PS Vita Features Explained in a Video

PS Vita Features Explained in a Video

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H4all1454d ago

really cool features...

wow... i like invizimals on vita..
that evolution look's awesome..

and tearaway looks gorgeous on vita..
scream to help main character.. that was cool..

GribbleGrunger1454d ago

Agreed, kids will love these games ... and so will a lot of adults (including me)

sinncross1454d ago

as long as the features arent detrimental to the way we play the game, its all good.

some interesting stuff.

Acquiescence1453d ago

Your avatar has just reminded me, where the hell is mah episode 2 of Jacob Jones dammit!

GdaTyler1454d ago

I just wish the Vita sold better so more awesome games could be developed. It's a pity. :( It better sell this holiday season.

Death1454d ago

Cool features that show what the Vita can do. Definately a move in the right direction.

nikrel1453d ago

Dude from MM is a blast from the past 80's. Awesome.

GreenRanger1453d ago

Hopefully you can play Tearaway without shouting like an idiot.

1453d ago
PSVita1453d ago

Says the green ranger..

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