Roundtable: What is Your Most Anticipated Next Gen Game?

The VGU staff go over their most anticipated next generation game titles.

Majin-vegeta953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

SHADOWFALL and FFXV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alexg587953d ago

KH3, infamous, ff15, shadowfall, bf3, deep down, resogun..

kazuma999953d ago

Caugh caugh u meant bf4 right?

kazuma999953d ago

Destiny,Bf4,Killzone,Knack,Wat chdogs, and Assassins creed already paid for lol.

PowerPlayaaa953d ago

Killzone Shadowfall, Infamous SS, Deep Down..

avangerironman953d ago

infamous second son and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt :)

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