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GTA V PC will Have DX 11 Support, 64 Bit Memory, 2k Textures and More - More Code Surfaces

More Code has Surfaced and Evaluation reveals the following: GTA V PC will have DX 11, 64 Bit Support, 2k Textures, Bloom Effects and More. (Grand Theft Auto V, PC)

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cococabana  +   793d ago
Sheesh..... Imagine if Rockstar is just running a massive Troll Campaign. :|
xharrypotterx  +   793d ago
Hahaha that would be epic xD
P0werVR  +   793d ago
*Weeping in tears of joy*


*Sniffs around and realizes it's a pile of crap*
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Anthotis  +   793d ago

Can't wait to see what awesome things the modders will do.
mikeslemonade   793d ago | Trolling | show
Hydrolex  +   793d ago | Well said
^ I had to bubble you down for that useless comment, sorry pal

very dumb to say that when you havn't even PLAYED Infamous... I'm a PS fan but you are a PS fan destroyer, meaning you make us look bad
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mikeslemonade  +   793d ago
I said "going". Work on your comprehension. Just common sense that a PS4 game will be better than a beefed-up current gen game.

And just trying to enlighten you PC gamers that by the time GTA5 comes out the console gamer will be playing better games.
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Are_The_MaDNess  +   793d ago
There is no gens on PC.
And i know that my PC has twice the preformance of the PS4.
And do you know how much trickery there is in a console game nowadays? Aton.
GTA5 on PC will be great.
If its a 64bit games then we can push the texture res to 4k or even 8k.
While infamous will prob be running on 1 or 2k textures.

We can already see on the PS4 thats its dated in terms of AA, AF and SSAO and even realt time physx calculations.
Yes infamous will look good, im looking forward to it myself and it will play great.
But dont spew out crap you dont know about.
GTA5 on the PC will be the next big thing in a good while in terms of fidelity.

What makes you say that Rockstar dont have next gen assests on their hands already?
Most devs make huge textures in 4-8k res but they downscale it for preformance of the platform.
Will be nice to see what they have in store for us with a rig that can handle it.
FlyingFoxy  +   793d ago
^ hilarious how badly some console gamers try to convince PC gamers that consoles are way better, i usually play fps games and i just hate playing those on a console ever since i got into PC gaming.

We have our own exclusives too you know, i had a PS3 and sold it because it was collecting dust, i still have a 360 and that is also collecting dust. I just prefer PC. Much more versatile than a console.

As for the games, the better multiplat games often get released on PC and for cheaper anyway. The few exlusives consoles get i don't really care for.. Halo is way overrated, played 1 and 3 and didn't think much of them.

As far as i'm concerned Valve make the very best fps games, SOF2 multiplayer in 2002 was better and way more fun than Halo 1 on Xbox, too bad Raven software haven't made a true sequel to it because it would kick ass.

GTA V will look better on PC because of the in game detail settings, does not matter much about the resolution because 1080p is the best for speed & quality.
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mikeslemonade  +   793d ago
GTA San Andreas for PC better than Infamous on PS3? I don't think so. Rockstar would have to make almost entirely new game. It's the software that makes the PC. Just because you have all that stuff in the hardware doesn't mean you have all the potential in the software.

You would have the argument if Rockstar made GTAV for the next-gen so they downscale it for PS3 and 360. Then the PC version would be so amazing that it would be one of the best games for several years. However that's not the case and the game will be obsolete soon when it comes out.
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Are_The_MaDNess  +   793d ago
Agree with you dude.
Games like CSGO, Dota 2 is more than enough for most gamers to enjoy for years. Its hard to find games that have that kind of support from the devs with constant updates and newly added features and for free aswell.

And dont come and say csgo is on consoles aswell, it is. But its hardly the same game. Is more of a freakish twin that tries to mimic his brother.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   793d ago
Where do you get all your BS from? Really now.
I really shoulndt feed a troll like you anymore.
Going back to playing my games in 200fps with no jaggies here thanks.

Only way for you to understand is to see it for yourself with the glasses you sorely need.

Go over to a friend that have a real gaming PC GTX 580 or higher, and play BF3 on it, then look at the same game on your PS3.
Maybe then you will see the diffrence. But i highly dubth a "man" like will understand the diffrence in anycase.
mikeslemonade  +   792d ago
Playing GTA5. Why play a game like BF3 when I'm not impressed with BF4 on PS4 or PC for that matter.
AKS  +   792d ago

You are making some ill-informed comments. The games with the best graphics on the market tend to be PC versions of MULTIPLATFORM games. Crysis 3. Metro: Last Light. Far Cry 3. It's nonsense that a game has to be built from the ground-up on PC to look spectacular.

