Beyond: Two Souls 2-Player & Smartphone App Impressions and Features

At an exclusive media event in Dublin, have witnessed the first multiplayer and smartphone features in Beyond: Two Souls

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Plambey961d ago

oh shiitttt this is sweet!

yewles1961d ago

No... seriously... despite the fact that it's incredibly awesome, WHERE IS THE VITA VERSION OF THIS APP???

Ezz2013961d ago

what the ...?!

it have a multiplayer ?!

andrewsqual961d ago

Not online multiplayer, just 2 people get to help each other out while playing together if they want.

Ezz2013961d ago

oh ok thanks
for a moment i was trying to think how that would work out

HammadTheBeast961d ago

In b4 people saying MP will take away from SP.

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