PS3/360: Five High-Def Titles For Your Game Console

The Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 have brought HD gaming into the mainstream. After years of High-Def in the living room being a hazy concept that really only affected A/V aficionados, the more technologically inclined, and the affluent, these videogame machines have made HD Gaming as simple and affordable as "plug n' play." But as with any consumer device, the hardware, for all its potential, is just that - untapped potential. What really brings out the true worth of the machine is the software that goes into it, and how it utilizes the power built into its system architecture.

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Fishy Fingers3815d ago

Aqua? Never even heard of it up until now, certainly has me interested. Another one of those mysterious titles like Flower.

Marceles3814d ago

He forgot alot, but out of all the games to be coming out for PS3...Aqua??? It's like he sat in a room...

"FF13 nah...MGS4 no way...Aqua! Perfect!"

heyheyhey3814d ago

it sounds crazy

but come on, you've gotta commend the guys originilaty in this respect

instead of just stating the obvious, he went for a lesser known (MUCH lesser known) title that he thinks shows promise

and he bought it to our attention

deeznuts3814d ago

From the article:
"There are, of course, many other titles that could be considered here. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is another upcoming PS3 title with a lot of expectations, and Mass Effect for the Xbox 360 has already garnered notice for the strength of its graphics. But the titles listed here give a good, broad range of games that will make a strong, first visual impression on both gamers and non-gamers alike. They run the gamut from the enormously popular science-fiction aesthetic to more colorful anime and Pixar-style visuals. But this is just a start. HD console gaming is still very young and if it follows the history of past generations, then these earlier titles are just a taste of some the visual splendor that awaits gamers in the next three years."

He went for variety, not all inclusiveness. I think the article is a decent one, one that didn't delve into the open zone.

bigman73873814d ago

Aqua.. actually sounds interesting.I hope there's lots of sharks.
(I like sharks)

Atomic3814d ago

i love how the PS3 is making the 360 it's biotch in the photo

CNIVEK3814d ago's holding the PS3 up, because it's too weak to stand on it's own. :)

FLOPbox 3603814d ago

You are both wrong.

In the picture above, PS3 is clearly teabagging the FLOPbox. Just like it is in everything.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43814d ago

That Poor PS3 is going to FRY TO DEATH!!! ;-D
Call the FIRE-BRIGADE!!! ;-D

p.s Doesn't My Baby;)PS3 look so much Next-gen next to that pile of Cr*p!!! ;-D

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Kaz Hirai3814d ago

How DARE they allow that FILTHY piece of JUNK to touch one of my PerfectionStation 3's! HOW DARE THEY???


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