Multiplatform game engines are not PS3 or 360 game engines, and they are updated and improved substantially over time.


AndrewLB  +   792d ago | Well said
Mikeslemonade- Can you please explain how these "next gen" consoles will be running better graphics than PC by the time GTA V is released? Especially since my "last gen" GTX 680 has 3x the texture fill-rate of the PS4, 20% more memory bandwidth that isn't shared, and has over 2x more flops.
No matter how anyone sugar coats things, the fact remains that Sony and Microsoft are selling you budget laptop parts in a nice looking case, with large profit margins... laughing all the way to the bank. They are a lot like Apple in the sense of all these companies have a cult like following who are so blinded by their own fanboyism that all they have to do is make new consoles noticeably faster and the moment an objective person tries to point this out... the drones spring into action to defend the company they worship, reminiscent of how a crazed Jihadi defends even the slightest mention of a derogatory comment about the prophet. lol.
mewhy32  +   792d ago
I think I'll wait for the PC version since it's going to be epic.
MidnytRain  +   792d ago

What display are you using that allows you to see 200 frames?
duhast1911  +   792d ago

Any display would do if you have a good graphics card. I play CSGO at 250+ FPS with my gtx 670 at 1080p on dell ST2420L
MidnytRain  +   792d ago
Retailers are saying that display is only 60hz. Why would it matter if you're getting over 200fps?
DamntaionEternal  +   793d ago
OMG. That would be GG. O.O
vishmarx  +   793d ago
except r* never said a word about a pc version.this should be a rumour .too many pc fanboys dont care.(EA tag...why?)
NarooN  +   793d ago
Rockstar hasn't mentioned it, yet anyone with sense knows it's coming. Every main GTA game has come to PC's, and nVidia themselves said GTA V is coming later.

As for "PC fanboys" not caring, not sure who you're referring to, but this game will make Rockstar possibly another billion dollars once it releases on Steam. Don't underestimate PC *gamers*.
wtopez  +   793d ago
I bet you'll still be arguing against the PC version even after it's released. Are you by any chance the author of the "Keep GTA V off PC" petition? You seem to be on that troll level.
mattdillahunty  +   793d ago
talk about a misleading title. the title states that the game "will" have these things, yet the article says,

"Also note the x64 reference, which means that the game will have support for 64 Bit memory. ie more then 4 GB of RAM, ie very high texture packs inbound, whether Vanilla or Mods we cant say. So you can easily expect 2k + texture packs in the future."

expecting 2k textures based on conjecture is not the same as it being a fact that they're coming. especially since, again, the title makes it seem like we know for a fact they're coming.

also, please learn the different between 'then' and 'than' or just stop writing articles for sites.
jmc8888  +   793d ago
Again what do people think all the advertising is being based off of?

It sure isn't the PS3 or 360 version.

Do people think that there is a machine out there that runs the PS3 or 360 version at the level they see in all the videos and it isn't a PC?
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AndrewLB  +   792d ago
mattdill- Just because a game is x64 doesn't mean it's going to be using more than 4gb memory. Plus I think you're confusing system memory with graphics memory. There is no way on earth GTA IV even with 4k textures will approach 4gb in graphics memory. I'm running 4k textures as well as 8gb worth of mods (about 50) to see how good I can make Skyrim look and have only hit the 2gb graphics memory use mark a few times.
kevnb  +   793d ago
already bought on ps3, i guess im a sucker and ill buy it twice.
mkis007  +   793d ago
dude I am going to buy it 3 times! ps4 if it happens and pc.
ATi_Elite  +   793d ago
Nice but too bad 4K monitors/Tv's still cost an Arm and a Kidney.

I expect Icenhancer mod to take GTAV PC to the Next Level and my 1600p monitor and HD7970ghz CFX set-up is more than READY!
AndrewLB  +   792d ago
PS4 would have no problem running that setup. lol.
Beastforlifenoob  +   792d ago
you dont need 4k you need 2k!

