Shuhei Yoshida trolls Microsoft on Twitter, shows that one number is indeed greater than another

Over on Twitter, Shuhei Yoshida trolled Microsoft with one simple tweet.

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JP13691734d ago

Just saw this a few minutes ago. The guy can't help himself I guess. It's funny, seven years ago they (Sony) were in the same position. It's good to see that they've learned from their mistakes and developed a sense of humor as well. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go watch South Park for instructions on how to freeze myself until November 15th.

KonsoruMasuta1734d ago

Don't do it. Otters will smash you like clams on their bellies.

JP13691734d ago


Who disagreed with that?

deep_fried_bum_cake1734d ago

Well he can still do it if he has a reliable friend watch over him. Cartman was unlucky in that sense. Otters are a worst case scenario.

ApolloTheBoss1734d ago

I thought that was just a myth?! Science damn you, Time child!

TheHierarchy1734d ago

"Shuhei Yoshida trolls Microsoft on Twitter, shows that one number is indeed greater than another"

I don't get why the higher number trolling is so important. by that same logic apple's 5th addition to the Iphone is better than the playstation portable?

Does this mean that resident evil 6 is the best of the franchise? no.

does this mean that call of duty is better than all shooters out there because they're on the 8th? no.

so what does this logic apply too?

trafalger1734d ago

what's interesting is no mention of japan, there home country!

xxBiG_BoSSxx1734d ago


What? your comment makes no sense. none. zero.
I'm guessing it is because you didn't click the article link to twitter.

the numbers Shu refers to are actually quite significant. I'll never understand how some people can think they know everything about a story just by the headline.

TheHierarchy1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

yeah, again it's just I've just been hearing that troll used a lot on this site.

....i can find at least 30 articles with people saying it. that's all i'm saying.

redwin1734d ago

I think Yoshida is getting an Xbox One. Ask him in December, he'll tell you .

kalkano1734d ago


He's not saying Playstation 32 is greater than XBOX 13. He's saying launching in 32 countries is greater than launching in 13 countries.

^ Those kind of numbers are significant. That is a totally different kind of comparison than iterations of something.

Ritsujun1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Pathetic Microsofie is ph-pathetic.

Is TheHierarchy seriously that dmb?

christian hour1734d ago


I figured they're saving that date for TGS as well as some games, so far it's been a very western/european developers line-up announced for ps4.

At least... I'm hoping they have good news for the Japanese at TGS. 0_0

ShinMaster1734d ago

Technically, it's not trolling unless he deliberately posts it on the Xbox twitter page.

He wasn't talking to Microsoft or its fanbase. So some people bellow need to relax (@come_bom). Shuhei Yoshida is far from being a "jackass". Seriously, all he said was 32>13 and you guys are freaking out.

christian hour1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Who wants to predict when the first months data of each consoles units sold comes out, the go to excuse for xbone's low sales will be "Oh well they only launched in 13 countries, PS4 had 32 countries worth of sales to go off".

Although we'll have to wait until that time comes and then do the math to see if this is an actual valid excuse, and if it is then feel free to throw it around :P

'And in a dark board room in the deepest reaches of MS HQ, an executive is laughing maniacally; because in actuality this is the real reason they're launching in less than half the countries Sony is. So they can use this excuse themselves for the inevitable low sales to shareholders... "MWAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!", said the happy executive softly to himself... ...'

That last part is just a joke, please don't beat me up :(

Shaaunyb1733d ago


Going by your comment of CoD.. They're on their 8th but i'm pretty sure BF is on something like 10 by now..

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sentury1111733d ago

What's the difference how many countries the system launches in?

If the system sells out in the regions launched in they will have a larger market share in that region seeing as they are not spread to thin.

It can be spun positively too.

SilentNegotiator1733d ago

Ps4 has more preorders, so it's very unlikely that Xbox One will outsell it in its measly 13 regions to PS4's 32.

So, no, there isn't any way to positively spin it with any sort of sound logic.

GiantEnemyCrab1733d ago

"Ps4 has more preorders"

Source? I don't believe either company has quoted a number. Sony said more than a million preorders but MS has not said a word. If you are going to go off 1 site like Amazon and not know stock allocations I can't see how that statement can be anywhere close to fact.

