Did Microsoft win GamesCom 2013?

GamrMag's Christian Orkibi discusses GamesCom 2013.

"So GamesCom 2013 has come and gone and while the show floors may still be busy, the major conferences have been cleaned away. So what’s the verdict, which company had the best showing, who made a mess of the floor, and who ultimately…won the show? In my opinion, that answer is quite clear."

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ape0071762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

nextgen stuff,(ryse, titanfall, online Cloud) MS wins

overall stuff (curren gen+handheld+indie games shown), sony wins

ShugaCane1762d ago

That's a weird point of view lol. If Sony didn't win nextgen stuff, how did it overall won. Anyway I agree that Sony won the show. MS did right but I'm so not interested in Kinect or FIFA so I'm gonna stick to Sony and PSV indie games, Shadow of the Beast, the LBP hub, Remote play etc.. Still prefer what the PS4 has to offer. Much more.

ape0071762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

anyways the show is only the tip of the iceberg, almost showed nothing, both companies have a lot happening back stage in the dark :D

Skips1762d ago

^ Sony's gonna have a conference a week before TGS (And I doubt it's to show off more indies), and a they're also going to host a Keynote AT TGS.

Not sure what MS is gonna do...

B-radical1762d ago

I personally dont care for indies games at all the fact MS talked about there indie program was cool tho

4Sh0w1762d ago

Yeah I like indie support but frankly I buy a console for great games from experienced studios, it doesn't have to be AAA but I dont want to play games that a 5yr old smartphone can run, if so why buy a home console? Indie games for me are a sideshow like xbla titles its just a given, nice to have like TV, features, apps, they are distant secondary selling points but at a gaming conference I expect to see the big guns. Thats why I thought micro had the best gamescom.

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golding891762d ago


Not sure what you mean by that statement ape007.. contradicting yourself.

ape0071762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

no i mean, overall, handheld, indie games shown, release date

if u want nextgen stuff, then ms was better, if you are not into nextgen that much yes, sony wins

the show showed nothing still

it's not something decisive at all

mewhy321762d ago

I'll play titanfall and ryse on my pc (not true exclusives) and the "Cloud" is not unique to micro$oft LOL, and so many 180's that gamers are getting dizzy trying to keep up. "fail"

Sony releases in 32 countries, shows "TRUE" exclusives, better price, real exclusives, indie friendly....yeah Sony definitely won it all. Hands down.

andibandit1762d ago

shows "TRUE INDIE" exclusives

, corrected that for you, no need to thank me.

Gimmemorebubblez1762d ago


ReSPAWN is an Indie studio because they own the Titanfall IP and they themselves are not owned by MS or whats wrong with Indies. Indies doesn't mean a garage of 1-10 people working on a game...all it means is that the studio is independent of a publicly traded company.

wicked1762d ago

Sony releases in 2 countries then in another 30 2 weeks later, corrected that also.

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Muerte24941762d ago

Gakai have real servers not virtual ones. They have a Guineas World Record showing this. Virtual Server aren't the same thing. They aren't as stable as physical servers. While they are cheaper than physical servers, they are more prone to crashes.

Golden_Mud1762d ago

Microsoft confirmed that they'll have 300000 physical dedicated servers

BABYLEG1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

I have to wonder how the 2 weaker consoles look more next Gen and play like next Gen consoles.. But the stronger system is technically just a Ram upgrade. Did anyone see the user Interface on ps4? For a second I though he was digging too much.. Something that I could find in 3 seconds by saying Xbox Bing...

guy below me mentions the mud that is driveclub, but not the gloss that is Forza 5.. Dam shame

windblowsagain1762d ago

Titanfall does not look nextgen. Source engine.
Ryse looks good, but slow and abit boring.



True nextgen looking games.

ape0071762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Titanfall looks better (gameplay, design, novelty wise and replay value wise) than all those 3 games combined, plus the gfx shown were freaking awesome

im a FPS vetran who played almost every fps game in the book, titanfall is the next big thing, something that KZ totally failed to deliver with KZ2 in 2009

not anything against KZ, i'll buy shadown fall but it's not a class A FPS game, more like B

just compare the KZ multiplayer trailer shown yesterday with the CoD ghosts trailer, ghosts look 10 times better in everything (except gfx) let alone comparing it to TITANFALL

Skips1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

"Titanfall imo looks better (gameplay, design, novelty wise and replay value wise) than all those 3 games combined"

If you're in to COD gameplay I guess. XD

"plus the gfx shown were freaking awesome"

Not sure how looking about as good as COD Ghosts means "gfx = freaking awesome". lol

Titanfall looks incredibly bland as a "next gen" title.

You can't get any closer at looking similar than that. lol If it wasn't for the mechs, Titanfall would look about as bland as Ghosts gameplay and graphics wise...