An apple thunderbolt 27" screen is full 2k so buy that (still expensive but 2k IS AMAZING)

Also I think GTA V late to pc is a good omen because they are going to release a far superiour version, i think they wanted to spend more time on this amazing game to make the pc version crazy good.
ThatEnglishDude  +   793d ago
Come on Rockstar, just announce the fucking thing.
xharrypotterx  +   793d ago
IKR -......-
aquamala  +   793d ago
they are making people like me to buy the game twice, and it's working!
3-4-5  +   793d ago
Exactly. If they announce it now, people may hold off for the PC version.

Most can't though, because we've already waited 5 years for this game so it's a "must play now" sort of thing for a lot of us.
mkis007  +   793d ago
Yes it is absolutely smart of them. I really do not see any trouble with them releasing a pc xbox1 and ps4 version of the games due to the similarity in programming. I really do want to know if the speed of porting is as fast as rumored on ps4. Imagine them porting it in 3 weeks.
Volkama  +   792d ago
Funny how "must play now" is so true. If you played games a year behind the times the hobby would probably cost half the price, and the experiences wouldn't diminish in the slightest.

But we just... can't.... wait!
CaptainFaisal  +   793d ago
IKR ! They made more than a billion $ isn't that enough ?
cococabana  +   793d ago
Well the thing is, if they can milk it more. Why wouldnt they ? :P On one hand we have Valve where we beg them to milk their franchises (HL3, Portal3) and the other hand we have R*....
HammadTheBeast  +   793d ago
775 mil actually. Profit that is.
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AndrewLB  +   792d ago
it cost $300 million to make the game. Then you have to pay investers for risking their own money on the venture, which takes a large chunk considering such investments should make a return of about 8-12% per year. And finally there is always bonuses all throughout the company, and for government to then take 39% of the profit to pay for the welfare state, and lastly another 40% of the income of each employee at Rockstar.

My point is... the only greedy and immoral thing going on here is the government's screw*ng over of hardworking people... all so they can buy the votes of those non-working leeches who they redistribute those tax dollars to.

At least in europe they're not spending all the money, then borrowing an extra trillion a year as to not upset everyone living off the taxpayer.
codelyoko  +   792d ago
The teasing is as essential to game marketing then the actual release :P
DeadlyFire  +   792d ago
They are waiting for a reason.

I have seen words of some errors, crashes, and such for current gen consoles for GTAV which leads me to the fact that their game engine has everything all of the new game engines have that are "next gen ready" Which stresses current gen alot. It seems pretty interesting to me. Hey maybe its just me. All the things the PC edition has likely will be possible on next gen versions as well considering PS4/1BX run DX11, with 64-bit hardware. WiiU can utilize PC textures in a couple of its games I suspect PS4/1BX can as well to a greater extent. :)
esemce  +   792d ago
They have (want) to sell more copies of the console versions first and maybe DLC.

They know people will buy the console version and the PC version too.

It is 100% coming to PC and probably nextgen we just have to wait.
SmokingMonkey  +   793d ago
Why would anyone believe that R* wouldn't release gtav on as many consoles/machines as possible?
Bolts  +   793d ago
You know how fanboys love their "exclusives", even when its on last gen platforms.
MasterCornholio  +   793d ago
I'm actually waiting for it to come out on a next gen platform called the PS4

Nexus 7 2013
overlorduk  +   793d ago
After they didn't release RDR on PC I could have believed it. RDR would have sold extremely well on PC too. But with all the evidence it's pretty obvious that GTAV is coming to PC.
vishmarx  +   793d ago
gta 4 sold horribly on the pc compared to consoles/how do you come to your conclusion
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SlapHappyJesus  +   793d ago
GTA IV is at the top of the Steam charts with every sale. I am sure the PC versions of all the GTA games did extremely well when they first hit and then continue to sell through sales.
Just because they may have low sales in terms of retail release, that doesn't mean they don't do well otherwise.
I can only assume they've shifted a lot of copies.
Besides, if GTA IV really did do poorly, I would simply point to the fact that you could never be sure whether or not, no matter the power, your PC will even run it properly.
Gorilla_Killa_X  +   793d ago
I saw somewhere, although it has been awhile, that GTA IV sold over 20 million on consoles and under 3 million on PC. If I can find source I will come back and provide it.
WeAreLegion  +   793d ago
The code for RDR was a mess. That's why they didn't port it to PC. It was built for consoles. Rockstar San Diego is incredible, but they didn't have a PC version in mind when they made it. Lol.
Bolts  +   793d ago
PC games do not move like consoles. Sleeping Dogs completely bombed on the console then proceeded to sell 2 millions to date with help of the PC is an example. Because unlike the consoles there is no stigma of being lastgen, PC games like GTA 4 always scale up very well.
SnakePlissken  +   793d ago
Whats wrong with you? RDR wouldve sold terribly on the PC. Incase you havent noticed were now in 2013, this is not the 90s anymore im afraid. PC gaming is becoming extinct!