SilentNegotiator1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Amazon is far from the only site/retailer reporting higher pre-orders.

ABizzel11733d ago


M$ silence says it all. If they have more than 1 million they would have said it.

avengers19781733d ago

And that's amazon in the USA MS' best market. If Sony is beating them there, then surly there beating them in other regions, amazon uk also has PS4 ahead MS' second biggest market. So there losing in there 2 largest markets, that don't spell win to me.

What ever one has the most consoles available for purchase will win, at least in the short term

papashango1733d ago

so preorder numbers are now based off "silence says it all"


assdan1733d ago

IF both sell out in all the regions they are sold in, sony will have sold a hell of a lot more.

SilentNegotiator1733d ago


Game companies ALWAYS announce the million mark as soon as they reach it. You're kidding yourself if you think a corporation like Microsoft would withhold such an important benchmark.

sentury1111733d ago

You guys all missed the point of what I was saying.

I was just pointing out that if both MS and Sony had 4 million units to sell and MS sold those to 13 different regions while Sony sold to 32 then MS would have a larger market in those particular markets.

Of course Sony would have sold more in the markets where MS isn't selling though.

BTW: why can't I edit my posts sometimes?

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KiLLUMiNATi_891733d ago

Now if someone from MS corporation were to pull something like this N4Sony would blow up!!! MS shows professionalism and respect the competition unlike others....

SilentNegotiator1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

If, if, if...people who complain about N4G being "N4Sony" always create stupid little "if" situations.

Look at the facts instead. Things are the way they are because of the actions that Sony and Microsoft have taken respectively. No fantasy "if" situation will change that.

BaronVonRhett1733d ago

Someone doesn't remember the boat or the beer... Or really anything Aaron Greenburg has been saying since forever.

avengers19781733d ago

I been a member here for awhile now, and when I first started this place was nothing but playstation hate... Shoes on the other foot now and all I hear is xbots crying.
I'm sorry but if you can dish it out, you better be able to take it in return.

humbleopinion1733d ago

Funny as hell, but it seems Sony still lacks investments in the marketing department.
Twitter message? When Microsoft trolled Sony last gen for late release in Europe they did it ON A BOAT:

Now that's taking pro trolling to the next level.

FamilyGuy1733d ago

This is hilarious,and they keep doing this kind of stuff. Finally fighting back against all the crap that MS has been saying about them over the years.

They deserve to be trolled.

strifeblade1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

what a douchebag- i don't know why he trolls msoft after the 20 exclusives that ps3 has coming are mostly indies and most are timed exclusives LMFAO... its pathetic and msoft has more AAA titles coming in their first year.

The indie titles on ps4 make arcade titles like killer instinct and crimson dragon look AAA. But i don't hear msoft trolling- Really this guy has to keep it classy.

The sony gamescom was horrible in terms of ps4 and vita (save for the long needed vita price cut)... microsoft dropped a gamechanger and fifa included with every console. The best selling franchise in europe - Thats huge and in europe's eyes this just greatly increased the value of xbox one- so what buying ps4 and fifa saves you 40$ but guess what i get kinect- and with it features that will never be available on ps4- so for 40$ extra it's a damn good deal and it is the best thing msoft could've done- Actually i am pissed we don't get something like this in america but whatever.

Most importantly the fact that call of duty has dedicated servers on x1 and not ps4 is huge- this means you can play massive 50 -player online multiplayer without lag, without cheaters or lag switchers- and yes it is because of msoft's 11 billion dollar cloud infrastructure and this just made all the difference for those call of duty ps3 players.

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KonsoruMasuta1734d ago

Lol The jabs just keep coming.

JP13691734d ago

And judging by the phantom disagrees, the MS faithful don't take too kindly to verbal jabs via social media. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Ginesis1734d ago

He's just practicing what he'll be doing on the "Social Network System" (PS4)

starchild1734d ago

Nah it's not surprising. Sony execs are only acting like their fanbase. It's what the fanbase responds to; it's what they want and expect.

Sevir1734d ago

Lol. Only acting like the fanbase, ohhhh please stop be having as if MS is so holier than thou. Aaron Greenburg was one of the biggest trolls along with Shane Kim, lets not forget balmer,

MS gets the jabs because the company has been flipping on everything they came out with, its hard to follow a company with no clear vision.

