Nether is a sandbox survival MMOFPS without a zombie in sight

In development at Phosphor Games, Nether aims to bring a different kind of environment to the genre: a dense, vertical city.

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3-4-51521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Yea we need more , "Random Faction" vs "Random Faction" rather than zombies as the "go-to" enemy of the moment.

Zombies are boring and really add nothing to a game or story.

Having to deal with other people who are intelligent and think like you do is scarier than zombies who are possibly very predictable.

isarai1521d ago

Looks good, but i wish these survival games would just drop the abnormal enemies all together and just create a vast expansive detailed atmospheric world to survive in, something more like Disaster Report or I Am Alive

Wni01521d ago

wait so no zombies but monsters? i really dont get the title of this. i thought it was going to be like "a boy and his dog" or something.

dcj05241521d ago

Me too lol. Sound very interesting though. I'll keep an eye out for this.