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lastofgen1696d ago

that boxart looks very nice.
I'd pick this up, but I've already bought everything already (all the dlc), so it'd be a waste to buy this.
Though it could make good for a present.

DoomeDx1696d ago

The game didnt get a single GOTY award.

Seriously what the fuck lol

This is Borderlands 1 all over again

DeFFeR1696d ago

It didn't win the VGA GOTY, but it did win the VGA Best 360 game. I'm sure it won some other obscure site's GOTY awards as well.

So, it's not "THE" GOTY, but it was somewhere, so it's not completely idiotic to call it a GOTY version.

3-4-51696d ago

Yea how come every game has a GOTY edition without actually being that.

That is like giving yourself a nick name.

Y_51501696d ago

Yeah since Uncharted 2 started that trend (I think.)
Everyone wants to not call it anything but "GOTY edition"

Y_51501695d ago

My bad it was Half Life was the original GOTY. :P

Starbucks_Fan1696d ago

Much better deal than the limited edition I bought for $100 at launch :/

No regrets though, love the game.

Bundi1696d ago

Want. I knew I'd waited for good reason.

pacostacos1696d ago

HALO!!!! i can never get enough

-Alpha1696d ago

"GOTY" certainly gets thrown around like it's nothing these days.

Anon19741696d ago

I was surprised to read this as I didn't see Halo 4 receive any GOTY awards. I saw it pick up some accolades for best Xbox Game but no goty. After some digging though I did find that Machinima gave it goty honors. I did't know they had their own awards.

xDHAV0K24x1696d ago

Didnt game informer too?

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The story is too old to be commented.