And its not a jab if its factual, if you cant stand the facts, maybe MS should have been clear about the message about the xbox one this negative perception is all MS's doing, dont get mad its in the spotlight.

Cueil1734d ago

I'm sure Microsoft if real worried sleeping on their beds made of 1000 USD bills

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Master-H1734d ago

The jabs from the Japs :P

user74029311734d ago

i love every goddamn second of it...

gamertk4211734d ago

Enjoy it, because the pendulum always swings back the other way...

Biggest1734d ago

Pendulum? This is more like a boulder smashing down on a flat surface. It ain't moving.

Ju1734d ago

I think we are already on the back swing here.

Edgetroll1734d ago

That's just the nature of the marketing beast. Overall they've been getting an overwhelming positive response from fans, so they're keeping up with the jabs. Yes it's the occasional low blow, but most people find it funny.

I'm guilty of that as well, I laughed when they showed their info trailer on how to share used games with friends at E3.

WillGuitarGuy1733d ago

Lol It's so good.

*eats popcorn*

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Majin-vegeta1734d ago

Lol the jabs keep on coming xD.

JP13691734d ago

A million pre-orders are inclined to agree with you. I wonder why MS didn't release any numbers? I guess they just forgot, silly little fellers that they are. Ha!

360ICE1734d ago

Didn't he say that the PS4 WILL dominate?

neoMAXMLC1734d ago


Get a dictionary and look up the word 'inclined'

360ICE1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Oh, I got that. Otherwise they actually would have been at a disagreement. For some reason I just couldn't get my head around someone supporting an argument in a reply. My bad.

Aaaaand I replied to the wrong person. Sorry everyone. I should take more time doing this. Or maybe way less time.

thetruthx11734d ago

Someone tell that fool to go worry about his launch lineup lol

JP13691734d ago

Someone go tell MS to worry about the next five or six years. Sony has plenty of studios that have, time and again, proven themselves with great games. MS has a bunch of rookie studios and DLC exclusives.

AngryEnglish1733d ago

As of May 2013 Sony as a company have a market value of $17.6 billion dollars... quite impressive

Microsoft have a market value of $234.8 billion dollars... around 14 times the value of Sony

Out of the two companies only one of those need to worry about the next 5-6 years... and thats Sony.

If the X1 fails to reach the goal set out do you really think MS will sit back and do nothing, you know as well as i do that MS can sell each console they make over the next 2 years at a loss, like they did with the 360, so before you start looking into the future please consider what each company can do and cant do, this isnt a jab at the PS4... just putting things into perspective

-Mika-1734d ago

lol exactly. If I wasn't such an loyal PS fan. I would have been getting the XB1. Their Launch lineup looks great and they have alot of interesting games lined up for 2014 that aren't unannouced.

scott1821734d ago

I would take infamous second son over any Xbone launch game....

RyuCloudStrife1733d ago

You might as well jump ship then.... KZ:SF trumps all Xbox One's games. All other PS4 launch games are a bonus...

Heartnet1733d ago

The x1 launch lineup is way better than the ps4 and every1 knows this... I think every1 on this forums love drive club and f2p mmo's that are already on PC...

and @Ryu KZ:SF trumps everythign? what are u basing this off? graphcal power? or the previous games in the series which despite being beautiful to look at they didnt do anything spectacular or introduce anything new to the fps genre or narrative...

Kz is an average FPS with above average graphics... The overall experience offered will struggle to be on Par with other FPS on both consoles..

-Foxtrot1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Whats wrong with their launch line up

You know people keep saying that along with that their gamescom was disappointing but really Sony are winning this without even mentioning what their top studios are working on. NaughtyDog, Sony Santa Monica, Guerrilla Games, Media Molecule etc. While Microsoft blew most of their top game reveals at E3, your not going to see more about Sunset Overdrive and Halo, hell even Quantum Break untill next E3.

They have their launch up, all their indie titles and once the PS4 comes out and we start enjoying those games deep down at least we'll know that there's still a lot more to come to keep on supporting them. It's a smart move in my opinion

To me if they announced what their other studios were working on it would be a waste in a business sense. They can keep these new games untill later on once we've finished or enjoyed what the start of the PS4 lineup has to offer.