That is why you never see games coming out for the PC anymore. Why would you wanna even mess with playing a game on a PC? MMOs is about it. How is it fun having your game crash on you all the time? Sell your rig man and play games on a console for Christs sakes!!!
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Rhaigun  +   793d ago
You are terribly misinformed. Just about every third party game this year is on PC. Bioshock Infinite, Crisis 3, CoD, Battlefield 3, Batman, Tomb Raider... It's all there.
gtarhro7  +   793d ago
@SnakePlissken Seriously? How about no?
YOu may of had a shitty rig, but mine never crashes. And really what's the difference between crashing and console games freezing? You still have to restart the system.
I used to play on tmy PS3/360 all the time, but when I decided to bite the bullet and build my own rig, I have never gone back, until GTA V came out, but seriously, after playing GTA IV on max settings and then playing GTA V on my PS3, it was a real bummer. A downgrade, don't get me wrong the game is badass, but as soon as it comes to PC i will sell my PS3 version for a PC one.
iamgoatman  +   793d ago


SaturdayNightBeaver  +   793d ago
Because they were making the game for god knows how long only for people to play at 720p lowest possible settings and lag. lol
jay2  +   793d ago
Good stuff, can't wait. I'm on 16GB DDR3 RAM and have the ATI 7970 3GB graphics card so bring it on.
Nekroo91  +   793d ago
if its like gta 4 when it was launched you will be able to run it at medium settings...

but since max payne port was great will see..
mushroomwig  +   793d ago
I hate to break it to you but you don't need half of that RAM you're currently using.
iamgoatman  +   793d ago
How would you know how much he needs? Maybe he does a lot encoding or modelling work. Don't just make baseless assumptions just to make it look like you know what you're talking about.
hellvaguy  +   793d ago
So your assuming he does "modeling work" when this is primarily a video game forum. Id say if anything, your assumtion is most likely wrong.
webeblazing  +   792d ago
didn't you know ram is everything this gen. It can do so many amazing things we just started making stuff up.

we can dream cant we
xharrypotterx  +   792d ago
I am sorry but you simply cant make that assumption without knowing what he does.
esemce  +   792d ago
Oh yeah cos a PC is Just for games so it only needs 6gb lol. Ever heard of Autocad, photoshop, Cubase, Maya, Ramdisk?
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demonddel  +   793d ago
Wait what DDR3 isn't that supposed to be slow or underpower or its only when Microsoft uses it
Pandamobile  +   793d ago
Little do people realize that GDDR5 is just a different version of DDR3.
demonddel  +   793d ago
@pandamobile I don't know I'm not a tech guy but I know Microsoft is getting hammered for using it
FragMnTagM  +   793d ago | Intelligent
He has 16gb of DDR3, and 3gb of GDDR5 on his graphics card.

PC's use both.

Here is the difference:

The principle differences are:
•DDR3 runs at a higher voltage that GDDR5 (typically 1.25-1.65V versus ~1V)
•DDR3 uses a 64-bit memory controller per channel ( so, 128-bit bus for dual channel, 256-bit for quad channel), whereas GDDR5 is paired with controllers of a nominal 32-bit (16 bit each for input and output), but whereas the CPU's memory contoller is 64-bit per channel, a GPU can utilise any number of 32-bit I/O's (at the cost of die size) depending upon application ( 2 for 64-bit bus, 4 for 128-bit, 6 for 192-bit, 8 for 256-bit, 12 for 384-bit etc...). The GDDR5 setup also allows for doubling or asymetric memory configurations. Normally (using this generation of cards as example) GDDR5 memory uses 2Gbit memory chips for each 32-bit I/O (I.e for a 256-bit bus/2GB card: 8 x 32-bit I/O each connected by a circuit to a 2Gbit IC = 8 x 2Gbit = 16Gbit = 2GB), but GDDR5 can also operate in what is known as clamshell mode, where the 32-bit I/O instead of being connected to one IC is split between two (one on each side of the PCB) allowing for a doubling up of memory capacity. Mixing the arrangement of 32-bit memory controllers, memory IC density, and memory circuit splitting allows of asymetric configurations ( 192-bit, 2GB VRAM for example)
•Physically, a GDDR5 controller/IC doubles the I/O of DDR3 - With DDR, I/O handles an input (written to memory), or output (read from memory) but not both on the same cycle. GDDR handles input and output on the same cycle.

