The Elder Scrolls Collection is a better deal than any MMO

With the eventual release of the much shrugged at The Elder Scrolls Online I have come to the realization that the previous games in the series have been able to capture a sense of scale and adventure more than any MMO I have played.

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mcroddi1593d ago

Yup. Headline says it all.

AnotherProGamer1593d ago

except for the one part that makes a MMO. other players.

blackmanone1593d ago

Exactly. Players make the game. It's also the reason why the only MMO I still play is Ultima Online. The community.

mcroddi1592d ago

Well, I was referring to the amount of gameplay you get in that package compared to an MMO... but I see your point.

Bigpappy1593d ago

I would love a remake of dragon Fell. Never played that or arena. But my eyes can't go back to picalated graphics and sliding animation

TekoIie1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

So true. Its an overrated game... Like REALLY Overrated...

... But only because its a damn good game ;)

Azmatik1593d ago

lol ur kidding right elderscrolls can NEVER compare to a MMO

swice1593d ago

Elder scrolls isn't an MMO...Elder Scrolls ONLINE is

micromidgetmonkey1593d ago

This collection is not going to be good for my productivity I fear.

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