Final Fantasy XIV: ARR Starts With a Bang and More than 140,000 Players Connected at the Same Time

Many wondered how many of those that took part to the open beta of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn would actually buy the game.

Turns out, quite a lot.

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Lovable1699d ago

Game is so good! Currently working my pugilist into a monk, but will probably takes quite a while.

AlexanderNevermind1699d ago

Yeah that server maintenance effed up my

Lovable1699d ago

Got a party to attend to, so I have no problem. I put my character to an INN before I log out, so I get boost once I log in hehe

NegativeCreepWA1699d ago

I logged out right in front the npc I need to turn a quest in at, I'm hoping I can talk to him before everyone else gets to him again.

DA_PRGamer1699d ago

i know man, i just logged on and 15min into the game error 90000 cause of server maintenance so now just playing tomb raider while it comes back up

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PersonaCat1699d ago

Thank Odin for the maintenance going on right now. Now I can finally get some work done.

Baller03851699d ago

Love the old school final fantasy but I won't pay a subscription fee to play any game sorry

Abriael1699d ago

You're free to be a cheapo and play lower quality MMORPGs for free.

Baller03851699d ago

If being responsible and taking care of my family makes me a cheapo then so be it have fun playing the game was just stating my opinion

Pain1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

It's not that being a cheapo is the problem I'm a money pinching cheap bastard too but $12 bucks a month well $10 for me I'm legacy so bla to that it's the same with my friend he wants to play but don't want to pay but is willing to spend $60+ a month on games and so far this year has spent $600 plus on games that just sit there and collect dust but complains about a small sub fee.

so tomato tomoto

NegativeCreepWA1699d ago

Funny thing is, your friend could buy the game and play for three months with $60.

Stsonic1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

You are missing out a lot as this game is old school.

EU servers down I was hoping to push to lv20 today. I got stuck for a good half an hour trying to get some little goblin to follow me. for some reason the quest split into 2 separate journals with no warning.

NegativeCreepWA1699d ago

If you like old school FF, you're missing out. It has a little bit of every FF in it.

Pain1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

So far having fun lots of fun playing on my PC but getting a "Cannot create character config data" when my bro trys to log in on ps3 but not prob logging in on my PC... hmm

Reborn1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

If its EU/NA servers, its because they're down for maint. You cannot create/load chars, if you're unable to see those specific servers.

Pain1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

So it's cuz servers are down for ps3 versions? because he has no problem logging on my PC but he can't log in on ps3 version

first world problems lol

Feralkitsune1699d ago

@Pain There are no separate servers. PS3 and PC players share the same servers.

Reborn1699d ago

PS3/PC uses the same servers.

I would wait till maintenance is done, and give it another try. If not, probably best to contact SE (or you can go in-game, and use Support Desk).

Pain1699d ago

Yea just r prob is we not on NA/Eu servers we on Masamune JP legacy server and the why its ode that the ps3 is getting that error :/

but just going to blame it on early access first day problems .. crosses fingers &

Blackcanary1699d ago

Can't wait to buy it on tuesday so excited.

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