The memory is also fundamentally set up specifically for the application it uses:
System memory (DDR3) benefits from low latency (tight timings) at the expense of bandwidth, GDDR5's case is the opposite. Timings for GDDR5 would seems unbelieveably slow in relation to DDR3, but the speed of VRAM is blazing fast in comparison with desktop RAM- this has resulted from the relative workloads that a CPU and GPU undertake. Latency isn't much of an issue with GPU's since their parallel nature allows them to move to other calculation when latency cycles cause a stall in the current workload/thread. The performance of a graphics card for instance is greatly affected (as a percentage) by altering the internal bandwidth, yet altering the external bandwidth (the PCI-Express bus, say lowering from x16 to x8 or x4 lanes) has a minimal effect. This is because there is a great deal of I/O (textures for examples) that get swapped in and out of VRAM continuously- the nature of a GPU is many parallel computations, whereas a CPU computes in a basically linear way.


On topic: Cannot wait for GTA 5 on PC! Having a blast with the 360 version at the moment. The modders are gonna do some pretty amazing things with the PC version.
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KwietStorm  +   793d ago
Damn man see this is what PR talk and rabid fanboys do.
jay2  +   792d ago
Yes I do encoding. Anation. Photo editing. Textures music editor and so on.
llMurcielagoll  +   793d ago
Without reading the headline, I am pretty sure that GTA V PC will look spectacular with the DX11 support and nVidia physX etc. More particle rendering, tessolation, sharper graphics and not to mention mods will be awesome for it!
Aggesan  +   793d ago
Would be very strange if they ripped out all their havoc code for inferior physx support.
TurboGamer  +   793d ago
Physx pretty much wipes the floor with havoc, especially with Physx 3.
Bolts  +   793d ago
Havoc is shit. Please stop using it. But then again if you have AMD you're pretty much stuck with that.
NarooN  +   793d ago

Physx 3 can run off the CPU. Only GPU-accelerated Physx is exclusive to Nvidia due to the CUDA cores.

Physx is rarely impressive anyway, but we'll see how its implemented (if at all).
llMurcielagoll  +   792d ago
@Above, not only nVidia PhysX but also the support of AMD tressFX. I noticed games these days are pulling away from nVidia and featuring AMD. Such as Crysis 3, it featured AMD whereas Crysis 1 and 2 they always did that "always meant to be played nVidia" thing.

Either way I cannot wait for GTA PC I may consider rebuying if it comes out.
fredrikpedersen  +   792d ago
@Naroon. PlanetSide 2 says hi. the most impressive PhysX effects I have seen by far. :)
jmc8888  +   793d ago
Yes, just look at the advertising.

It's been right in front of us the whole time.
esemce  +   792d ago
Yeah I just hope that it is better optimised than GTA4 on PC.
SlapHappyJesus  +   793d ago
This is what I like to hear.
Would make the wait very much worth it. Extra development time put to use, and all that.
tigertron  +   793d ago
When they announce the PC version, I hope they announce a PS4 version too.
BattleTorn  +   793d ago
Like, sure I'll buy the PC version.

But I hope they don't announce PC, then wait and announce next-gen.

R*, don't make me tripple dip - ok?
starchild  +   793d ago
Honestly, though, why would you buy a next gen console version if you already have the PC version?
joint8877  +   793d ago
Oh man if this comes to PC with all the DX11 goodies and ultra textures and stuff then i will play it for years man damn.
HeyImBen11  +   793d ago
You play a game for years because it has ultra textures and stuff? Okay.
#8.1 (Edited 793d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
Audiggity  +   793d ago
I'm pretty sure he'd play the game for years regardless, he is likely just reinforcing that if it looked even better... with mods/enhancements... he would play it for an extra year or two.

I was still playing GTA IV on PC up until V came out!
SnakePlissken  +   793d ago
So that means a 7% increase in graphics, compared to the console versions? Thats something to be hunched over your desk for!
SlapHappyJesus  +   793d ago
Are you going to be doing this in every article? Sorry that that wait we had on the PC version was simply indicative of us getting the definitive version of the game. Much like most games.
SnakePlissken  +   793d ago
Every article? Lay off the meds there buddy Dont be such a hater, just because you have to wait. GTA 5 might not even make it to PC, hasnt been confirmed. Last time i was at Frys Electronics, they had a tub full of PC games for $5. I talked to the software manager and he said we are trying to clear out all our PC inventory.

