you be just as butt hurt if ms does prove you Wrong?

CrimsonStar1519d ago

I've seen more xbox1 demos , then ps4 demos ....

Dlacy13g1519d ago

"Does this clear things up a bit more regarding the Xbox One or are you rushing to cancel your pre-order?" ... bias here Stay Classy GamingBolt/Rashid.