DICE: Gryos in DualShock 4 Will Be Used to Lean in Battlefield 4

DICE Executive Producer Patrick Bach has confirmed that Gryos in DualShock 4 will be utilize in Battlefield 4 to lean.

testo6975d ago

"looking incredible on ps4". . . good to know :)

Khajiit86975d ago

Dont say that using you pc, might upset some pc gamers.

iRocket975d ago

Cool, leaning is something that is missing from too many games. I wonder what they will use for PC leaning. Q and E?

Nafon975d ago

I'm assuming the PS4 will be the only system to get leaning

Izzy408975d ago

I saw the PS4 gameplay, not to impressed.

Khajiit86975d ago

Experience it... gamepay is pretty similar just like bf3

terrordactyl974d ago

Waiting for the pc fanboys to come in here and tell us that the PC does leaning better than any console ever could

teezy974d ago

This is nothing new as the PS3 had this feature with the sixaxis. 99% of people I'm sure though just strafe out rather than peek.