2K Games Explains Why The Bureau XCOM: Declassified Didn't Still Well for Most Gamers

After less than stellar launch reviews for The Bureau- VGS sits down with 2K Games to talk about the product and why it's been so hit or miss for most gamers!


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Dark_Overlord1722d ago

Because it wasn't XCOM :/

The firaxis version was far more in line with what the game should be (and it sold well).

Happened with Syndicate too, when some genius decided to turn it into an FPS, then the game bombed and they wonder why.

The fanbases of these games want games true to the originals, not turn them into god damn FPS's/TPS's all the time.

cyntell1721d ago

Well said. I couldn't agree more.

Trenta271721d ago

I liked the game. Well, what I played of it. I quit a few hours in due to graphic issues. A patch would be oh so lovely.

fsfsxii1721d ago

Did it bomb??? I loved Enemy Unknown so much i wished for The bereau to bomb so hard lol

M1chl1721d ago

I am not native English speaker and that sentence doesn't make sense for me. "Didn't Still Well" seems like mistake, or am I mistaken, by my lack of knowledge?

Mythicninja1721d ago

You are right, it makes no sense. It might make more sense if it said "didn't sit well"

WeAreLegion1721d ago

I don't understand the title.

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