Yoshi's New Island - VGU's Gamescom Preview

Sometimes, you just need to play a game that is good for your soul, and we at VGU are thinking that Yoshi's New Island could be that game after playing it Gamescom 2013!

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IanVanCheese1752d ago

Meh doesn't quite cover it.

3-4-51752d ago

So this is a slightly better version than the watered down copied lesser version of a great SNES platformer ?

ReKoill1752d ago

Nintendo: Haven't done a Yoshi game in a while...better dust it off and rehash it

Summons751752d ago

Yoshi's island was an amazing. I'd do anything for a remake and now we finally have one. No more bringing my snes to good will to find the best tv ( which I use yoshi's island to test).

Sorry you can't accept remarkable games being brought back for new generations to play. Maybe you should play this or the original to appreciate excellent art and game design instead of crying about rehashes. COD is rehashed year after year. This hasn't been touched since that horrid sequel on the 64