First Bravely Default: For the Sequel footage

Bravely Default: For the Sequel is an upcoming enhanced version of the original Bravely Default, with over 100 questions and suggestions from fans that is currently shaping up the game. In a recent NicoNico live stream (thanks, NintendoEverything), producer Tomoya Asano and other key developers showed off the game’s additional features, along with a peek at a scene using the game’s English voiceovers.

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linkenski1833d ago

Omg. They suck at making names and it's even more laughable this time? What is it with Japanese people and their hipster-use of the english language?

Locksus1833d ago

There's an explanation for it. Look it up.

Chrono1833d ago

Don't worry, the subtitle will be "Where the Fairy Flies" in the west.

Inception1833d ago

I don't care about the title. SE can slap "suck donkey balls" as the title, but i knew this game will be great!