Ordnance Survey recreate Great Britain in Minecraft

The Ordnance Survery, who map Great Britain from top to bottom, have gone and recreated Great Britain in Minecraft, roughly 86,000 square miles of it! The size of Great Britain is roughly 229,848 square km, and have managed to accurately recreate 224,000 square km (86,000 sq miles).

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GentlemenRUs1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

I used to use maps(Paper one you fold up) from these people! I LOVE EM!

Gotta love the UK :D

Also... Its old...

EDIT: Shame its not a recreated map of the UK where all the buildings were remade... Maybe someone should start up a project for that.

JumpToGamer1704d ago

From what I understand you are able to reuse it and create your own version, so someone could very well add buildings in etc which is awesome from the OS to do that

Pintheshadows1704d ago

If I speak to my dad about computers and refer to an operating system as an 'OS' he tells me computing can't have that due to Ordnance Survey maps. He has a ton of them and still uses them, as although other things have come along, the detail in an OS map is unsurpassed.

GentlemenRUs1704d ago

"the detail in an OS map is unsurpassed."

Agreed :)

TheSaint1703d ago

The Ordinance Survey building is literally a stones throw away from my front door!