He also stated that sales were way down and nobody buys PC games anymore, everyone wants to play games on consoles! So yea, lol youre dreaming there guy. You can be mad all you want, but theres no reason to make stuff up here. You just make yourself sound like a butthurt PC fanboy! PC gaming is on the bottom of the totem pole and you just refuse to accept the fact!
#9.1.1 (Edited 793d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(25) | Report
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   793d ago
Haha child, no, nobody buys DISK based PC games, everyone purchases off steam. I own 25 PC game roughly and have TWO games I bought on disk, crysis 3 and BF3. I only did that because I got deals at best buy.
KonsoruMasuta  +   793d ago
Was that why IV was poorly optimized?
SlapHappyJesus  +   793d ago
"Every article?"

Two articles regarding a PC version of the game. Two crappy comments from you.

"GTA 5 might not even make it to PC"

It would be the first for the series and we keep getting constant information saying otherwise.

"I talked to the software manager and he said we are trying to clear out all our PC inventory."

Welcome to the world of digital. That's been the entire PC space for years.

"He also stated that sales were way down and nobody buys PC games anymore, everyone wants to play games on consoles!"

Again. Either talking about retail, or he was talking out of his ass. That or you are talking out of your ass, which I believe even more. No one denies more people play console. Not everyone can justify the initial buy-in. Casual vs hardcore. There will always be more casuals.

I am not butthurt. I am currently playing the superior version of every multi-plat game that you own. I also own consoles and get to play the games that don't come to PC. If playing better looking, better performing versions of games is bottom of the totem pole, I am happy to be there.

Your trolling skills need some work. You couldn't even make a single point that was even remotely hard to shoot down.
#9.2 (Edited 793d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
SnakePlissken  +   793d ago
World of digital? First off are you dumb enough to argue with actual sales and numbers? Is that why gamers prefer retail and is that why PS3 and 360 games are still being sold on the shelves? That reply failed. Secondly, I am currently playing superior versions of every multi-plat game you own? Lol, really?

Outta the 70 plus PS3 games i own, i highly doubt you are playing anymore than 5 of them! I didnt realize Uncharted was released on PC. Seriously, what planet are you commenting from? Comon man, you are seriously scraping the barrel here. You cannot argue with facts and YOU havent made one valid point. You will have to come to terms sooner or later, cant be in denial all the time.

It boils down to this. You want to spend $2000 on a rig to play games, that you have to keep upgrading? For 7% better textures? Having it crash on you all the time, God! Lol, dont make me laugh man. That makes 0 sense, like your weak comments!
AD705  +   793d ago

lol You don't need to spend 2000 dollars on a pc to run games and I've never had a crash in my life. Why do you console fanboys always make shit up to bash on the PC?
aliengmr  +   793d ago

People still buy PC games at retail stores? Not sure where you've been the last decade but that is old news.

Nobody buys PC games at Fry's because its far cheaper and easier to buy them online (digital or boxed). Thought that was common knowledge, guess you didn't get the memo.
Audiggity  +   793d ago

What is up with the "7%" better textures figure? Do you know what kinds of hi-res textures PC games can even achieve?
DoctorJones  +   792d ago
SnakePlissken did it, he went and did it. He wasn't happy just doing it half-assed, he went the whole way.

This video is in honour of you Snake -

#9.2.5 (Edited 792d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
kingduqc  +   793d ago
720p 20 fps vs 2560*1440 60 fos is 4 times the resolution, 3 times the dramerate. That alone would worth it for me.

Now there is some more eye candy and better texture, that's awesome. +MODS in a few months that add gameplay and better visuals and you'll never turn back and play the console version.
hennessey86  +   793d ago
2560*1440 @ 60 fps :0 I'm struggling to get a steady 60 at 1080p with a gtx 670, what's in ur rig
xKugo  +   793d ago
What's GPU, CPU, RAM set-up?
starchild  +   793d ago
No, it will look at least 25% better in terms of the core graphics, and be 3 times better in terms of visual fidelity and how well it runs.