Besides didn't people make fun of Sony years ago because it's lack of interest in Indie devs or the fact they had none. Now people are moaning about it, come on guys make up your mind.

Ju1734d ago

I admire Sony that they give new devs a chance to prove themselves.

I was kind a bored first half of the presentation - but the truth is, Sony announced quite a few new titles for the PS4 after. It's only fair those got the prime time - we already know the block busters.

Shadow of the Beast seems to be quite alright. War Thunder looks good too.
Not sure what Helldivers will be,
or Rime, "Everybody's gone to the Rapture" is running CryEngine - at least this looks promising for the eyes - and Housemarque is always convincing: Resogun.

Those aren't even the indie titles, and yet we have 7 unannounced games in that list. Event those aren't all. I think the PS4 will do just fine.

I'm looking forward to what Santa Monica will come up with, or ND, or even Guerilla's second franchise. We don't need to have everything first day, don't we? Slow and steady is fine with me.

Heartnet1733d ago

but then there is no reason to buy day one console.. if all decent games have yet to be announced or are going to be relased 4-6 months down the line whats the point?

The majority of the indie games ps4 is getting are just ports or remakes.. which is what i think Sony is going to focus on as its cheap to make with large profit... Hell end of ps3 there was far to many ports and remakes...

And you say Ms blew most of there games at e3 but knowing a game in a proven series is in development gives incentive to buy that console.. if you liked the uncharted series and the halo series and you knew there was a halo game in the making but no the other you would buy the Confirmed game for that console...

Not telling what all ur Studios are up to is a major dissapointment as e3 / gamescom etc only come around once a year... and people arnt gonna spend £329 on a console on a hypothetical Uncharted game.. theyll spend the extra knowing a game they like is going to be released

M-M1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )


Your username.


Microsoft will have a slow start, but they will start gaining momentum as the years go on. PS4 just seems to have the better lead right now, and Microsoft doesn't have a bunch of rookie studios, a good amount of talented ones in fact.


You never say anything positive about Sony, should have never posted. Then again, you are Mika after all.


I agree, Sony has a lot of launch games that appeal to many different types of gamers. In the end, both consoles have good launch games that will keep people busy until they release new games next year.

90Supra1734d ago

"Microsoft doesn't have a bunch of rookie studios, a good amount of talented ones in fact."

*Jay Z Voice*

We don't believe you, you need more people...

Anzil1734d ago

MICROSOFT-AAA=Deadrising 3,Forza, Ryse, KI
Sony-AAA=Knack, Killzone SF, Driveclub, DCUo

Snakefist301733d ago

There is also unannouced games from Naught Dog,Santa Monica,Guirella Games and more.I am Pretty sure sony will not let MS gain Momentum in this gen.

MysticStrummer1734d ago

Someone remind MS fans about MS's console history. They seem to have short memories.

As I've said before, neither has a great exclusive in their launch lineup imo. If I had to pick one from each side it would be Ryse and Killzone, but I wouldn't buy either one of those games on launch day. No matter which console I bought I'd be getting BF4 and Watch Dogs.

But... buying a PS4 and PS+, I'll be playing those two games... and PS+ Drive Club... and DC Universe... and Warframe... and within a few months I'd be playing Planetside 2... and Warthunder... and Outlast... without buying another game, though by that time I'd probably buy Killzone anyway.

I don't see how anyone thinks MS's offering out of the gate tops that, but to each their own.

ape0071734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

yeah also someone need to tell him to worry about cloud dedicated servers


make the console feel like a Real Nextgen Machine, every online game will play better on X1, let alone a game like TitanFall which cannot be done on any other system except x1 for that matter

Sevir1734d ago

Lmao, um Titan Fall is PC... aaaaaaaaaaaand Xbox 360. Secondly PS4 has dedicated servers thanks to Gaikai's Network infrastructure being built into PSN for Both Vita and PS4. Something they went into detail at the PS4 reveal in feb. Again the xbox one is an over priced less powerful next gen machine compared to the ps4. Keep touting cross generation 360 games as exclusives that cant be done on the ps4 because of the magical cloud (which sony has as well).

The only reason Titan Fall isnt on the PS4 day and Date with PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox one is because of Money. Have a seat ---> _/