"something that KZ totally failed to deliver with KZ2 in 2009"

LMFAO!!!! Just stop right there. XD

Bennibop1762d ago

Its funny how MS fans are jumping on Titanfall to be the next big thing, I just dont see it. The graphics look ok but nothing amazing and the gameplay was hardly new and original. Was not that fussed about KZ but now I have seen the multiplayer and its ability to create you own game rules I cant wait but I am under no illusion its not PS4's killer app, that will prob be naughty dogs next title.

Muerte24941762d ago

@APe007, @Rainstorm81

I don't think anyone is doubting the gameplay of TitanFall. It looks wonderful in motion and it runs at a brilliant 60fps. I hope TitanFall does well because it would be retribution for the ex Infinity Ward guys. With that said, these are just modified versions of John Carmack's Doom 3 engine. His engine prioritizes frames per second over textures. He has built another one but i think it's exclusive to ID software (RAGE-mega textures).

For you people who say killzone 2 failed, you clearly have never played it. That game had a dedicated following. Dynamic mode changes on the fly is a Killzone2 Original (Warzone). Killzone3 left a sour taste in people's mouth because it went after COD lovers. I hope they'll have brutal headshots like Last of US.

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Bigpappy1762d ago

I would not base it solely on presentation. The show is still going on. It is up to press reports and the reactions from those reports.

Rainstorm811762d ago

ryse titanfall and **cloud** were all at E3....isnt that the complaint about Sony showing Killzone, Infamous, Drive Club and Knack?

What about Sony's next gen features like in the beginning Yoshida was watching a streaming video of KZ shadow fall then instantly joined into the match...Or the Vita/PS4 remote play feature on AC4.

Sony did show us a ton of indie games but even many of those look very appealing...Rime, Rapture, Shadow of the Beast...Even the vita got alot of love and Masasaki Baby looks great as well...Add in Price Drops and a PS4 release date........ yea sony wins

MasterCornholio1762d ago

"streaming video of KZ shadow fall then instantly joined into the match"

OMG thats so cool.

1762d ago
-Superman-1762d ago

Only new stuff from Microsft we got is Fifa 14, but again, its only game bundle and im not intersted in Fifa 14.
Sony how ever showed a lot indie games which some of those looked interesting.

PsnGammer211762d ago

Ms didn't win jack shit man all it showed was same stuff and u get a 500 dollar game with a brick that when u get home all the drm stuff will be back on xD

Anon19741762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

I'll say it again, there is no comparison between the two Gamescon events. I can't believe that I'm hearing so many gaming sites claiming MS somehow pulled ahead with their non-event.

Let's recap the highlights.

MS hosted a press event from some backroom somewhere. They showed a trailer for a new Fable, when the previous entry didn't really set the world on fire. Anyone surprised a new Fable is down the line somewhere? They unveiled a free copy of Fifa, only for those who preorder, only in 7 of the 13 launch countries. No launch date. 23 launch titles.

Sony's event. Reaffirmed their commitment to the PS3, LBP Hub for free, massive Vita price cut and support, Vita remote play shown off with PS4, a new, $199 PS3, new PS4 features like easy, custom soundtracks unveiled, a raft of new games, firm dates and 32 launch countries, look at the PS4 OS, Gameplay from some of the most anticipated titles, Minecraft, Twitch, PSN+ details like PS3 owners receiving massive discounts when opting to pick up PS4 versions of titles. One million already preordered. 180 games in development for the PS4. 33 launch titles unveiled for 2013 versus MS's 23.

How on earth are the two events even being compared?

trywizardo1762d ago

current gen , MS wins 360
next gen , ms wins a console for core gamers and awesome games lineup
PS3 sucked this gen most of multi games looks better on 360 and exclusives PS3 just have uncharted series and LOU those are the good ones and there are GOW3 only those :)
handheld vita sucks and still sucks so they are trying to make it more popular with connecting it with home consoles lmao
PS4 is for indies that's it

Magicite1762d ago

I see you are serious. NOT.

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NYC_Gamer1762d ago

I can't pick a winner since every conference lacked huge software announcements

shivvy241762d ago

yep i agree, but a few of the indie titles sony announced looked amazing especially RIME

Rainstorm811762d ago

Rime's art style reminds me of The Mark of Kri on PS2...i cant wait to see more on that game

shivvy241762d ago

it reminds me of something team ico would make

Ksar1762d ago

That's pretty obvious they win Gamescom. Sony made a poor conference.

Xsilver1762d ago

having a conference and not having a conference.could you tell me when ur xbox releases i kinda didn't hear it, Sony won u must be delusional. makes sense you support MS that literally tried to stop you from owning ur own games.

DonFreezer1762d ago

Damn right.Sony mentioning the words debut on ps4 first and all the timed exclusive shit broke them apart.

Magicite1762d ago

and the famous Ksar the king of Xbots posts his opinion and once again gets shitload of disagrees.

gamertk4211762d ago

Call of Duty is Activision, not EA.