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Xbox One: Indie Developer Program Has Received 'Boatload Of Applications'

"Developer reaction has been great, we’re still talking to a ton of developers," says Microsoft's digital games portfolio director. (Xbox One)

allformats  +   771d ago
Sony forced you to act, Microsoft, and now you're following the leader. That's a good thing.

Oh how things can change in a twinkling of an eye.
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BigShotSmoov007  +   771d ago
I think sony has very very little to do with MS choosing to give indie developers kits and making concessions to them that they should have been doing from the beginning and more of the actually developers forcing MS hand. Like it was said earlier, your giving Sony way to much credit on this one but I'm sure you credit Sony for finding a killing Usama Bin Laden cause your a Sony fanboy and they can do no wrong in your eyes also.
gaelic_laoch  +   771d ago
M$ tried to make a cartel out of the gaming market which went completely against the free spirit of Indie gaming!

M$'s courting of Indies now is not completely sincere on their part as their hands were forced in part by the policies of its main competitor whom just happens to be SONY!!

It is mainly down to Indies in that they were willing to choose the platform that best suited their products, so it is they whom deserve credit!
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falviousuk  +   771d ago
What a load of rubbish you spout on here, another sony troll always in xbox articles talking rubbish. If you arent interested in getting the console why do you spend so much of your time in xbox related threads.
YNWA96  +   771d ago
It goes back to 360, PS3 all formats.... Sony treated us as door mats..... 'Get a second job' if you want to buy our PS3...... Since then Sony has had to claw back consumers...... But they are a angelic company, have no interest in profits.... And I guess PS4 has indie developers by the aircraft carrier load....
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   771d ago
Good for them.
Septic  +   771d ago
Good for us.
abc1233  +   771d ago
Translation: The Indie Developer Program has received a few applications. They're all flocking to Sony.
Sitdown  +   771d ago
Yeah, because only a few developers would want to sign up and get two kits for free.....what indie developer wants to have revenue coming from two consoles, when they are better off with just one. :-/

Oh yeah, if they are now flocking to Sony.....should we assume they were not with Sony before? And the next question would be, why were they not?
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falviousuk  +   771d ago
Please do not talk sense on this site, the xbox detractors are many and varied with illogical comments, rumour and totally made up nonsense that jsut goes round and round. You will never get them to see common sense, its a waste of time trying
koolaid251  +   771d ago
Every XboxOne is a dev kit!!!
josephayal  +   771d ago
Xbox One Land of the Indies
gaelic_laoch  +   771d ago
"Developer reaction has been great, we’re still talking to a ton of developers,"

Action speaks louder than words Mr M$ Man!
sAVAge_bEaST  +   771d ago
where are all the Naysayers, of the so called Indiestation.

hypocrisy at it's finest/

-indy support is vital, they are the hungriest, and usually give 110%, because they are trying to make a name for themselves. -the ball is in your court M$.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   771d ago
MS has been part of the indie seen and extending an olive branch for years. There's a thing called Xbox Live Indie Game section on the 360 and has been for a better part of 5 years now.
Bundi  +   771d ago
Indies + AAA's for days >> indies for days + AAA's
sAVAge_bEaST  +   771d ago
i got HotLine Miami for 3.87$ , nice game for under 5 bucks. -every 80's arcade, and 8bit reference.
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RytGear  +   771d ago
It always worries me when companies use such vague terms.
A dinghy is still classed as a boat..
n4rc  +   771d ago
I love this attitude that Sony started this whole indie trend.. If anything, they are playing catch up to xbla..

I hate knocking Sony as I'm a fan but you guys need to ease up on making bs claims.. That's probably the single biggest reason for criticism.. Its not what sony says or does.. Its what you guys say and do.. Hurting your own brand imo
christocolus  +   771d ago
People seem to forget ms started this indie drive on consoles..like it or not most indies only needed ms to give them some attention and now they've got it..... a gentle pat on the back to ms for doing good...you guys should keep this up and ignore those arrogant fan boys who keep popping up from the underworld to drag you and your fans down with them.....lol.
Kuse  +   771d ago
This is really good news.

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