IGN: Rock-on: Rock Band Wii Preview - Think of it as Rock Band: Unplugged

IGN writes: "We finally got a chance to play the Wii edition of Rock Band last week at Nintendo's Media Summit. While it is disappointing to find the game missing a lot of what makes it great on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the fact is, rocking out with three friends is always a good time. During the event, there was constantly a crowd of people standing around the Rock Band area, waiting their turn to sing/strum/drum.

The hardware has received an upgrade from the initial launch shipments that were giving people problems. The drums are the replacement kits that have been sent out from Electronic Arts. They feel spongier (in a good way) than the initial run. They're also a very slick Wii white, as opposed to the original black. The guitar is now wireless and comes with a USB dongle, which plugs into the back of the console."

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wiizy3892d ago

still sound like a good buy to me