GTA 5 XML Code Points To Exclusive PC Feature; PC Was Lead Platform?

Gaming Blend "All right, so now it's time to explain this stuff for people who aren't familiar with any sort of scripting language. One of the images Lien links to comes from the common folder from the data dump of the Xbox 360 rendition of GTA V. To put it simply, the code was dumped from a program on PC while the game was running on the Xbox 360. The data present in one image of the weather xml file is most interesting, because it points to something not quite present in the current-gen console version of GTA V... a weather condition that was missing from the listed weather features of the game: a blizzard."

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wishingW3L1767d ago

do these guys even know what lead platform mean? Because if the PC version is not finished then there is no way that the console version are ports. And not to mention that R* said that development was in parallel.

Audiggity1767d ago

Not necessarily true. I expected to doubt this article heavily; but it is compelling. Definitely interesting that R* is going after them legally for posting the code.

Just because the PC version hasn't been released, does not mean it isn't already finished. R* wants the console sales, that's where the fast money is. PC will do very well digitally, but, certainly not $400 million well. They may simply not want the PC version to interfere with the best selling console game... ever.

I know I'll buy it twice when it comes out on PC.

They should launch the game w/ mod support on Steam. They would forever be seen as Gods. Plus, if it was done correctly, they could keep the game updated regularly enough to prevent awesome mods from working on pirated copies of GTAV.

wannabe gamer1767d ago

i agree casue if it esd on PC release same as consoles i would have only got the PC version. instead i bought the gta 5 ps3 bundle and will also get the pc version later.

Truthandreason1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

My guess is that PC was lead platform but they definitely want to release console versions first and get that quick 60, then go back to adding in the extra things a PC can do that a console are not capable of handling.

The big twist to this is that I would almost bet on GTA 5 being released on the new consoles as well taking advantage of the PC optimizations as much as possible. They have already made a ton of money, but I'm sure they want a ton more and timing couldn't be better for Rockstar with new consoles on the way, many people will buy the game twice, current gen system + PS4/Xone/PC

Somebody1767d ago

The PC was the lead platform (who are we kidding here?) and they left it in the cold so that they can reap a huge wad from the console sales.

Which would also worry me about the actual PC release. If they did that to boost sales for the current gen consoles then wouldn't that mean they will be doing the same for next gen. Instead of waiting for the PC version months after the current consoles, there is a big chance that the PC version will be pushed ever further to give way for the next gen version to get all the money.

DeadIIIRed1767d ago

Couldn't it be just an asset created for use whenever they add on new areas to GTA Online's world? Considering the game starts out in North Yankton, wouldn't it make sense that they add that location onto GTA Online with dynamic snow/blizzard type weather?

seanpitt231767d ago

I personally think this is not coming to pc and if it ever did your talking 6 to 12 months down the line.