3DS Successor: Should it be 2DS-like slate, 3DS with clamshell or something else

Gimme Gimme Games wonders whether the successor to the Nintendo 3DS should be designed like a normal 3DS, like the 2DS, or like something else entirely.

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Yep1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

Clamshell. I can't go back to one screen. Feels inferior to me.

jay21725d ago

Clam-shell, won't be 3D, as powerful as the Vita, but Sony may have 1 more shot at handhelds, doubt it though/

Kevlar0091725d ago

With the slate children can throw it all they like and there will be little risk of breakage. Nintendo makes resiliant consoles/handhelds, good luck breaking that through general use.

The 2DS is marketed to Children, while the tablet look could've been better, it's supposed to be a cheap alternative. 6 year olds don't care about how it looks, as long as they get fun games to play it could be in the shape of a dildo for all they care (not that they would make a dildo handheld, but I think I made my point). They will be too fixated on Mario and Pokemon to care

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