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DICE: Gryos in DualShock 4 Will Be Used to Lean in Battlefield 4

DICE Executive Producer Patrick Bach has confirmed that Gryos in DualShock 4 will be utilize in Battlefield 4 to lean. (Battlefield 4, Dice, PS4)

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testo6  +   675d ago
"looking incredible on ps4". . . good to know :)
Khajiit86  +   675d ago
Dont say that using you pc, might upset some pc gamers.
iRocket  +   675d ago
Cool, leaning is something that is missing from too many games. I wonder what they will use for PC leaning. Q and E?
Nafon  +   675d ago
I'm assuming the PS4 will be the only system to get leaning
BaronVonRhett  +   673d ago
I would like the lean.
Izzy408  +   675d ago
I saw the PS4 gameplay, not to impressed.
Khajiit86  +   675d ago
Experience it... gamepay is pretty similar just like bf3
terrordactyl  +   675d ago
Waiting for the pc fanboys to come in here and tell us that the PC does leaning better than any console ever could
teezy  +   675d ago
This is nothing new as the PS3 had this feature with the sixaxis. 99% of people I'm sure though just strafe out rather than peek.

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