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Final Fantasy XIV: ARR Starts With a Bang and More than 140,000 Players Connected at the Same Time

Many wondered how many of those that took part to the open beta of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn would actually buy the game.

Turns out, quite a lot. (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, PC, PS3, PS4)

Lovable  +   553d ago
Game is so good! Currently working my pugilist into a monk, but will probably takes quite a while.
NegativeCreepWA  +   553d ago
Server maintenance ftl.
AlexanderNevermind  +   553d ago
Yeah that server maintenance effed up my flow..lol
Lovable  +   553d ago
Got a party to attend to, so I have no problem. I put my character to an INN before I log out, so I get boost once I log in hehe
NegativeCreepWA  +   553d ago
I logged out right in front the npc I need to turn a quest in at, I'm hoping I can talk to him before everyone else gets to him again.
DA_PRGamer  +   553d ago
i know man, i just logged on and 15min into the game error 90000 cause of server maintenance so now just playing tomb raider while it comes back up
PersonaCat  +   553d ago
Thank Odin for the maintenance going on right now. Now I can finally get some work done.
Baller0385  +   553d ago
Love the old school final fantasy but I won't pay a subscription fee to play any game sorry
Abriael  +   553d ago
You're free to be a cheapo and play lower quality MMORPGs for free.
Baller0385  +   553d ago
If being responsible and taking care of my family makes me a cheapo then so be it have fun playing the game was just stating my opinion
Pain  +   553d ago
It's not that being a cheapo is the problem I'm a money pinching cheap bastard too but $12 bucks a month well $10 for me I'm legacy so bla to that it's the same with my friend he wants to play but don't want to pay but is willing to spend $60+ a month on games and so far this year has spent $600 plus on games that just sit there and collect dust but complains about a small sub fee.

so tomato tomoto
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NegativeCreepWA  +   553d ago
Funny thing is, your friend could buy the game and play for three months with $60.
Stsonic  +   553d ago
You are missing out a lot as this game is old school.

EU servers down I was hoping to push to lv20 today. I got stuck for a good half an hour trying to get some little goblin to follow me. for some reason the quest split into 2 separate journals with no warning.
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NegativeCreepWA  +   553d ago
If you like old school FF, you're missing out. It has a little bit of every FF in it.
Pain  +   553d ago
So far having fun lots of fun playing on my PC but getting a "Cannot create character config data" when my bro trys to log in on ps3 but not prob logging in on my PC... hmm
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Reborn  +   553d ago
If its EU/NA servers, its because they're down for maint. You cannot create/load chars, if you're unable to see those specific servers.
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Pain  +   553d ago
So it's cuz servers are down for ps3 versions? because he has no problem logging on my PC but he can't log in on ps3 version

first world problems lol
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Feralkitsune  +   553d ago
@Pain There are no separate servers. PS3 and PC players share the same servers.
Reborn  +   553d ago
PS3/PC uses the same servers.

I would wait till maintenance is done, and give it another try. If not, probably best to contact SE (or you can go in-game, and use Support Desk).
Pain  +   553d ago
Yea just r prob is we not on NA/Eu servers we on Masamune JP legacy server and the why its ode that the ps3 is getting that error :/

but just going to blame it on early access first day problems .. crosses fingers &
Blackcanary  +   553d ago
Can't wait to buy it on tuesday so excited.
mt  +   553d ago
there is monthly fees for PS3 version ?
Reborn  +   553d ago
NegativeCreepWA  +   553d ago
The game is only $40, with a free month, take the remaining $20 and pay for 2 months, by then you'll either hate it and stop playing, or love and think it's worth it.
mt  +   553d ago
that is wise of you, thanks.
maximus1985  +   553d ago
logical argument
execution17  +   553d ago
._. wish I had a bit of extra cash so I can pick this up, had a blast in the beta
Blackcanary  +   553d ago
If u live in the uk game is saleing it for 24.99 pounds on there web site.
Stsonic  +   553d ago
I live in the UK and got it for £13.50
Blackcanary  +   553d ago
well i used my reward points to pay for most of it so really i only paid 13 pounds to. good thing i saved my points i also got early access to :)
despair  +   553d ago
So tempted to get this for ps3 but will wait for ps4 version..beta was awesome much better than I expected.
mr.selfdestruct  +   553d ago
I got ps3 version and will be upgrading to PS4 when its out. I love this game soo much i wish i was off today ohh well ill be home soon to play it.
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dougr  +   553d ago
I really really really really want to get this game, but I just know what will happen if I do. I'm trying to get my CPA and finish my master's and I can't help but look down the road 5 years and think of the stuff I would like to do, but I just know that if I start this game, I'll end up just like I was on ffxi, 10 or so years of no life playing all the time. I have a very addictive personality, I wouldn't be able to quit playing, thus I really need to say no to ffxiv :(
Shinox  +   553d ago
If they didn't change the battle system in this game it will fail so hard and many people will leave this generic crap .
mr.selfdestruct  +   553d ago
I'm pretty sure the people who are overloading the service disagree with you. The battle system is fine. Im sure it will be refined as time goes on but i see no overwealming flaw in it as is.
Shinox  +   552d ago
Overloading , Fine !!?

Dude you must be one of those blind square fans who defend the game with passion just because it has the FF vibe !

Overloading = stop lying to yourself Most of those people are Free to play players , Lets see how the launch goes if you are purely right

Battle system is fine = Typical Square fans will easily defend this boring generic overused battle system , I mean haven't you read the feedbacks on their forums .

As i said , read the OVERLOADING feedbacks on their forums and stop acting like you don't heard anything .
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Lionalliance  +   553d ago
I really love the Beta!
Though I wish it was free to play. Waiting for the ps4 version.
mr.selfdestruct  +   552d ago
@ Shinox

Actually, all people who are on now had to BUY the game not free to play. It's early access so everyone one did buy into it and they did it because the Beta was great. I don't love everything square actually, While i did get the original ffxiv i quit it after a few month due to it was subpar. ARR is awesome by far the best mmo ive played to date. That is my opionin and I'm sticking to it.

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