But, hey, go back to arguing about the 2% difference between console versions of games and imagining you are on top of the totem poll.
#9.4 (Edited 793d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
RankFTW  +   793d ago
You are actually full on retarded.
#9.5 (Edited 793d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
SnakePlissken  +   793d ago
By the looks of your pic. You sure are one to talk. Get a life you loser and stop hunching over your desk like an idiotic teenager, trying to play games you suck at. Talk about retarded, lol. Noob tool!
#9.5.1 (Edited 793d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(20) | Report
Imalwaysright  +   793d ago
Lmao the irony is strong with this one.

O.T. Mods... here I come.
#9.5.2 (Edited 793d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report
SlapHappyJesus  +   793d ago
I have the best of both worlds. You have the least of the two.
Sucks to suck, Plissken. Sucks to suck.
#9.6 (Edited 793d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
cunnilumpkin  +   793d ago

could you please, PLEASE be the mascot for all console gamers, an exaggerated buffoon that parades himself around drunkenly for my amusement

because honestly, you are perfect for it, the diarrhea that spews forth from your mouth is so hilariously inaccurate that it is monstrously amusing

you know that next gen consoles will NEVER even be close to a high end gaming pc from 2011 right?

literally an i7 quad core with a gtx 580 and 8 gb ddr3 ram will curb stomp the ps4 for the rest of its existence

don't you know bf4 on ps4 is sub-1080p and runs at near the LOWEST possible settings, only stepping up to medium??

I know YOU think killzone shadowfall looks awesome and next gen, but to me, this;


looks last gen, I played games that looked better than that on pc in 2007

you are so awesomely out of touch with reality, I wish I could borrow your mushy brain and see through your rose colored eyes

to be like you must be like being one of those awesome fox news fans who don't believe in evolution

ignorance is bliss yea??
mixelon  +   792d ago
You really have no idea.

As already pointed out.. Nobody buys physical on PC and its terrible for stores anyway (cant sell it second hand) stores have no interest in pushing digital distribution platforms that would ultimately put them out of business.

I have a lot of friends with hundreds of games in their Steam libraries. Just warching my friends list, theyre constantly buying new titles. Generally everythings much smoother, and often a lot prettier. (Far cry 3 hits this home most, the current gen isnt powerful enough for the games being released) GTAV is undoubtably held back by hardware limitations and will perform *much* better on PC.

Credit where its due! Consoles are convenient and have some nice exclusives -that is all- That GTA5 runs as well as it does on ancient hardware is pretty incredible.
vox  +   792d ago
What are you talking about? My PC is hooked up to my TV through HDMI and you are aware wireless controllers exist for the PC, no? Please educate yourself

Why does it hurt you so much inside that PC games will be able to also enjoy GTA V?
Vhyper7  +   792d ago
More like the PS3/XBOX version is running at 7% of the PC's graphics
#9.10 (Edited 792d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
esemce  +   792d ago
WormPisskin, you sound like a console only owner fanboy that's jealous because they can't afford a decent gaming PC.

A true fan of GAMES would want to see a game they like running at it's best and a studio they support having as much commercial success as possible as that leads better sequels generally.

There is just too much good stuff out and coming out on all platforms to look forward to.
LAWSON72  +   793d ago
I hope this is true.
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   793d ago
Just like MAX PAYNE 3 :) , Oh i can't wait!!!
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   793d ago
lmao console kids are hilarious...that dude needs a life haha. When GTA V comes to PC, I'll sit on my couch with a CONTROLLER and play in front of either my 50" Pioneer Kuro or my 50" Panasonic 3D. Depends on if I want to use 3D or not...if it's supported.
Lourenco  +   793d ago
i wonder why red dead redemption wont come to pc till now its 2010 game
Pandamobile  +   793d ago
Rockstar San Diego didn't do a PC version.
mkis007  +   792d ago
That might yet still come to pc...It is never too late...Rockstar knows people will buy it again. I am not saying this as fact, just thatit is never too late to rerelease a game.
#13.2 (Edited 792d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
LoveSpuds  +   793d ago
No way I could wait to play this on my PC (if it gets a release), it looks and runs great on PS3 but most importantly, the gameplay is just incredible!

I have never played a better open world game and I love to be part of the zeitgeist when a big game gets a release.
iistuii  +   792d ago
It doesn't look or run great. It's 720, it only just manages to keep to 30fps here & there, it's got no aa, it's got terrible pop ups, texture load late, I could go on, but console gamers that haven't sat in front of a top end gaming rig have no idea what a great looking game is..
LoveSpuds  +   791d ago
double post
#14.1.1 (Edited 791d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
LoveSpuds  +   792d ago
As it happens squire, I do have a decent gaming rig, I just happen to not get hung up on graphics, I am more concerned with great gameplay.

The game looks and plays fantastically well, I have not enjoyed a game as much since The Last of Us.

I cannot stand PC elitists like yourself, so full of it. The fact is without consoles you would not have the vast majority of games you play on PC.

Do you really think that GTA5 would exist if it weren't for the console market? Do you think Bioshock Infinite would have been made without the console market?

You are kidding yourself if you think that companies would make AAA titles without the support of the console market, so wind your neck in and let those of us who enjoy games regardless of graphics or platform enjoy themselves.

You just sit there, not play GTA5 and hope that the rumors of GTA5 for PC are true!
iistuii  +   792d ago
Squire. You said it looks & runs great, & as you have a decent gaming rig you know that's not entirely true.
LoveSpuds  +   791d ago
Well I guess we will have to disagree then, however I suspect there is only one of us who has invested any time into GTA5 on consoles.

Obviously I am not suggesting it has the same fidelity as it would on PC, however the game is a great looking console game and runs just fine, I have not experiences any slow downs etc but most importantly the gameplay is just incredible.
AiirJordann23  +   793d ago
R* stop playing and get your money im not a pc player, but thats money and alot more work, but its worth it
xKugo  +   793d ago
Cool, I guess.
Mods will still make it 10x better so there's no need to make that giant world register with 2k textures; the excess work isn't necessary. Modders will do it for you.
Rageanitus  +   793d ago
why not just release it on launch with other consoles!
Plagasx  +   793d ago
Must...resist...buying...conso le version...

#18 (Edited 793d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
JediDiah  +   793d ago
Welcome to Next Gen...PC that is.
pandehz  +   793d ago
Too many ppl cum early.

Im patient.
Plagasx  +   793d ago
DoctorJones  +   792d ago
Pre ejaculation is a problem for many people pandehz, you're right.
NarooN  +   792d ago
" Too many ppl cum early."

BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   793d ago
And this is why im holding on on buying the cosole version.
kydrice  +   793d ago
Next thing you know we'll find the code to HL3 somewhere in there.
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   792d ago
I am hoping for a next gen port more than pc just so I can retire the current gen as GTA online will be the thing holding that back.

I have a reasonable pc i5 [email protected], 16gb ram, 7970 which out performs next gen but to be honest *most* games I prefer to play on the sofa and big screen. I did hook the pc up to the tv but its not the same, there are always things to fiddle or a dialog to get up and click. Its just not the same.
DoctorJones  +   792d ago
Yeah, really. Hmm, what an interesting story.
Animal Mutha 76  +   792d ago
Directors cut version of this game on xb1.
mkis007  +   792d ago
You need DLC first...
Animal Mutha 76  +   792d ago
I'm talking well into next year once all dlc etc is done. Based on pc version as its x86.
RVanner_  +   792d ago
Reckon Rockstar have chucked the PC codes in to drive PC gamers mad but don't intend on releasing it! Just announce it R*, your driving me mad and so are these inevitable endless articles. Just let us know the date so we can all sit back and look forward to it.
#25 (Edited 792d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
360ICE  +   792d ago
...and they're not going to making it for next-gen? I find that hard to believe. I'd probably even buy it again.
coom  +   792d ago
a console is merely a specific pc stripped out and crammed into a noisy little box that can barely cool itself,
consoles are always behind in technology, the 'new gen' everyone's so excited about already came out like 2 years ago on pc hardware/software...thats not new!

there is quite simply nothing you can do on a console you cant do 10x better and faster on a properly built pc.

BattleTorn  +   792d ago
Didn't read your comment

360ICE  +   792d ago
Consoles are becoming more and more like custom PCs. Valve is making a custom PC.

You can play split-screen on consoles.

Lots of great games come out on console and not on PC.

These are also facts, and also all I need to get them.
Bundi  +   792d ago
Is it me or do PlayStation fans seem to be more opposed to this than anyone else?
iistuii  +   792d ago
Yep, they'll argue over a 2% graphic advantage with Xbox fans! but graphics don't matter when the PC is involved.
wannabe gamer  +   792d ago
Why is this news. these are standard features of any modern PC game from a AAA dev. i think it would be news if it didnt have all these things
TheKayle1  +   792d ago
there was no doubt .multiplats games on pc also this gen
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